Ice skates and Burlesque Part one- @runesque

Viktor didn’t know why he agreed to do this. Oh wait. He didn’t. Chris and Mila had thrown him into a car, drove, and refused to give him any information. As far as Viktor was concerned, Mila and Chris had taken him hostage.

Chris was a regular here, at the club Yu-topia. How did Viktor know this? Because Chris would have his daily rants about this place. The bartender, Minako literally asked if Chris wanted the usual. Once the dancer on stage stepped off, a man replaced her. His back was to the audience, but even from here, Viktor could tell that this kid was muscular. The man tilted his head to the left to face them slightly. From the way the crowd was cheering, the man was named Eros.

What a clever name. The god of pleasure and love.  Especially for a burlesque dancer at a club. Eros slipped off a glove with a small smirk.  Meanwhile, Chris was already quite drunk and stuck a glass of frothing beer into Viktor’s hand.

“Take it … it’ll make your night better.” Chris slurred. Mila was somewhere, talking up men and drinking. Normally, Viktor was fine with drinking, but this? Right now he was in a club with horny men and women, and honestly, he wanted to get home safe. Viktor declined Chris’s offer and just grabbed a coke. He sipped it, watching Eros. Mila had now came towards Viktor, berating him for not going out and having fun.

“Viiktooor! Wwhy aren’t yooou ouut and daancinng wiiith thaaat Eeeeroos guuy?” Mila giggled, dragging her words. Viktor sat, and observed Eros. As more and more of his clothes disappeared, Viktor could very clearly see that Eros was very muscular, but lean. Eros was also quite handsome, but Viktor wasn’t here to find someone to spend the night with. Strangely, Mila and Chris hung right next to him for the entire performance, occasionally exchanging a few words with each other. Chris kept sticking alcohol into Viktor’s hands, and Viktor kept refusing to drink. Mila was hanging to him, completely dead drunk and muttering gibberish in his ear. Viktor pushed her off and was murmuring bloody murder. Mila and Chris would get a taste of his-as Yuri called them,- knife shoes.

Viktor wondered what he’d done to deserve this. Tomorrow was an exhibition, and apparently to ‘ease’ his nerves, Chris and Mila thought it appropriate to go to a club and get drunk like hell. Or they had something else planned, and Viktor had a plan to not stick around for that. But it’s kind of hard to move when you have two adults hanging on to you, refusing to budge. While a little alcohol is known to ease nerves, drinking and skating were quite dangerous. Chris and Mila didn’t realize the flaw in the plan. They kept trying to get Viktor very drunk.

But they didn’t realize that becoming dead drunk would give you one nasty hangover. Hungover and skating were not a good combination. As Viktor was buried in his thoughts, Eros noticed the one person that wasn’t watching him.

Very well. Was this a challenge, now? Eros smirked and made sure that his composure wasn’t slipping. It’s not easy to dance when drunk. Once he was done with his performance, he swiveled on his heel and pointed to that person that looked everywhere but him.

 His friends were clapping his back, and that one. What was his name? Chris. He frequently actually came up here and performed alongside Eros. Chris handed a shot to Mystery Guy, who downed it in a gulp. But Mystery Guy finally noticed Eros pointing to him. He downed another shot, and pointed himself as in, ‘Me?’.  Eros rolled his eyes and had a ‘come forth’ expression on his face. He beckoned with a finger, tilting his head towards the curtain. Once Eros had his back towards the audience, did he start to question what he just did. Mystery Guy had clambered up to the stage, and was walking towards Eros. Once Mystery Guy was close enough, Eros began to walk towards his boudoir. As he looked back, somehow Mystery Guy had gotten a bouquet of roses.

Once in safe distance from the crowds, Eros turned and leaned against the wall.

“So, Mystery Guy. What’s your name?” he asked, tilting his head. Mystery Guy was already getting flustered, Eros could just feel it.

“I’ll tell you mine when you tell me yours.” replied Mystery Guy curtly. Eros hid a small smirk and walked to the boudoir.

“My name is Eros. I told you my name. Now you tell me yours.” Eros specified. Mystery Guy wasn’t getting a name. Apparently frustrated, Mystery Guy gave in.

