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so you guys know that booklet i’m making that I’m sending to the RTTE crew sometime this month? i’m not done with the booklet itself (i still got so much art to make for it because i have many ideas that i know they’ll love), but here’s what the front cover looks like!

the title is “Thank You” in HTTYD runes ;)

once the booklet is finished and printed out, i’ll take a video of me flipping through it so you all can see the finished product! hopefully it won’t cost me a fortune to print lol

Okay, but runes.

Seriously. Runes tattooed on mechanics’ fingers to help them deal with car parts deftly, or to protect them from hot fluids and engines.

Students writing runes around the edges if their notes to reappear on a different page where they’ll actually be legible.

Teenagers writing runes in henna behind their ears or at their temples to help them concentrate.

Boys and girls casting runes to tell how this next date will turn out - not the relationship, mind, because there are too many variables and if it is something that lasts, it’s too far in the future to tell, but the date next Tuesday? Totally manageable.

Parents sewing runes into their kids clothes to prevent stains or to return it to their bag when summer camp ends.

Artists carving runes into their supplies to prevent losing them/keep them from being stolen

Doctors using tools with runes on them to ensure a steadier hand

Glasses with runes to automatically adjust prescription as your eyes change

Just. Runes.

Family Ties

Here it is! Not the most original title, but that’s not important. I said I would write a drabble for the Halfchangeling Jim AU, where Barbara finds out about Jim’s hybrid nature and his role as Trollhunter. No amnesia in this one, Barbara is joining the team permanently. No excitement yet either, just a family discussion.

Hope you enjoy!

Jim sat on the edge of the bathtub, a fistful of bandaging in one hand as he stared down at his legs. There had to be an easier way to deal with this. He just hadn’t thought of it.

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Sammax and the Anti-Possession Tattoo

(to help with your Sammax crisis)

So Sam’s lack of anti-possession tattoo was (and still is) a topic of much discussion. What if Max took him to get it re-done? Or, even better, did it himself, with some modifications? Let’s explore that a little…

(warning that I’m on mobile so I have no idea how the formatting of this will turn out)

Sam’s been texting Max since Asa’s funeral, and the topic of sigils and wards and devil’s traps has come up frequently, often because Sam will ask for Max’s expertise. But when Sam casually mentions that he and Dean had gotten tattoos of an anti-possession symbol, Max begins a barrage of questions. Which one, what design, what ink, placement on the body, etc. and Sam can’t type fast enough to answer before another question comes in.

Then Max asks for a picture of Sam’s, and he hesitates. His fingers freeze as his mind runs through the circumstances surrounding its loss - glacial grace and scorching smoke and the dull aching migraine days after of too many minds in one brain and the sudden feeling of empty wrongness - long enough to get not one but two messages from Max asking if he’s still there.

He answers quickly, some contrived answer about it getting distorted by an injury. Max immediately responds with an offer to do it over for him, a better version. Sam almost declines but then he gets a message from Dean telling him he’s going out for a few days. So he texts back, before he can convince himself otherwise, that yeah, he’d appreciate it. It’s not like he want planning on getting it done anyways, and from another hunter is better than having to explain to a tattoo artist.

A few hours later he’s pulling into a driveway in a nice little house in the St. Louis suburbs, and Max waves lazily at him from the doorway. “Come on in,” he says as Sam steps out of the rental car. “I’ve got it set up in the kitchen so we’re ready when you are.”

Sam smiles at him, saying, “So tell me more about how you’re making it better?”

“Well, to start out, it’s an older version of the symbol you originally had.” Max leads him inside. “I’ll be using an ink I made myself, which contains various herbs and spells for protection and immunity. And then there a few other symbols and visual spells that will be inside the anti-possession circle itself.” He pauses beside a semi-reclined weight bench. “And it will go in the small of your back, at the base of your spine, so to spread the protection throughout.”

The Winchester nods. “Okay. So…” A little belatedly he realizes the bench is for him.

Max washes his hands. “Shirt off, sit facing away from my chair and lean against the bench back.”

Sam does as instructed as the witch pulls on sterile gloves and fires up the tattoo gun. He preps the skin of Sam’s lower back and then there’s just the sound of the gun and Max’s soft humming, barely audible.

