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Man, witches are just so good

☆ Kitchen witches who have herbs drying all over and always have flour on their clothes from baking pies with sigils in the crust.

☆ Garden witches who have permanently dirt-stains on their knees from taking care of their succulents and watering them with all the moon water they can provide.

☆ Crystal witches who are constantly buying more shelves to store all their new babies and having their windowsill overflowing every full moon to get all of its energy.

☆ Sigil witches who always have a paper and pen on them and sketch out positive sigils and leave them around for passerby’s to be affected by them.

☆ Divination witches who wake up an extra hour or so before starting the day to see what their cards, runes, or pendulums have in store.

☆ Tech witches who have a notebook on them at all times to write down new additions to their online altar code or grimoire and are always sending emoji spells to their friends.

☆ Elemental witches who have candles all over the floor, random bowls of water precariously perched in odd places, incense always in stock, and piles of salt around doors and windows.

☆ Familiar witches who cater to their animals every day and often spend more on the animals than they do on themselves.

Just. All witches are so good. If you’re a witch, you’re lovely and valid and amazing. ❤

witchy idea that should be a thing

okay so we should create a little witchy care package with like candles, crystals, tarot cards, or any other witchy items and send them to other witches in the community

The Enlightened Perspective Spread– before you make a decision about someone or something, or feel you’ve got all the facts, and know what’s up… consult this spread to get some down-to-earth guidance and perspective. Or perhaps you just want to see what’s in the air about your day, understand your coworker, parent, or boss better, or even reflect on the decisions you’ve made, ego-free or ego-driven? Maybe you want to see how some drama will play out.

  1. Subject: Who? What is going on?
  2. Intention: What do they seek?
  3. Perception: How are they seen?
  4. Perception: How they see themself?
  5. Connection: What else is involved?
  6. Thought: What are they thinking?
  7. Action: What are they doing?
  8. Speech: What are they saying?
  9. Emotion: What are they feeling?
  10. Error: What is the mistake?
  11. Success: What is the truth?
  12. Desire: What do they want?
  13. Optimism: When it will come?
  14. Pessimism: What will prevent it?
  15. Dedication: What should be done?
  16. Lesson: What will they learn?
  17. Hope: What will derail progress?
  18. Finality: What will likely happen?

Other spreads.

The Should I Wolf Spread

The Should I Wolf Spread

This spread is to help you find your path. It will guide you by making you consider, and review the consequences from a certain situation to see if you should make that decision in the first place. This spread works best on questions that are in the form of  "should I" questions.

1 -  What has brought you to this question?

2 - How will the outcome effect you?

3 - How will the outcome effect the people around you, and in your life?

4 - What is the best outcome you can achieve?

5 - What is the worst outcome you can achieve?

6 - What do you hope to gain?

7 - What do you fear to lose?

8 - Overall recommendation on what you should do.

Things to Ask a Diviner When You Don’t Know What to Ask

So let’s say that you’ve found a diviner that you really like, and you want to get a reading from them, and you don’t know what to ask. Or, let’s say you do your own divination, and you want to ask your cards/runes/other divinatory tool something besides the general reading - some specific information that will help you, but you just can’t figure out how to ask.

Here is that list!

(P.S., This post was the idea of @resonance-of-libra​. I’m just the one who made it.)

