Okay, we gave in and took a picture this time, but it was still a wonderfully excellent evening shared with friends.

One awesome thing about tumblr is that we all KNOW each other. Not just names and faces, but these people know the struggles that I went through over the last 18 weeks to get myself across that finish line yesterday.

I’m so glad that we were able to come together for an evening of delicious food, good conversation, and excellent beer and wine.

I am so honored to be a part of this kick ass community.

Keep being awesome, folks.

Appraisal Shenanigans

iamwandering-and-lusting replied to your post: Also… That moment when your home is ap…

Oh no. There must be a reason to appraise so low. Get a different person in for a second opinion.

runeatlovesleepmn replied to your post: Also… That moment when your home is ap…

ugh. is getting another appraiser out grab second opinion an option?

iamwandering-and-lusting, runeatlovesleepmn - hopefully I have some kind of appeal option or maybe even an opportunity for a second appraisal. It turns out that the really shitty value was because of the worst possible comps. 

Of the four comps, two homes weren’t in our neighborhood (we’re on the edge of a very desirable part of town, so while close geographically, they weren’t comparable as prices are very much lower there). The other two homes actually in our neighborhood were both distressed properties; one sold under foreclosure, and the other was vacant and run down and currently being completely renovated. 

I shit you not, the crappiest possible outcome. My guess is that the appraiser just dialed it in and spent 5 minutes looking for the 4 closest prices she could find.

mar-kicksass replied to your post: Also… That moment when your home is ap…

Can’t you just cite Zillow?

mar-kicksass - I could site Zillow,, and a bunch of different Bank valuation websites and they all come out around 60% higher or more!!! 

Mrs RRR used to be in real estate and I used to work in the mortgage banking field; we’re not wishful-thinking civilians here.  So I put together documentation to show the unsuitability of the comps including Google Street View pics, neighborhood maps, sales tax records, etc., and then provided six comps of my own mapping them to show proximity compared to my home and the comps that the appraiser found, gave the verified sales price, tax records etc. 

Lets see what happens. 


Half Marathon Training, Week 2 Day 2, 4 Miles - Easy

Target Pace: 11:35-11:50

Mile Splits:

Gloriously even splits. Swoon.

External image

I’ve modified the Hanson’s Marathon Method for the two months before marathon training actually starts (June 2nd). So I’m kind of practicing their workout patterns to gear up for the half that’s 1/3 of the way through my full training. 

Here’s my month of May: 

External image

You Look Familiar

This morning I was introduced to a new member of our marathon training group. She looked familiar when I shook her hand, but I didn’t say anything. After the run she introduced herself as @runeatlovesleepmn and the mystery was solved!

Can’t wait to get to know another Tumblr while we train.