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  • RS: Ugh, another Lu/Ciel class has joined our group. We're letting in too many demons. I say we leave the Elgang.
  • LK: What!? How can you say that? We're stronger as a group! It's better for us to stick together.
  • NW: Nah, those newer classes are making us forgettable and insignificant. The original three should leave.
  • EM: I don't like this idea...
  • LK: Alright, let's have a vote between the nine of us. Then, depending on the results, we'll all leave or stay.
  • YR: Hey, did you hear Elboy, Aisha, and Rena are thinking about leaving the Elgang?
  • GM: *scoffs* That's never gonna happen. My brothers are more sensible than that
  • CEm: *counts the votes* 5 have voted to leave, 4 have voted to stay. Thus, the original three are leaving.
  • GM: HUH!?!?
  • IS: Wait, we're leaving?
  • LK: *looks at the ballots* Why are you so damn surprised? You voted to leave!
  • IS: Well I didn't think my vote was gonna count...
  • VP: Wait, what were we voting on again? What's an "Elgang"? Is it a drink?
  • VP: Ohh, that sounds important
  • LK: IT IS!! But you just voted to leave!!!
  • EM: This isn't fair! Why should I leave even though I wanted to stay? That's it. I refuse to be part of the original three. In fact, I'm not gonna be with the other Aishas!
  • LK: How the heck does that even work? How can you abandon yourself??
  • EM: I'll find a way! Point is, all of you are idiots, including you, LK! You shouldn't have had this vote in the first place!
  • LK: Bah, I quit! *throws down his sword and storms off*
  • Everyone: ...
  • LP: Hey, so, who wants to build a wall around Elysion to keep non-Nasods out?

Rune Chart

Instead of an old norse word, I am posting this rune chart I made this week. Technically I should wait until I reach the words pertaining to this, but I feel it will be helpful for many of my followers who are interested in them. I hope that this chart will be useful in at least providing some of the basic guidelines for runes. I will go ahead and discuss some of these basics in this post as well, which should help with understanding and using this chart. It may not be the best of charts, and I am no master of runes, but it should do some good. If you think of anything I could do to improve it, send me a message or an ask and I will happily discuss it with you.

I will go ahead and leave the other information as a “keep reading”, since not everyone is interested in being lectured about how to use runes. But, if you do plan to study runes further, it may be helpful to read (unless you have already read chapter three of Byock’s book cited below, then you probably already know this information).

(I will be making a post focused on this material at a later date in one of my crash course lessons, but this “summary” should give a good sense of the history behind them.)

Keep reading

Giving Samson to Dagna

Cadash: “Samson, you can still be of use to good people. What you know is less important than what you are. My arcanist will study your resistance to red lyrium.”
Samson: “Do as you will, Inquisitor. Your kind always does.”

Cadash: “Have you learned anything new from your guest?”
Dagna: “Yes, he’s a red-lyrium-infused master class in how to be a sourpuss. He doesn’t do anything.”
Dagna: “I mean, I can’t blame him. He’s kind of broken. It’s very sad. But! I can wring out a rune or two. His armor is a fantastic application of old and new. It’s … mesmerizing.”
Dagna: “The best things are, you know.”

(Acquire Master Corrupting Rune.)