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So since it’s nearly the end of the year I wanted to do a follow forever thing so here we go.

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Six selfies from 2014

I was tagged by aprilfoolromance

2014 has been a pretty big year for me. I’ve dealt with quite a few struggles this year which has caused me to learn a lot about myself and the kind of person that I want to be. I feel a lot more mature and grounded going into 2015 now, I actually have goals and aspirations for myself, and I am feeling very excited to be able to keep growing and becoming a more independent and mature person.

I’m proud for pushing myself into a more positive direction in my life, I have very high hopes for 2015 ^-^

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try to tell me this isn’t a group of magical girls I’ve seen on my dash and I will tell you just how wrong you are

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anonymous asked:

ur the only one who posts black pride posts in my dash and black ppls selfies and awesome stuff i wish there were more ppl like you

it’s sad that alternative fashion is dominated by a very very narrow group of people–but there are plenty of great blogs that feature the kind of diversity ur looking for, anon!

some of my favorites are












I hope this helps! c:


cyber-mizukage tagged me for the 20 beautiful women challenge??

Since I was talking a lot about my mom today, decided to post pictures of her, me, AND my sister 😊💕 These are the two women that I grew up with and struggled through life with and will always love <3 Seeing us together like this kinda makes me want to keep the silver, haha.

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Off the top of my head. Don’t need to post family members. Just wanted to do that for myself :b