Bienvenidos a la edición de julio de Reactor-88 Custom Corner. Este mes, están destacando a David Bishop, más conocido como RunDMB. David vive en Chelmsford, Reino Unido, donde es el director creativo de una agencia de diseño que comenzó hace unos dieciséis años. Él ha estado pintando juguetes desde 2011 y es miembro de la muy talentosa Red Mutuca Studios arte colectivo.

David tiene un estilo graffiti muy abstracto. Hay mucho que hacer en cada pieza con muchas capas de pintura y una gran cantidad de movimiento, pero al mismo tiempo cada trazo de la línea se ve muy deliberada y realmente funciona para dar una sensación de energía. 

Trabaja estrictamente con las plumas de Posca, lo que ayuda a lograr el aspecto complejo y limpio en su trabajo. 

David realiza proyectos encargados, pero se sabe que su lista es bastante larga. No dudes en dejar a David un mensaje a través de Instagram o su Facebook. También pueden mantenerse al día con David y su trabajo en TwitterBehance , y el sitio web RunDMB.

Reactor-88 | RunDMB Bienvenidos a la edición de julio de Reactor-88 Custom Corner. Este mes, están destacando a David Bishop,
del rey & Co. 7 Questions - Run DMB


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 ( @RUNDMB Custom del rey & Co. Munny, Rocking the Classic del rey & Co. Frames ) 

For the First of our 7 Question series we are very happy to have artist Run DMB! Hes a really wicked artist, and were happy to showcase his work! Check out some of his vinal toys after the break. 

del rey & Co. 7 Questions - Run DMB

      Who are you and what do you do?

I’m David Bishop aka Run DMB and I design websites, create flash animations and draw illustrations for a living but I’d like to be drawing on toys.

     How did you get started?

I did a degree in Fine Art originally and though I haven’t painted for years, I always kept a sketchbook going. At work, a few of the guys had small collections of vinyl toys which I liked and from that I discovered munnys. It’s all really just gone on from there.

     Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in music (check any custom I do for snippets of lyrics), art, graffiti       (particularly Futura 2000), in truth it could be anything really that just grabs me.

     Describe your creative process.

My creative process is pretty much as follows; decide on a figure to draw on, pick a         colour, start drawing. That’s it. Once I’m drawing on the piece I just go with it. It’s how I used to paint and I find it works well for me on the vinyl figures. I have literally no idea   how a finished piece will look when I start. And because of the way I do them, they can’t be repeated. I never draw anything out in pencil first or have a preset design.

    What do you enjoy most about doing what you do?

What I really like about drawing on figures is that the piece itself brings some context to what I draw on it and that’s why I prefer it to straight painting. The figure itself contributes the extra dimension. I just let what’s in my head spill out.

   How has your style changed over time?

I haven’t been going that long but I used to obsess over the fact that other illustrators and artists, particularly in the vinyl scene have ultra-tight lines and their work is really crisp,  whereas mine is quite painterly. It used to bother me that it doesn’t fit the scene, but I’ve found that actually, collectors like the fact that I maybe do something a little different.

   Who is your favorite artist ( of any genre) and what do you like about them ?

My favourite artist ever is Stanley Spencer, just incredible paintings and very English. But I also love Futura 2000, Sean Scully and Picasso, many artists really. It’s hard to single one out.

To See more of Run BMB’s work check out the post below, , and follow him on twitter @RUNDMB

Check out the del rey & Co. Munny RUNDMB did with our new Rikky Shades

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