Protein PBB&J Wrap

Hey there friends!!

Guess who is home!?

Photo from our photo booth at our wedding last summer!

This guy!

I didn’t mention that Matt had been out of town for the past few days for privacy and safety reasons, but man am I glad he’s home now! His flight out of Chicago last night ended up being delayed (extremely), which I told him was way past my bedtime. I picked him up in my pajamas, no makeup, and hair completely undone. I’m so glad he is already married to me! ;)


Side note: I have really odd alarm times set.

I had intended on heading to the gym bright and early today, but once I stepped outside the weather was way too perfect not to take my sneakers to the pavement. Plus, when it comes to running…I would much rather be outside than on the treadmill! So I set out and managed 60 minutes of watch, heart rate monitor, GPS, and music free. It was absolutely glorious! I ended up tracking how far I ended up going afterwards, which was a little over 8 miles! I guess my plan to increase my speed is working!

I’ve been so busy doing my 300 abs that it had been way too long since I planked. Cori at OliveToRun has been doing a plank-a-day, and that inspired me to get back to it and end my run with a 4:02 plank! 

Speaking of my 300 abs, my May goal has been going strong! I haven’t done them every night, but it’s definitely been close to it! I even got Matt to do it with me one night and his abs were feeling it the next day! I love when you laugh and your abs hurt! :)


I had to run to Kinko’s before heading into clinic this morning for some paperwork I had printed for my presentation today, so I had made up my breakfast on the run wrap in a spinach Flatout to go with my super food triple berry smoothie


I had my presentation during our lunch meeting, so my salad (yes, I know you’re sad you’re not getting another picture of the same salad) was eaten rather quickly and in between presentations! So instead of my lunch, I’ll treat you to a photo of Matt’s lunch I packed up for him:

Spinach Flatout flatbread with leftover chicken, peppers, spinach, and cheese with baby carrots, hard boiled egg, and an orange. 

I also packed him up a slice of my chocolate strawberry bread…it’s husband approved!


Once Matt and I were home from work, we went mini golfing. (I totally won by one stroke!)
We ended up spending more time than we thought outside so when we got home I decided leftovers were in order! They make the easiest meals! All I had to do was roast some broccoli and cauliflower, layer in some spaghetti squash, and top it off with pumped up sloppy joes!

Oh baby was this a bowl of awesome!


For the last two nights in a row I’ve had this amazing protein PBB&J wrap and now it’s time to finally share it with you!

Protein PBB&J Wrap
Serves: One
By: Morganne

Flatout Flatbread
½ Banana, sliced
2 Tbsp PB2
½ scoop Designer Whey Luscious Strawberry Protein Powder
1 Tbsp Silk Almond Milk
1 Tbsp Cottage Cheese (You could use Greek yogurt, too)
Berries (optional)

1. In a bowl combine PB2 and protein powder. Add milk and cottage cheese. You may need more or less milk depending on how thick you want it.
2. Spread mixture onto flatbread with banana slices and cinnamon. You could also add in some fresh berries.
3. Roll it up and enjoy!

Protein PBB&J Wrap
268 calories, 4g fat, 45g carbohydrates, 26g protein, 12g fiber, 10g sugar


And one last thing before signing off for the evening!

Don’t forget to send me any questions you have by Friday for my Ask Me Anything series!

Have a great night!