The near-sjlence is peaceful, Sam muses. Usually silence with Dean means unspoken accusations and weighted glances. But this is nothing like that. There’s no expectations, no need to be or pretend to be something he’s not. He is just himself, and Max accepts that.

Sooner than he expected, Max is done and is carefully dabbing blood away. “Can I see?” Sam asks, and he nods as he applies the clear bandage to the skin.

He snaps a pic with his phone and shows Sam, “Here. What do you think?”

The symbols are detailed and intricate, all inside a circle that’s edged with runes. “It’s… gorgeous,” is the first thing that leaves his mouth, and he blushes as he hurries to clarify. “I mean the details, you have such a steady hand to get those like that. And the design is nice. I like it, a lot. Thank you.”

Max smiles. “You’re welcome. It was my pleasure, honestly.” A small smile quirks the side of his mouth. “You’ll have to change the bandage at least once, and I might have to touch up anything I didn’t get quite right. It’d be best if you crashed here for a few days.”

Sam smiles back, always prepared. “I’ll just grab my bag from the car, then.”

Assorted Lore Questions

A list of lore questions I should probably answer when I’m not so tired. Feel free to steal them if you wish! Most of these are focused towards fleshing out a clan’s culture.

  1. How to outsiders know when they’ve crossed you clan’s border? Marks painted or carved into trees or rocks? Glowing runes marking the edge?
  2. How do you identify dragons from your clan? Is there a mark or uniform? Especially for the kingdoms/empires out there. There needs to be a way to quickly recognize an ally when the group is so large.
  3. What about domesticated animals? Does your clan just go with the usual farm animals, or do they have something more exotic? 
  4. A community, especially a large one, needs a steady and reliable source of food. Where does you clan get its food? If they’re hunter-gatherers, what do they do when they can’t find anything?
  5. What is the local food like? Do your dragons have a penchant for spices? Or perhaps they enjoy sugar more. Also, there’s also the question of how they eat. What sort of eating utensils do they use? Some cultures have something like rice, noodles, or bread, and then have the side dishes out so everyone can pick what they want and how much they want. Some cultures just give everyone the same thing. What about your clan?
  6. What does your clan’s territory look like?
  7. A follow-up to #5: Based on that description, what does your clan produce and export, if they trade at all?
  8. If they don’t trade, then how does your clan earn money? Tourism?
  9. If they do trade, where are a few trade routes?
  10. What’s fashionable in your clan? Talk about the clothing, hairstyles, makeup, accessories, ect.
  11. What are your clan’s more unique social rules?
  12. What sort of symbolism is present in the clan? (For example, red roses=romance, 4-leaf clover=luck, swan=grace and beauty, ect.) Why?
  13. We’ve talked a bunch about what the dragons think about beastclan, but what about the other way around? What would each of the beastclans think about your clan?
  14. Talk about the clan’s social organization. It doesn’t have to all be about social classes!
  15. What about family? Are they nuclear (husband, wife, children) or extended (several generations in one home)? Something else?
  16. Are there any special customs or traditions?
  17. ART. LITERATURE. Are there artists or writers? What sort of things do they create? Realistic works, or more fantastical/abstract things?
  18.  Follow up to #16: What materials do they use? (Do the writers carve into tablets? Do they use brushes, quills, or pens? If they write, what do they write on? Where do they get these materials? (For example, there are several territories that can’t possibly have enough trees for everyone to have access to paper. They’d have to import or steal it.)
  19. What are your clan’s values? What’s considered “good” and what’s considered “bad”?
  20. RELIGION. Okay, seeing as the gods irrefutably exist, most clans worship one or more of the elemental deities. However, religion will differ. How does your clan interpret the deities? How do they practice their religion? Are there religious festivals or holidays? Do they pray often, or do they only seek the divines in dire situations?
  21. What are the luxury items? Why are they so expensive/rare?
Simultaneous Action, Writing 1vX combat

“But no, not Velociraptor. You stare at him, and he just stares right back. And that’s when the attack comes. Not from the front, but from the side, from the other two raptors you didn’t even know were there. Because Velociraptor’s a pack hunter, you see, he uses coordinated attack patterns and he is out in force today.” – Doctor Alan Grant, Jurassic Park

You may think that using a quote from Jurassic Park about raptors to discuss writing when fighting groups of individuals is strange. However, for all the talk of lone wolves, humans are pack animals. They are very capable of working together, even those who have never been trained, to overwhelm through even haphazardly coordinated action. The better the group of opponents are, the more practice they have at working together, then the more dangerous they will be.