  • Is there anything I would benefit from knowing that I have not asked about?
  • How will tomorrow be for me?
  • Are any spiritual entities trying to contact me? Who? What are they trying to say?
  • Is there anything I’m forgetting?
  • What does my subconscious want to say to me that I’ve ignored?
  • What do I need to focus on in life right now?
  • What is my pet thinking about?
  • What should I draw/write about?
  • Has anyone done magic on me without my knowledge? Who? What kind?
  • Is anyone gossiping about me?
  • How do others view me?
  • How can I be more true to myself?
  • What do my ancestral spirits think of me?
  • How can I connect with my god/spirits/true self/nature?
  • What did that dream mean?
  • Do I have any surprises in store for me in my immediate future?
  • What do I need to know about love/career/education/friendships/situations with another?
  • How can I move forward in my career/love life/education?
  • What can I do to evolve as a spirit?
  • What is the strongest foundation I have to build on when it comes to my career/love life/future/education/health?
  • What am I not considering in this big decision of mine?
  • What do I need to cut out of my life right now?
  • What issues or things do I need to avoid right now?
  • What are the pros/cons of this?
  • How can I enjoy life more?
  • What are my good traits? What traits do I need to work on? How?
  • What are the good things in life that I’m ignoring?
  • What are examples of times I’ve done a good job?
  • What things should I be grateful for?
  • What can I look to in order to find meaning in my life?
  • What lies am I telling to myself? Others?
  • Why am I afraid of this thing? How do I conquer that fear?
  • What should I learn from my past?
  • What is the lesson before me in my life?
  • What celestial/natural/biological cycles are affecting me right now?
  • What resources do I have?
  • How can I make X easier on me?
  • What do I need to let go?
  • What part of my shadow self do I need to address? How do I address it?
  • What habits do I need to change? How?
  • What kind of spell should I cast?
daily witch things
  • light a candle
  • light some incense
  • meditate/ground/center 
  • cleanse the room
  • cleanse myself when i take a shower
  • bond and play with crystals
  • cleanse/charge my tarot deck and runes
  • read/practice divination by drawing a rune or card for the day
  • ask my boyfriend or friends if i can read their cards
  • sprinkle powders around the room and house to clear out other people’s bad vibes
  • make spell jars and sachets
  • collect rain water/sticks/grass 

Ace of Pentacles.

A new day promises a new beginning. Today, feel a deeper connection to your surroundings. Retreat into the earth. Find tranquility within her simplicity, and wonder within her intricacies. Today, make a conscious effort to be one with the natural world.

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Current list of witchy ideas for kicking off 2017:

* New Year’s Eve party with pizza and ritually burning an effigy of 2016

* A major house cleanse on New Year’s Day

* Preparing a list and acquiring the necessary items to plant a container garden on our porch area, and making spells to help the plants grow

* Performing 12-card tarot readings to give an outlook for the full year

* Setting up a list of blog topics for each week, a la Pagan Blog Project

* Doing a daily tarot card or rune draw/meditation

* Doing some sort of ritual to put good wishes for the new year out into the universe


For use when you are looking for self improvement, or are unsure where you want to be in life. 

Crystals to use: 

Citrine (positivity + Solar Plexus Chakra)

Tiger’s Eye (grounding)

Amethyst (intuition)

Rose Quartz (self love)

Divination Challenge Masterpost

A list of all past, present, and future challenges. You can bookmark or archive this post; I’ll try to update it every month, or whenever I hear of a new challenge. The divinerchallenges blog is another useful resource to follow.  

Organized by challenge type, then from newest to oldest. Please let me know if I missed any.  

(last updated 5 September 2015)

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Third Eye anointing oil

Use this oil to open up your third eye during meditation, divination and shadow work practices to allow greater intuition and increased psychic ability :)

- A carrier oil such as Grape seed or Almond oil

- Rosemary sprigs to recall past lives

- Lavender flowers to sharpen the mind

- Rose essential oil to increase psychic ability

- Frankincense essential oil to increase psychic ability

- Lotus essential oil for opening the third eye and assisting with self development

In a small jar sprinkle lavender flowers and arrange some rosemary sprigs. Cover with your carrier oil and add several drops of each essential oil. How much to use depends on how much you want to make and how big your jar is. I just went with whatever felt right.

Also keep in mind that essential oils can be toxic if applied directly to the skin, so try to keep a healthy ratio going with your carrier oil to dilute the essential oils.

Leave out in the moon light over night if you want to imbue some moon energy to your mixture otherwise just apply to your third eye and meditate away!