Half Marathon Training, Week 2 Day 2, 4 Miles - Easy

Target Pace: 11:35-11:50

Mile Splits:

Gloriously even splits. Swoon.

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I’ve modified the Hanson’s Marathon Method for the two months before marathon training actually starts (June 2nd). So I’m kind of practicing their workout patterns to gear up for the half that’s 1/3 of the way through my full training. 

Here’s my month of May: 

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Five Random Things

I was tagged in this by stopwhiningyoubaby

i tried not to share facts that i have already shared, but after a while it becomes more difficult.  some of these may be repeats from previous random facts.

You must share five random facts about yourself. Then pass this on to some of your favorite followers:

1. i am listed as co-inventor on a patent  for a method of stabilizing trichloroethane during production. 

2. i have taken at least one class or short course at the following colleges:  LSU, U of Houston, Houston Community College, Nicholls State, McNeese State, Colorado State.

3. at LSU, i switched majors from biology to chemical engineering because i liked the chemistry, but didn’t have to take a foreign language.

4.  i had terrible study habits at LSU and finished through perseverance and with not so good grades..  :-\

5. to improve my study habits, i read “Getting Straight A’s” before i took a couple of classes at U of Houston and i’ve only made A’s since reading that book. :-)

Passing on to the five listed:

You Look Familiar

This morning I was introduced to a new member of our marathon training group. She looked familiar when I shook her hand, but I didn’t say anything. After the run she introduced herself as @runeatlovesleepmn and the mystery was solved!

Can’t wait to get to know another Tumblr while we train.