There isn’t a “level limit” like in video games in real combat, and there really isn’t for dealing with groups of enemies. In movies and television (which follows into books and other media, then vice versa), we fall prey to the trait of the “most badass stands alone”. A single individual facing multiple people is challenging, even when those enemies don’t know anything about fighting.
Groups bring: Communication, coordination, tactics, strategy, and the ability to limit movement. They come together, use each other as distractions, circle, and come at angles that you can’t defend yourself well from. It gets worse when they know the terrain and can use the environment to their advantage.

Much like fighting groups in real life, writing groups is actually a very difficult endeavor because of those qualities. It’s probably one of the most difficult aspects of writing fight sequences and the easiest to botch. Whether you’re writing semi-realistic fiction or combat with magical/super powered elements, there are some things that are commonly forgotten.

The action is fast, it comes in multiples, and is nearly simultaneous. Take this example below:

Dirthara reappeared, lunging toward her. Her feet blurred on the on the ground, magic pumping through her legs. Both blades drawn back, she swung in low.

Eirwen flicked her sword up, catching Dirthara’s first strike along the edge of her blade. She knocked it away. The deadened trails of their energy filtered through her. The second blow would come toward her ribs. No.

This was wrong.


Blade tip rotating, she flung Dirthara’s second blade up and threw herself sideways.

Revas spun past her. Blades wheeling in a dizzying spiral around his body, he shot through Dirthara. Black tendrils dripped from their edges as a dark shadow lengthened out across the stone behind him.

Unharmed, Dirthara straightened. Holding her blades out before her, one high beside her cheek and the other low before her chest, she resettled into a deep stance. The right foot extended, it pointed directly toward Eirwen. The back lifted onto the ball, turned on a slight angle.

Slowing, Revas also stood. The blades in his hands parallel to the ground. His head swung. Blonde hair drifting across his forehead, the long nose of his profile clear and distinct under the moon’s light. The curving tendrils of his tattoos shone brightly on his cheek as a single, visible, blue eye narrowed.

Behind them, Fals remained motionless.

“Well,” Eirwen muttered. I can’t afford to be defensive. She stepped back, turning sideways as she leaned on her rear leg. Left hand secure on her hilt and the right on the pommel, she lifted it until the blade until it was nearly perpendicular to her cheek. And I can’t afford to be offensive. “This will be tricky.”

I wrote this while messing around with more Anime-esque combat and it’s not really accurate for conventional confrontations, but this is essentially the principle. Attacks are coordinated, enemies will circle if they can and they’ll come from multiple angles. If you’re choosing to have the character stand in fight, then the one in the 1vX is going to be primarily on the defensive. They’ll be ducking and dodging, blocking and pushing, trying to control their terrain, keep all their enemies in front of them. It’s a lot like juggling, they’ve got to keep all the balls in the air or they’re dead.

This means that you as the writer can’t focus on any single opponent, but you can’t afford to waste time either. One of the biggest failures of a 1vX scene is queuing like you see stuntmen do in the movies. The author will focus all their attention on one opponent or they’ll assume that a single hit will be enough to take someone out. It won’t.

It’s true that you want to take out the X number of opponents very quickly, but you can’t just stand around trading blows. You must keep the defending character moving. A character can only afford a few hits at a time, they have to create their own openings through delaying tactics and by forcing their opponents to fight each other.

The ground shook beneath her feet. Fals brought the hammer down, shattering the stone ahead of him into a few hundred tiny pieces. Some fell into the gaping hole. Others floated up, caught in the pull of Myrian’ magic.

Shit! He’s bringing this platform down.

She jumped back, letting Dirthara sail past her. Her body twisting in time to catch the edge of Revas’ spinning blades with her sword, she levered hers up and slid out of the way in a spray of sparks. Heel skidding across the rock as she spun out.

