WIP sketch of some RuPat smut, sort of. Trying to get out of an artists block, and I just wanted to draw Ru really bad, and then Patra just sort of ended up needing to be there too, and then cutesyish sex pose stuff.

I think I’m going to say this is a gift art for Matla! Because Patra is the biggest cutie ever, and is her OC. Also, because giving gift art is fun~

Will probably have this inked and colored in a month or so, because I think I may be busy the next few weekends helping the Boyfriend paint figures for 40K, which will take FOREVER.

Bio: Runede

Name: Runede

Age: 39 (During the events of Twilight Princess), 14 years older than Midna.

Race: Twili

Gender: Female

Occupation: Primarily Midna’s bodyguard, though at times guards the Palace whilst another of the Twili Royal Guard watches Midna.

Height: 5’ 8”

Weight:  170 lbs. Most of which is muscle mass, though some of her weight comes from the padding typical to feminine hips of her curvature.

Personality: Reserved and cold, yet can be a bit matronly when around Midna. Runede is rather hard to get to know at first, unless one can bring about a topic of interest that can intrigue her-such as weaponry. She often feels out of place amongst those who are able to use magic, and feels threatened by magic-as she cannot protect herself from any sort of magical attack, merely evade them. She also becomes a bit sluggish and moody during the winter, as the cold bothers her.

Likes: Warm weather, weaponry, having her hair played with or brushed, fires that are contained, admiring flowers in the Twili Palace Gardens, sparring and perfecting her defensive and fighting techniques

Dislikes: Cold weather, snow and ice, rain, bit wary of magic wielders, talking about her life before becoming a guard, being pranked by Midna or other guards, when her hair gets tangled

Background Info/History: Runede was born into a family of sorcerers, who-although not top level magic wielders-were very adept at the craft. Thus, it was a sour surprise that Runede was born magicless, a truth that was slowly realized as she grew older without having accidentally used magic like other Twili children.

Growing worried as she neared the age of 8, her parents sent her to several different teachers, hoping that one would be able to awaken the talent within her. Yet, with each passing year, it became evident their child was part of a small group of Twili that would never be able to cast the simplest of spell. Her parents lost hope, and when Runede was 12 they sent her to the Royal Guard so as to become a page.

Runede grew angry towards her parents, feeling they had abandoned her for her lack of talent and no longer wanted her. With this strong emotion, she dedicated herself to being as good of a guard as she could be-so that she could prove she was useful. She paid little attention to her fellows, finding them as useless in her wish to be the best, and so as to aid her she adopted a cold demeanor so none would try to befriend her.

Soon after turning 19, Runede was given her first task of guarding; she was to guard a governor of one of the outlying providences against any sort of attack on his way to the Twili Palace. Runede, along with several other young guards, did rather well until the group was actually attacked-the young guards scattered in fear of the creature that came upon them; Runede hid within the twisted foliage, watching as the beast tore at the governor’s possessions. She made to run with her peers, but ran out into the creature’s path as she saw it try to attack her charge. Weaponless and magicless, her back was torn by the creature; but her dumb rush spurred the other guards to take action-and in time they drove the creature off. Though given the opportunity to have her wounds healed with magic, Runede opted to have her wounds heal naturally, so as to remind her that one must fight to protect those that are important, even when fear would make one want to run.

Slowly pulled out of her self-made friendless life by the other guards in training who had been at the attack, Runede began to show more emotions and be slightly sociable. However, she retained her cool and stern demeanor, for she felt it suited the reputation of a guard. And, as she grew skilled with weapons and defense, she grew less angry towards her parents-yet still held resentment towards them, as they had left her and never come back into contact with her.

At the age of 22, Runede was chosen as one of Midna’s personal bodyguards. As Midna was 8 at the time, Runede played the role of both protector and entertainer-though she rather failed at the latter. Her time with Midna gave her a stinging sense of humor, and helped to plant the seed of emotions that Runede had not fully developed; Midna at a young age helped to, in a sense, give Runede the experiences she missed as a child. As Midna grew older, Runede was less of an entertainer and more of a guard-protecting her against potential assailants and any wild beasts of the Twilight that might attack.

During the events of Twilight Princess, Runede was turned into one of Zant’s personal guard Twilight Beasts-so as to add insult to injury that she had failed to protect Midna, he made Runede guard him, and turned her into a beast, for then she would be under his full control. Upon Midna’s return, Runede reverted back to normal-yet her forehead was scarred with the mark that had been upon her beast form’s mask. A lasting reminder of her forced servitude.

(AU Version split off: during the events of TP, Zant is captured and his magic reversed-yet still leaves the scar upon Runede’s brow. A revolution takes place, led by Zag, and Runede flees into the woods of the realm. Several years later, she encounters Patra and then becomes his bodyguard and lover/wife)


  • Mother and father, as of yet unnamed, both of whom were sorcerers-they sent Runede to be a page so that she might become some sort of prestigious knight, so that they would not seem like failures.
  • (AU) Her husband Patra, and their two children, Nirdosa and Kosen.


  • Her mother and father: Not exactly the best-she lost contact with them after they sent her away to train as a page. She still harbors resentment over the fact that they have made no attempt to contact her, and is too stubborn to try and contact them first.
  • Midna: Views the princess as both her duty to protect, as well as a charming individual. She doesn’t exactly befriend her, but Midna is one of the few Twili who is like a friend to Runede. Runede would give her life for Midna, as she is her charge and it is her duty to protect her to whatever end possible.
  • Zant: Before he usurped Midna’s power, Runede had no real opinion of him-merely thinking of him as an old playmate of Midna’s. However, she grows to hate him during the events of Twilight Princess, but can do nothing as she is under his control.
  • Patra: First met him in the woods when he was gathering herbs-they both mistook the noises of their feet as some sort of shadow beast and were about to attack each other. Runede was highly amused by Patra’s using a large stick as a weapon, and the two became friends slowly-Runede admiring Patra’s courage, although it was often hidden. Runede becomes his bodyguard, for she feels she needs to do something, and as time passes the two start a family.