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Rune Factory 3: Text Post Meme (1/1)

(Rune Factory 1 Version: Part 1)

(Rune Factory 2 Version: Part 1)

(Rune Factory: Oceans/ToD Version: Part 1)

(Rune Factory 4 Version: Part 1 and Part 2)


Finally found enough text posts to make another one of these things.

Quick inquiry for the rune factory community

I’m currently working on an acrylic charm set for RFTOD of all the main bachelorette and bachelors including the two main protagonists and ymir. Once I’m done with this set. Which game in the series would you most like to see next? If I do a RF1 set, I’ll combine it with RFF. I’ll probably tackle that one after the semester is done since it’s a bigger undertaking. Would you guys want RF2, RF3, or RF4 next?