Foot catching on the stone, Revas’ ankle rotated about, and his whole body whirled back. Racing toward her with stomach nearly parallel to the ground, he came in low. The tip of his left blade swung toward her middle.

She shot forward and, instead of letting their blades meet, passed through his body. Landing behind him, she let her gaze rise to the stones ripping up out of the ground. Dirthara’s energy was on a rapid approach from her right. Felas’ hammer was coming down again. That one. Another hit and the whole platform would fall.

Sheathing her sword, Eirwen raced across the fracturing ground. Her index and middle fingers flicked down. Magic flooded them. Cutting between the rising shards, hopping off the stones that gave way beneath her feet, she leaped over the gap protecting Fals with the other two hot on her heels.
Tethers from her mind flung out, spearing down through Myrian’ control to hook into his brain. She seized them with mental fingers and hauled him up short.


Eirwen landed, crouched atop his war hammer. It hovered just centimeters off the ground, utterly still. Her eyes snapped up just in time to see his widen. A faint smile curved her lips and she launched upward. Palm slamming down on his helmet, she twisted over his head. Magic flowed down off her fingers, embedding itself on the inscribed runes in his armor. She hit the ground on the other side and cranked her knee to her chest, slamming her foot into the small of his back.

“Sorry, friend,” she said. “This is where you get off.”

Fals stumbled forward, head turning in time for her to register his surprise.
Her fingers flicked out, eyes narrowing as the magic she’d left behind sank into the runes. Three, two… Her smile widened.

His armor buckled.


Exploding outward in a dizzying blast of blue, Fals cried out. As fire licked up his body, his voice rose to an eerie scream. The magic ate away at his skin, cracking down his exposed arms, his eyes burning with white flames. His hammer fell to the loose ground and the rock beneath his feet gave way.
Fals dropped, vanishing from sight as he plummeted toward the icy mountains below.

Dirthara leaped over him. Legs a blur, she landed on a surviving piece of the platform and flung herself forward with a maddened scream. Wicked daggers gleamed in the moon’s red light.

Eirwen brought her hands up, blue rippling over her shoulders.

Revas lunged from the shadows behind her, winged blades whirling toward her spine in another deadly spiral.

The ground rolled and rocked beneath Eirwen’s feet, disappearing as quickly as Dirthara advanced.

We’re going down.

Focusing on one of the larger floating pieces of stone overhead, Eirwen closed her eyes.

Revas spun through her ghostly shape, leaving a cold shiver as he went.

With a sharp inhale, she disappeared as the ground fell away beneath her.

Reappearing, her feet dropped lightly onto a much smaller piece of rock. Large enough for one. A hot burn spiked her center. Hand clenching over her chest, she dropped to her knees. Can’t expect that to work too many more times.

Teeth sank into her lower lip and she bit down, blood welling on her lower lip. Swallowing, she sat up. Her fist tightened on her chest. She let it go, forcing the pain to recede.

Below, the first of Myrian’ platforms crumbled. Great pieces of granite tumbling down to crash into the distant, smoking ground. Other pieces, more structurally sound pieces, were rising. On them, Dirthara and Revas stood. Their eyes locked on her.

Well, she sighed, left hand settling on her sword hilt. It’s not like I expected that to stop them.

Overhead, the battlefield restructured itself. New platforms populated the air, held together by winding silver staircases. Among them, Myrian’ disk had grown wider as he ripped more and more pieces of the temple out of the ground below.

It’d be an easier to fight if she managed to land on any of them.
That’s quite a long way up, though.

Simple short range teleportation, even the advanced form she’d recovered through her memories was not enough to cover such a distance.

I’ll have to outrun them.

Below, Dirthara and Revas had begun to move. Leaping from one floating rock to the next as they made their way toward her position.

The chances of that? Unlikely.

Eirwen smiled and freed her sword from its sheath.

Only one path left, I suppose.

Green fire rippled along its edges, tiny runes lighting beneath the cross-guard as they raced down the length of the blade. Her right hand extended out and the rune embedded in her palm crackled. A thin circle of green energy appeared beneath her fingers. It spun, rotating around and around as heat simmered on her skin.