“My name is Viktor Nikiforov. Happy?” he huffed. Eros entered his boudoir, and called out.


As Eros slipped on a robe, Viktor came in. He observed the room, noting everything. Meanwhile, Eros seated himself on his stool near the vanity.

“By the way,” Viktor started. He’d noticed the lipsticks, Eros guessed. “You seem very fond of your lipstick collection.”

Eros gave him a look. “I’ve tried many types … but my favorite is ‘Russian Red’.” Viktor was very flustered. Eros continued.

“Smooth, sexy, with unbelievable endurance.” Oh yes. Viktor was definitely not at normal skin color levels.

“ … My lips are positively addicted.” Eros breathed, in a sultry tone. Somehow, Viktor was at the exact shade of ‘Russian Red’.

“Yes, a lovely shade just like that …” Eros mused.

“Umm … m-my fr-friends w-would be waiting for m-me . . ” Viktor stammered. Eros pouted.

“Why? I can call a taxi, don’t worry.”

“Well, my friends are dead drunk. I don’t want them crashing into any cars.” Viktor admitted sheepishly.

Eros groaned, and let Viktor go. Once he was out of earshot, Yuuri pulled out his phone and called Phichit.

He gave him a brief recollection of the night’s events. Phichit’s commentary worried Yuuri.


“Yuuri, sweetie?” Phichit cut off.

“Yes?” Yuuri asked timidly.

“Shut up.”

Ice skates and Burlesque  Part two- @runesque

Viktor was hyperventilating.

A honk came from his left as he swerved to the right. Right now, he was driving from the club Yu-topia, with Chris and Mila in the backseat. Viktor’s cheeks flushed at the thought of Eros. He wasn’t blantantly flirting with Viktor, was he?

How did he know that Viktor was Russian? It wasn’t like Chris or Mila could’ve told him. But it seemed like Eros didn’t know exactly who he was. Apparently he was genuinely talking about the lipstick, somehow.

Viktor had never met anyone that didn’t know who he was. It was refreshing to be just unknown to someone.

Especially if that certain someone was quite good looking.  Another honk drove him from his thoughts to the road. Gritting his teeth, and forcing himself not. To. Think. About. Eros. Because if Viktor kept thinking like he was now, he’d end up in the hospital.

Right now, Chris and Mila were complaining at Viktor’s driving. He swerved from lane to line and had no regard for the rules of the road right now. It wasn’t pretty, but Viktor got the job done of dropping Chris and Mila to their respective homes. Or in Mila and Viktor’s case- hotels.

Once Mila had also disappeared from the rental car, Viktor put music on to distract him.

But it was useless. Because when alone, Viktor was still thinking about Eros. Forcing himself to sleep, Viktor tossed and turned in his sleep.

When Viktor woke up, he wasn’t exactly Sleeping Beauty. Mila and Chris commented on Viktor’s state as they were going to random places. Their recommendation was to go to the club Yu-topia again. It was as if they wanted Viktor to die from heat stroke, caused by Eros. Right now, Viktor was doing the same things that he promised himself to never do:

To remember someone that would be the reason he ever stayed. Viktor sighed and drove on in silence, while Chris was talking to Mila on which places to visit during the trip to America. Chris, being the snobby person again, rented a house for an excuse to stay longer in the US.

Viktor didn’t really like it here, especially with that ridiculous president in office. He wondered how the Americans right here could stand …  what was his name again? Donald Duck, wasn’t it?

It wasn’t the fact that Eros was male that was deterring Viktor, since Viktor at times could be a flaming homosexual. It was more of the fact that Eros was in America, while Viktor’s home was all the way in Russia.

It gets annoying with long term relationships.

Viktor shook his head, incredulous. Why was he thinking this about someone he just met the night before? Because that certain someone had given Viktor a taste of what normal felt like, and he was hooked. Chris drove them around aimlessly around Detroit. Before he knew it, somehow Chris had set the GPS to the club Yu-topia. And somewhere in between, Mila had changed into a flaming red dress that screamed ‘I’m going to a club!’. Why were they doing this? Viktor unknowingly said the question out loud.

Chris chuckled, patted his shoulder, and firmly told him to get out of the car.

