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ik this probably sounds rly sad or smth lmao but video games (particularly runescape) have helped me be happy and made me more confident lmao like there’s so many people who are friendly like @zaros-did-nothing-wrong @rsbethy @dewydd @kiriguy @tzhaar-ket (+ so many others,, that whole clan tbh lmao) and ppl on tumblr as well like @tosha-rs @batwingrobes and everyone and like i’m genuinely just so thankful lol like this is probably super embarrassing and whatnot but yeA boi


I thought I’d put together a post of all different Runescape blogs to help newer blogs find more people! I remember when I first made my tumblr and I was hardly following anyone for a while because I couldn’t find anyone! So I’m gonna make it a lil easier and put some blogs into certain categories! I really hope this helps! Obviousily I will be tagging all the blogs I mentioned, and on some I will be giving a little discription of their blog, I am following all the blogs that I mention so I like them myself :3 xxx

This is definatley a post for those trying to find other Runescape blogs, I really hope you find some from this!

If I did not tag you in this, please don’t’ be offended! I follow over 600 different Runescape blogs so it’s a little difficult keeping track! ;’)

I have Definitely missed a ton of people, but I will be constantly adding to this, don’t worry! xxx

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Protean planks!

Hi guys! so I noticed I had quite a few replies and asks about how I did my construction levels so fast/how I got protean planks in such a large amount; 

So I thought I’d just put it into a post to help anyone else who may have been curious!

So first of all I bought a ton of Mahogany logs to turn into mahogany planks!
To make the protean planks, the logs need to be made into planks on a Portable Sawmill

You could buy your own, they value for around 40k-70k each from what I’ve seen depending on who you buy them from
Orrrr you could use a friend chat (this is what I do)
such as… Portables FC, they will announce a world/location/portable type

I made my preset 1 a full inventory of Mahogany logs, had a small split screen and the general clicking was.. “1 … click sawmill.. 33.. enter..1.. click bank” andd repeat!

it costs 1,350gp per log (37k per full inv) and you have a chance of getting protean planks, I’ve gotten from 0-12 per inventory, it’s totally random - here’s what I got from just one inventory ^

It took me around 12 hours of gameplay to make 50k mahogany planks, which gave me 12k protean planks

Also! today I went from mid 94 - mid 97 in 2 hours through these planks!

I hope this helps someone at least! <333