She leaned off the edge, focusing the primary portion of her magic into her feet.

Then, Eirwen flung the chakram down and dove after it.

So, how do you do it?

Writing a 1vX is like juggling, you have to bounce between characters. You can’t have the character stop and duke it out with one guy and ignore everyone else.  They have enough time to land one hit, which is unlikely to be permanent, and continue to fight so they can create openings. Even when fighting with a plan to kill, this is difficult because multiple enemies working in tandem have way more options than a single character working alone.

It’s a race against time.

As combat goes on, we get more tired and, as we get more tired, we begin to make mistakes. You’re at your best when you’re fresh. The more energy that gets expended now means that less will be on the table for later. The defending character can’t expend too much energy on any one person because it means they won’t have that energy for the others that are still fresh. A group can share the burden of the expended energy, an individual can’t.

1vX group combat is interesting because it forces the character to start making new and different choices, immediate choices based on their survival. If there’s yet another enemy waiting in the wings, then those choices get even harder. The character must finish them or provide themselves with some means of escape before they become too exhausted.

They must be flawless. Every hit they take is dangerous, because all openings in the defense will be exploited. Every attack they make when they open up their defense must count (and it might not), they must pick their targets carefully, and constantly remain on the move or find a more easily defensible position so that they’re harder to get to.

Control the field.

A character who lets multiple enemies do their thing in a 1vX is lost. Being surrounded means having portions of your body that are left open. You can’t really just stand and fight.

Prioritize the enemies.

The character has to pick their targets for who they’re going after first. It’s easy to be overwhelmed, but they need to start looking for where the threat is and go after those. The enemy which gets prioritized may not be the most dangerous. Even if they’re just faceless mooks, when it comes to creating a clear picture it’s easier if you name them. They don’t have to be their usual names: “the big guy”, “the short one”, “the blonde with blue eyes”, “the guy with nice teeth”, “Frizzy hair”, “Seahawk’s jersey”, etc.

In the above example, Eirwen prioritizes Fals because he’s attacking the terrain while the other two distract her. If she stopped to finish her fight Revas and Dirthara, then she wouldn’t be able to control when the platform went down. Fals was the least dangerous of the three overall, but the most dangerous in the moment. By getting rid of him, she could focus on the other two.

Emphasize teamwork.

If you’re writing combatants who are supposed to be good at what they do, then they need to be using teamwork. Dirthara and Revas come one right after the other, nearly simultaneously, while Fals focuses on bringing the platform down. They’re working together as a distraction to keep Eirwen off balance (if they kill her in the meantime, it’s all good) while Fals destroys the ground they’re on so they all tumble to their deaths.

Punish them for using the same tactic over and over.

Change up the routine. You want to create an adaptive environment, one where the enemy observes and responds to what a character is doing while their fighting. Counters are a huge deal in combat. The main way they’re developed is by witnessing how a technique works, then working out a means to disrupt or stop it. If your character is using a “signature” move, it won’t be signature for very long. Besides, forcing a character to change their battle tactics when they’ve gotten too comfortable is an excellent exercise for the writer who has also gotten too comfortable.

If you start thinking a character is unbeatable, then change the routine. You don’t need MOAR POWER, but what you do need is creativity and characters that are focused on problem solving. See one technique enough times and the game starts to change, the enemy starts figuring the character out. Change or die.


We’ve talked about a single individual combating groups before:

Fight Scene Strategies: the Individual versus the Group

In Love With Night

I wrote this for @thelastpilot‘s month-long Spooky ML AU event, which sounds like it’s going to be tons of fun so everyone should participate!

Summary: Necromancer Rose tries out a new spell on her ghost friend Juleka. 1100 words.

Rose Lavillant didn’t get along with other necromancers very well, which was unusual because as a rule she got along swimmingly with everybody. She was starting to suspect it was because of her roommate-not that other necromancers didn’t have summons, of course, but for the most part they didn’t keep them around after their usefulness had been exhausted. The injustice of this bothered Rose, in a way that she found difficult to articulate.

Rose arrived home one afternoon to find her roommate sitting on-well, hovering over-the living room couch and glaring at a book on the coffee table.