Eros watched Viktor get out of the car and walk into the club from the window. Using some context, Chris, Viktor, and the other girl were here on a vacation. Chris had stayed here from April, and Eros guessed he wasn’t leaving anytime soon. He didn’t know how long Viktor and the other girl were staying here, but Eros hoped it wouldn’t be long.

Don’t hold on to anything for too long. Because like a fire, it will soon burn you.

Eros turned to his boudoir to get changed. Even though he couldn’t stand to hold on to something, this one time couldn’t hurt.

Could it?

Eros’s phone rang with a call from Phichit. He clicked accept, and Phichit’s voice filled the room.

“Did Viktor come back?” he asked, for some reason curious.

“Yes. He did, Phichit. Please explain the reason of this phenomenon.” Eros deadpanned. On the phone, Phichit let out a sound that sounded suspiciously like a screech.

Yes! Oh yeah! Yuuri, do you realize what you just did?” Phichit enquired, excited.

Eros sighed and answered the question. “No. What did I do?”

“You’ve charmed Viktor Nikiforov!” Phichit squealed.

“Okay …” Eros trailed off.

“What I’m saying is that you, a burlesque dancer managed to charm Viktor Nikiforov. As in the Viktor Nikiforov that won the Grand Prix gold for five years and who got wooed by you. That’s what I’m saying.”

“Wait. What did I just do?” Eros asked, frazzled.

“Do you want me to repeat what I just said?” asked Phichit helpfully. Eros threw a glare to the phone.

“No. What I’m saying is that if anyone recorded the entire thing last night, they would’ve seen the last part.” Eros huffed, pulling a hand through his carefully gelled hair, now messed up.

What exactly happened at ‘the last part’?” Phichit asked in a devious tone.

“Really, Phichit? Get your mind out of the gutter and please help me.” Eros pleaded.

“All right. But. You must say the magic words. You know what they are, Yuuri.” Phichit shrugged.

Eros sighed, exasperated.

“Phichit is the king and is so much better than I am.” he said in a flat tone.

“Very well. I might help you, my subject. Deny any action. Say that you only asked Viktor to come with you as a dare from your awesome friend.” Phichit said, as if this was so obvious.

“Anything else?” Eros asked, nervous. If anyone found out that he was a competitive skater too, the rumors the press would generate would be ludicrous.

“Nope.” Phichit chirped, and ended the call.

“Phichit-” Eros started. He sighed, looked at himself in the mirror, and tried to fix his hair as much as he could.

Eros turned and walked out of his boudoir, ready to face yet another day.


Eremin Week: 27 May - Supernatural / Monster

Even the bravest may still be terrified by ghost stories…

Good thing that the koutatsu is a great place to restore your courage.

… And fall asleep.

Notes: Inspired by the Chuugakou manga, as you can see. I’ve recreated that scene as closely as the faceplates I possess allow. :)

If you like ghost stories, check out my friend Runesque’s Touken meets SnK Ghost Story session. Does Tsuru’s face look familiar? :)


… I got my hand on this fabulous doujin.

External image

Vongola Fashion Quarterly. A collab doujin by runesque and festivewind.

From what I understand, it is an AU where Vongola has their own modelling agency (lol) and both the TYL version and TYE version of Hibari are their models (and Mukuro is their photographer! And he actually looks cool holding the camera!). If you’re thinking that there will be some selfcest, then you guessed right.

I’m not going to discuss about the goods and the bads of this doujin, though. No, I can do that after I get the translation from my friend (I CAN’T READ CHINESE / JAPANESE, OK).

But I’m going to ask if anyone can find this:

External image


I want to read it so bad.

Why? Because 1) Winter edition doesn’t have Chrome in it (or at least from what I got, there is no Chrome in it); and, 2) Summer edition have some shots of Chrome.

Yeah, basically I want it just so that I can see more pictures of Chrome. I always love runesque’s Chrome because she’s always drawn superbly cute by her. I don’t care if I actually already saw some of the pictures included in runesque’s blogs (that Fuuta is from her Vongola Editorial, and that Hibari in the middle is from her triple Valentine shots), I want to see bigger, no watermarks version D;

I know I can contact runesque and ask if I can buy it if she is willing to print it again, but… /shy