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Using Runes

For using runes you have to be pretty advanced in witchery. Before getting your telling right, you have to practice, practice, and practice. You have to learn to “be the runes”. 

To make runes:

Take some small sized stones and carve/draw the runes. Store them in a bag. (You can also simply order online a bag of runes, but I believe that making your own puts your energy into them making their use more accurate.)

Here are the runes and what each of them means:

About how the runes answer your question, you have to do a detailed research on them and learn. (The rune may also fall upside down or sideways and that impacts the meaning as well)

If you’re an iPhone user this app is really helpful! ~                                       Runes - pocket advisor from DablPoint

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“Forward new men, with fierce minds and eternal power. Sow the golden fields, harvest the new life, the night has disappeared forever. Forward centuries-old symbols, expel the plague of the weak cross. We march under Sun and Algiz, signs of Prosperity, Honour, and Courage. — New man, new fate, awakened forever!”