Run streak days 234 & 235

3 miles each
6 total
Easy paced
Humid as hell

Running has been such a STRUGGGGGLLEEEfor me lately! Ugh, I hope I snap out of it!

P.S- I’m headed out on vacation NOW! I’ll prob be snapping a ridiculous amount so refer there for lots of ridiculousness 🙃


happy saturday! base training ✓ 10 miles bright & early this morning
despite forcing myself out of bed at the crack of dawn, it was still ridiculously hot and humid. i could tell from 0.37 miles in that this was gonna be a hot one. so i just took it mile by mile.

i saw a whole lot of wonderful plants on this run (photo 1: tree growing in a tree; a reminder to ‘grow where you’re planted’ and for whatever reason this image made me feel very calm and happy when seen at mile 2. photo 2: a beautiful rose seen outside the gardens (they were closed). photo 4: how cute is this planter??? photo 5: THE COLORS)

around 6.5 miles in i had circled back to my apartment so i ran inside and grabbed an ice cube to rub on the back of my neck and back of my wrists while i ran and boy was that the greatest ice cube of my life.

also, officially joining @championsaremade‘s sweaty knee club - admittedly mostly because there was blood so i felt badass lol (even though it’s very likely there from scratching myself)

12 miles done before 8AM!

This was basically a race against the sun because if this run didn’t happen before it came up, it wasn’t happening today. Took my route across the Brooklyn Bridge, which aside from a few other runners, I mostly had to myself.

Except I did have to share it with Spike Lee … Saw him filming up there early this morning, which was cool!

Stay cool and stay hydrated, hungry friends. It’s HOT out there! Happy running!

Chicago Wk 12 Saturday

Up early to drop my father-in-law off at the airport around 5:30am and then straight over to Elmhurst for my group run at Fleet Feet. Man, am I glad they’re on a cutback because it was absolutely horrible heat-wise this morning.

My regular pacer is on vacation, so I dropped back to the 8:30 group, which ironically was also just me and the pacer. It was nice to run with someone else, but I could sense she was really nervous about how fast we were going. I kept saying it didn’t matter, and that we could go even slower because of the humidity. But she trucked on with me to finish 8 miles right at 8:30/mi!

Our little network of fitness club swim teams was having their conference meet today, so I went over there after a shower to watch my boys and time the second session. If I thought it was hot at 6:30, it was absolutely sweltering when I was out there by the pool. A nap and lots of fluids this afternoon, but I’m getting worried about tomorrow morning’s 17. May have to adjust the pace to make sure I survive.

This is how I feel about running in the heat. I put in an early 8k to try to beat the heat. We’re in the middle of a heat warning here, so there’s no real respite. At least it’s not too humid – around 30%, which is downright arid on the Great Lakes.


Saturday, July 23 
11 miles

Really nice long run this morning! Slower than I would have liked but I ran A LOT this week (trying to hit that 1000 mile mark!) so I’ll take it for what it is. 

I also got to see lots of puppies and a turtle and took some detours into new neighborhoods so it kept it interesting, I love doing that. 😊 

BUT now I’m locked out and my dad won’t be home for like… 30 minutes 😩😩 plz sent lots of nuun and vats of peanut butter. Thx.

2016 road miles so far: 982!!!

What a gross day to go for a run. When I got in my car at 5:45 the temperature was already at 90. It honestly felt like I was getting a nice, sloppy hug from the humidity with every step. We were told to significantly slow down our pace and went a whole minute slower than our usual, and walked up all the hills. Good thing this was a cutback week because I couldn’t imagine having to go any farther in this. By the time we got back to the store, there was a trail of sweat dripping from my soaked shorts - that’s how gross it was (sexy, I know). But this is yet another time where I can’t imagine having run without my group. Getting the miles in solo would definitely not have happened.

Marathon training week 2 day 7: 11 mile long run.

This didn’t go quite as planned. I had intended to run to run club and finish with them. When I got there I found out we were doing a route I didn’t want to do, so I went on my own whiny lonesome way. I did end up having a pretty decent run even given the heat, so that was fine. I ran into the zoo so I could get some water there and it was nice to see a few animals! And I still finished at run club so I could get water and Gatorade after as well.


Attempting to look cute before some swimming for xt!

It was waaay too hard and I was huffing and puffing for one length of the pool, so I just decided to chill on the pool floats rather than do a workout. Today is my sister’s birthday and she’s having a pool party, so I was planning on taking the day off anyways.

Long run tomorrow, so gotta rest the calf 😌


This morning I woke up with a long run on my mind. Yes you’ve seen this distance before on my logs, but not like this you haven’t. That distance and time was achieved by me running for over an hour straight. No walk breaks and no intervals 63 minutes of me kicking that treadmills ass! Its been so long since I’ve done this that im sitting here eating my melon excited as hell. I did get a few crazy looks from some other gym goers after about 45 minutes but that’s nothing new. I mean how many people my size run for hours?