“Rose!” she said, relieved. “Come turn this page for me? I’ve been trying to blow it over,” and here an unnatural wind picked up in the room, fluttering the curtains and ruffling the pages of the book as Juleka demonstrated, “but the next two pages are stuck together.”

“Of course,” Rose said, walking over immediately. “Oh! You’re reading Romeo and Juliet!” Rose sighed dreamily, putting a hand to her heart. “Star-crossed lovers who would do anything to be together despite all the odds-so romantic! It’s my favorite.”

“I know, that’s why I picked it.”

“Oh, and this is my favorite scene-I must have cried on this page, that’s why the pages are stuck.”

Juleka grinned. “That sounds just like you,” she said.

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And suddenly i’m not waiting for tomorrow
I wanna stop the rushing clock
Floating in space without movig forward
Walking back in days
‘Cause i left behinde the best days of my life
And nights..
Ofcourse with you
But now
It’s like runing towards the edge of a cliff
The cliff is my hapiness
You are the cliff
Just like that.. a hard giant rock
Cold and safe
Exept when it falls on you or you fall on it
I mean you fall in love but with a rock
So yes you just broke my heart
And didn’t even bothered to say sorry
Or goodbye
Or fuck you
But i am sorry
You didn’t gave me the chance to shout
You made me swallow
Just once you finally made me
Hope you feel better
i swallowed your poison my anger my tears
My fist held high
Prepared to punch you
but ohh sweetheart you are far away
And i am fucking alone
About Demons And Pizza


They’d holed up in Brad’s apartment since he had the largest table. The large table was necessary - books and notes were spread over the entire surface.

“So, if I put this one squiggle here, does that collapse the whole rune array?” Maria tapped the page. “Because I think I need this squiggle to balance that one, but they’re both edge runes so…”

Thomas took his eyes of his own attempt at the binding circle and glanced at Maria’s. “Which ‘squiggle’ do you mean exactly? Sokkvabekkr or Gladsheimr? And I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to combine those two.”

“Damn it.”

Thomas frowned. “Are you only using runes, by the way?”

“My demon is very Old Norse-themed, so I thought it would be best.”

“Sounds like you’re making it difficult for yourself. Let’s see…” He took one of his course books and leafed through the pages. “Right, here it is. I think this combination could maybe stabilize your binding instead of Sokkvabekkr.”

Maria sighed at the page. “Yeah, I suppose I could try that. Would be a lot easier if we could just use a blood sacrifice,” she complained. “I’m prepared to offer, like, a pint or three of my blood if it meant I wouldn’t fail this stupid assignment. How much blood do you need to live anyway?”

“Need any help?” Tyrone asked, from the couch where he and Brad were playing Amazing Luigi Party Bros.

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Aegishjalmur finished :D

The Aegishjalmur (also known as the Helm of Awe) is a Viking symbol of protection and traditionally would be drawn on the forehead between the eyes or drawn or scratched on the inside on the helm before going into battle.

It’s normally a solid symbol, but I decided to give it my own twist (see what I did there? :P ) and include the elder futhark runes around the edge.

I’m tempted to get this as a tattoo on my forearm and it’s sister symbol the Vegvisir on my other arm…after I paint it of course!

{{ @drwingdings }}

With everything packed away and ready, Dire was excited as she could be. She had her amulet on already and had her basket and sceptre in her hands. The amulet was a simple grey stone with a worn away hole in the centre, and there was metal wire woven in and out in the shape of a star. In the centre was a heliodor stone, and runes decorated the edges of it. The one that would be sent to Gaster would be the same save for some minute differences. She balances her sceptre and basket in the crook of her arms and takes out the mobile and the opposing amulet. 

– “Mr. Gaster? Everything’s set up on this end. Let me know when to send it over.”

