Otherwise I definitely would not have gotten up at 6:45am to run with mariahwantsmore in 30 degrees. She could only stay for half of it, but I ended up finishing with close to 3.5 miles at a turtles pace. Miles are miles though! It just felt good to be out there. 

I stopped to get a few groceries, and then the runger hit. I seriously hate how hungry AM running makes me. I meal prepped a MASSIVE batch of sweet potatoes and veggies to have for breakfast throughout the weekend (sautéed sweet potatoes in coconut oil, added red/green peppers, mushrooms, and a Jimmy Dean sausage/bacon mix I got on sale). Top that with yolky eggs and voila! Deliciousness. Proof below. 

Now I’m currently drinking some coffee and I’ve been working on my last big math project of the year. We’ve had it for nearly two weeks, but being the procrastinator that I am… I didn’t really start any of it until today (it’s due tomorrow). Oops. I have today off, thankfully, but after this I won’t have another day off for probably two weeks. Time to make some moolah for the holidays, y'all! Anyway, back to my project! 

(I’m 90% caught up on questions finally so if you want to ask me something, go for it! Just might take me a few days to reply). 

anonymous asked:

Do you practice clean eating ?

Ha! No. 

Show me a runner who says they eat clean, and I’ll show you a liar. 

The reason prize bags at races are half full of edible things is because after a run, if we didn’t have something to graze on we’d probably start eating spectators due to the runger. 

To put it into perspective, on a long training run I easily burn off 3000+ calories. Now, I could think to myself “Yeah, this is great for losing weight!” or I could eat a pizza guilt free, and not lose muscle through the massive calorie deficit.

I eat the pizza.
Partially to preserve muscle, but largely because pizza is fucking delicious.


Good morning from chilly Texas. Wind chill was in the low 30’s this morning. It was 90 as a high earlier in the week, I was not amused this morning. I set out to run 13 miles and I did! Uncharted territory for me, first time over 10 miles, first time fueling during a run. I felt great on the run. Not sure what happened at mile 10. Not a fan of the fueling, kinda gross, but I did feel it helped.

Now to take a warm shower, ice the knees and get ready for the day. Oh and food…lots of food. So hungry

Commute home took twice as long today due to track construction delays. Would have been redeemed by the fact my wife picked up Lou Malnati’s by the time I got home. Except I still haven’t run yet today. See you later, delicious pizza. *sniff*


somebody help!! I’ve started getting really bad runger (running hunger) and I feel like I’m starting to overeat!

I haven’t even been running a ton, but I’ve started just becoming ravenous throughout the whole day (as long as I ran the day before or that day) I can eat a meal and in two hours feel completely starving again!

I know dehydration can also come across as being hungry so I’ve been trying to drink a ton of water but if anyone has any other tips please help!!

Woke up in the middle of the night hungry so ate a spoon of peanut butter and a giant bowl of coco pops.

I’m still eating as if I’m marathon training… This happened quite often then, although I’d usually eat something better than coco pops.

I had a big workout yesterday but I definitely ate enough throughout the day… Maybe I need to eat more protein at dinner…

The runger is real 😭

Training Recap

I have a pretty successful week of training not exactly what I was hoping for. But I made it work :] Lets get into it!

Monday: I went back to BodyPump. It was the first time I had back in over a month. It was nice to the the ol’ pumpers :] Sadly, our instructor never should up. Luckily for us there was a lady who teaches the class on a different night working out on the machines in the gym. We pulled her off and talked her into teaching the class. The class ended up starting late. We could not complete the whole class within the hour. So were supposed to stretch alone after class which I never did. Bad idea!

Tuesday: I was scheduled to run but I was extremely sore from BodyPump the day before. So I opted for some Yoga and moved the run to Wednesday.

Wednesday: My body was still sore but I did not want to miss my run. So I went out there and took it nice and slow. I actually do not remember this run at all. Strange! Anyway according to Daily Mile I did it and I kept a pace an average pace of 10.10 for 3 miles

Thursday: It was beautiful so I took the run outside. It was a great run on the trails. I did the three miles with a pace of 9:56. This run reminded me why I love running outside.

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: I went to BodyFlow. It was the first time I had been to this class in over a month. I really loved it. I really wish my gym offered this class more!

Sunday: Long Run Day. I set out for nine miles. I went early morning before church. It was a beautiful run around Shell Lake. But It was hard. I think it was a combination of things. I did not fuel properly before the run. I did not have time to eat my “normal breakfast” and I am not used to running in warm weather. I do not like it either. But I supposed since I live in the Midwest I will have to get used to it ;] Anyway, I finished it and kept an average pace of 10.46. I am kind of disappointed in my pace but not all runs can be perfect.

On a side note, after yesterdays run. I have horrible runger today. It just seems like I cannot eat enough. Oh, the rough life of a runner ;]

Det er som om, at vi ikke er her. 

Jeg er utvivlsomt hverken den første, eller den sidste der skriver det her, men at sige, at man er træt af det evindeligt fastlagte skema, i form af tanker der er blevet tænkt før, ufuldendte ambitioner, og den evindelige frygt for at fejle, er det samme som at sige, at man er træt af Instagram. Det hele er så ligegyldigt, at det ligeså godt ikke kunne eksistere. 

Vi er en kollektiv tvangstanke, der konstant, og generationelt, bliver gentaget indbyrdes. Vi deler det som slik, og lader allesammen som om, at lyden runger anderledes fra sidste gang, at det blev gylpet i vores retning af virksomheder, der kun har til opgave, at underholde os betingelsesløst, og distrahere os fra omverdens endegyldige realitet; at vi aldrig vil være så vigtige, som vi gerne ville bilde os selv ind, at vi er. Igen, det er ikke tanker der ikke er blevet tænkt før, fuck, første gang det blev tænkt var højst sandsynligt af en eller anden misantropisk græker et eller andet sted før vore nyere tidsregning. 

Vi findes ikke. Vi lader som om, men frygten for at miste hinanden, begrebet “social accept”, og de trykkende og uretfærdige forventninger der pålægges det unge sind i det 21. århundrede, perverterer drømmen vi ikke engang selv ved hvad er. Vi ender bare med, at råbe om forklaringer på vores egen miserable og forvirrede tilværelse, i munden på hinanden. Og i sidste ende, begynder apatien at fortrænge det lykkelige moment, og fremhæve den grimme side af os allesammen.

Jeg ville sige, at jeg ikke kunne forstå hvorfor, at jeg havde det sådan her, men det ville være en stor fed løgn, af sådan en grad, at det aldrig ville kunne beskrives med skrevne ord, på endnu et asocialt medie på internettet. Fordi jeg ved det godt. Det gør du også. Vi taler bare i munden på hinanden for at overdøve vores egne værste kvaliteter.