I like the heart rate function of the Fitbit because it kind of explains what I’m feeling while running. When I started running today I felt tight and was really struggling. I wasn’t breathing very well either. Looking at the chart I see my heart rate jumped way up but as I settled in and centered myself it dropped. It gradually increased as I increased speed. I was pushing for negative splits and looking at my heart rate it increased just as expected.


I cooled down and achieved my daily step goal with a slow walk and watched Denny Duquette nearly die at the hands of Izzy on Grey’s Anatomy. She’s so damn annoying and unrealistic in that episode. She does occasionally have great life advice though. Now I’m sitting on my ass eating lunch and watching mini me practice her cheers. I’m having a pretty good day so far!

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a dry run


A good 6 mile run on another hot humid day, though even a slight breeze from Lake Erie helped noticeably.  We haven’t had significant rainfall in many weeks, and it shows in the scorched earth look of the park where I ran.  I’m sure this drought wasn’t what the three wedding parties were envisioning when they planned their ceremonies in the park.

The recovering foot felt better, the dry grass providing just the right amount of cushioning.


Hello all! I’ve been more than a bit MIA on here bc I haven’t been running. I came down with a sinus infection, went camping, and then never got back out there again. But I’m heading out today for a run, although I’m nervous that I’m gonna suck bc I haven’t run in like two weeks. Ah well. Won’t know unless I try. Today’s plan is for a 5k.

Camping was awesome, btw. I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but I sure did. A few days after we got back we booked another campsite for September- Labor Day weekend. Gonna ask my family if they want to go this time. Otherwise it’ll just be the hubs and me. Either way I’ll have fun. I really enjoyed my time out in the woods, the only complaint was the heat in the middle of the day. But I’m hooked! So much fun.


7/23/16 5.44 miles
Shortened (for me) group run
YTD: 734.44 miles
AVG: 3.5826/day
204 days in a row

I enjoyed being able to “sleep in” a little bit until 5:30 today. The group was striving for 14 miles, I could only commit to “about 5″. I knew the path through the park that’s part of the normal route qualifies as about 5, so I met them there. Passed them in my car on the way and gave them a little honking; they seemed to know it was me even before they turned around to look.

Before I headed out the door for my car I assumed it would be another cool morning so I slipped some pants on over my shorts. I opened the door and was smacked in the face with hot oppressive humidity. If I weren’t trying to be quiet to avoid waking people up I would’ve turned around and left the pants behind. Oh well.

I arrived at just the right time.

The path was really crowded. Lots of marathon training groups meet up at this park, including the group that was featured in “Spirit of the Marathon” (If you haven’t seen it, do - it’s a great documentary).

If you’ve seen it, or will, the park where Jerry is waiting on his daughter who shows up late - that’s this park that I run through. The movie is a must if you’ve never run a marathon (and are thinking about it or planning on it), or if you’ve not yet run the Chicago Marathon.

So back to today. I was glad to cut it short. Greg was riding the struggle bus - I think we’ve all been there - so he was lagging. Not sure how Kip, Carlo, and Mars fared, but they seemed to be OK when I left them.

My plan calls for no running this weekend, but I can’t give up my streak and I really enjoy running with these guys - even if it’s only for an hour :)

Carlo and Mars stopped for a bit to wait for Greg at my car. Kip had some family obligations to get back to, but set out some water for the guys since their plan was to run by his house on the last of their run:

I hear the water was much appreciated. Greg asked for a haiku, so I delivered:

Heat, humidity

A hot running summer day

Shining oasis



7 miles done! The draw to stay in bed this morning was strong, the bed was warm and the puppy was snuggly. But I got up and got out the door which is the hardest part some days. The mirror selfie will have to do because I’m having one of those “I hate my face because I have terrible skin” days. Hopefully that will pass soon.

Now I’m icing my shins to stave off shin splints and will be rolling next to avoid tight hips. Only 5 weeks until my half marathon.

Thanks for the extra bit of motivation today, John! @fatmaninalittlesuit

So those new Hokas

Anyone want to buy some Hokas? I joke but only because I already returned them (shout out to Boulder Running Company for taking the return). I ran pretty well uphill today but I knew 2 miles into the run that the shoes weren’t going to work. Miserable pain on there outsides of my forefoot. I either had to lace them up tight to not feel like i was running in clown shoes and lose any feel for the trail - and suffer tremendously. Or i had to loosen them, not have any idea what way my feet would go when i stepped on a big rock and only suffer significantly. To their credit they felt good on smaller rocks. But they were awful on big rocks, steps, and very technical trail. So back they went.

I went to REI afterwards and picked up some La Sportiva Akashas. Time to quit effing around and try some real mountain shoes. The trails here are no joke. I’ll give them a try Monday morning.

6 weeks until the hideaway 100k. As awful as my feet felt today, the act of running felt okay - really for the first time in weeks. Maybe I’m bouncing back. I’ll know more after I try to knock out a 15 mile/3500+ foot workout on Monday. Let’s hope the Italians know what they’re doing with shoes.