Anonymous said:First major fight? Like it gets so bad they break up for a couple days but they realize there both idiots and fluff fluff fluff~

These saps would never break up.  The worst that would happen would be one of them being banished to the sofa.  And they probably wouldn’t even last through the night…

Dipper tossed and turned in bed, unable to get comfortable.  The earlier fight replayed again and again in his head.  It had stared out small- Bill asking Dipper if he was ashamed of their relationship, since he always pushed the demon away in public and never told anyone about him- but one they started other things started spilling out from both sides.  Every little thing that bothered them from Bill being a control freak to Dipper never cleaning up after himself in their room. And when things got heated Bill tended to lose control and breakables tended to explode.  One of Bill’s suncatchers hanging from their beams, and empty soda bottle on the nightstand.  The hand carved jewelry box Bill had made him.   What could he say?  They fought with just as much passion as they loved. Everything had frozen as Dipper collection of handmade jewelry scattered across the floor.  "Oh Pine Tree…“  The echo was gone, the growl was gone, Bill’s voice was so soft. "Out.”  He had ordered- voice cold and steady.  Bill hadn’t argued and vanished from their room. He hadn’t seem him sense and now he felt cold and alone in their big bed. He got up and wrapped a blanket around himself as he padded down to the living room.  No Bill… he was probably hiding out in the mindscape. He curled up on one corner of the sofa and tugged their link.  He got a hesitant tug back.  He tugged harder.  Next thing he knew Bill was perched on the other end of the sofa, looking at a wooden box in his hands. “Whats that?” “A jewelry box.  Before putting yours together I practiced a lot of carving.  I kept some of them.  I…”  He held the box out to Dipper with hopeful eyes.  "I put them together for you.  I know its not the same but-“ Dipper carefully took the box from him, fingers running over the carvings of forest and creatures, little runes along the edges as well as long forgotten languages.  The lid had a pine tree. "I am so sorry for the other one.  I didn’t mean…I would have never-” “I know you can’t control your powers when you get worked up like that.”  He carefully set the box on the dino skull and moved to snuggle up beside Bill- whom happily wrapped him up in his arms.  "This one is beautiful, and I’ll treasure it.“  He pressed a kiss to his lover’s cheek. "You aren’t angry with me?”  It was so strange hearing the demon sound meek.  "I… you’ve been giving like tugs all night- I thought you might still be upset.“ "No.  I am not upset I just wanted you to come to bed.” Bill grinned and scooped him up in his arms bridal style- earning an undignified squak.  "Well then my dear- lets go tuck in.“

anonymous asked:

Coffee shop AU iv for Billy/Teddy? with Teddy as the barista cause you know Billys the one who's too shy to give his real name lol

Okay, I went kinda off the book with this prompt (from this list). But I couldn’t help myself.

Billy and Teddy are both girls here.

crash course over coffee
(read on ao3)

Up until a month ago, Teddy had not liked working mornings.

Mornings were always busy, the buzz of cranky customers waiting for their first coffee of the day enough that Teddy felt wired without drinking any herself. She much preferred the later shifts, the slow trickle of customers as they grabbed something warm to go before heading home, that satisfying feeling of locking the doors and turning up the music and putting the store to bed.

Unfortunately, it seems like everyone else that works with her has early classes this semester, which means that Teddy is stuck doing mornings, often with not enough support. It’s almost enough to make her wish she was still in classes. Almost.

So yes. Teddy did not like working mornings.

Then the girl started to come in.

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billdip week, day four

Adult/dark/demon!Dipper, human!Bill; canon divergence in which Dipper didn’t take too well to the events of Not What He Seems.

They decided on a night where the eye of the moon shed no light over the woods. It was cliché as hell, but Dipper appreciated the additional cloak of darkness. It was fitting for both what they had planned and what he would become before the sun rose again.

Still, he couldn’t help the anxiety that churned his stomach and left him tense as he stood in the dead center of the complicated series of symbols lining the dirt beneath his heels. This was a big step, and although he knew in his heart that he wanted nothing more than to step over the line that divided his world and Bill’s the thought of casting off his humanity still left him rather nervous. 

Then again, it wasn’t as if he was leaving anything behind that was worth sticking around for, anyway.

“You sure about this, kid?” The sound of Bill’s voice from a few feet away brought him back to reality; the demon was in the process of completing the remaining runes along the edges of the circle. The whole thing was done up in some red substance that Dipper hoped wasn’t blood, because there was a ridiculous amount of it, but it wouldn’t have surprised him if it was. Bill didn’t cut corners with most things. “There’s no turning back. Once you’re in, you’re in.”

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