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all time low inspired lock screens pt. 3/?? requested by anonymous. I threw in a ‘therapy’ lock screen because  I very much like having an even number :) please like/reblog is you use/save any of them! 

Before you fall in love with me,please understand that my thoughts change like the weather. Understand that sometimes I get sad for no reason. Understand that sometimes I say I could live in one place forever and the next second I wanna move away and never turn back. But please, never doubt my love for you. My feelings for you will never change. You’ll be my anchor that keeps my feet on the ground while my heads in the clouds.
—  In my own person hell I call my mind // J. A. B

“Runaway Train” is a popular song by American rock band Soul Asylum. Besides its indisputable success among charts worldwide, there’s a rather gloomy story behind  its music video. During the chorus, pictures of missing teenagers and children are displayed, along with their names and the date they went missing. Different versions of the video were made, each with different missing persons being featured, depending on the country. All in all, a total of 36 persons where featured in the videos.

The Australian version showed several young backpackers. It was later found out that a good few of them had been murdered by Ivan Milat, an Australian serial killer who was active from 1989-1992. He became known as “the Backpacker Murderer”. Vicky Hamilton and Dinah McNicol, who were featured in the U.K. version, went missing in 1991. In 2007, their buried remains were found in the back garden of Scottish serial killer Peter Tobin. There were theories that Tobin could have been “Bible John”, a serial killer whose identity is unknown to this day, as Tobin’s known movements and his M.O. suggested his involvement in the case. What also made him a suspect was the fact that Tobin was already in his 60s when he killed his first victim, which is unusual, as well as the way he hid the body and evaded capture, which suggested he was experienced.

The body of 14-year old Curtis Huntzinger was found in 2008. He was found to be murdered by Stephen Hash, a family acquaintance. Curtis had disappeared in May 1990, shortly after he reportedly told his parents that Hash had molested him.
Thomas Dean Gibson, age 2, disappeared from Glendale, Oregon, in 1991. His picture was featured in at the end of all three U.S. versions of the music video. His father, former Douglas County deputy sheriff Larry Gibson, was convicted of second degree manslaughter in 1995. He was released in 1996 and insists on his innocence. Thomas’ body was never found.

More than twenty years after the release of “Runaway Train”, 26 teenagers and children have been reported to be reunited with their families in the years after being featured in the video. The rest of them are still missing or reportedly dead. You can watch it here.


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What kind of boyfriend do you think got7 would be

Mondays - You’re always late to class on Mondays because Jinyoung is not a morning person. When your alarm rings for the third time and you finally decide to roll out of bed, he’ll slip an arm around your waist and drag you back under the blanket. He won’t even have to open his eyes to somehow find somewhere on your face to kiss. His body warmth against you will bring back the sleepiness and suddenly you’ll be convinced to stay. He’ll nag you when you get a point reduction for being late too many times, even though it’s really all his fault. But you’ll never really regret any of it because he’ll smile at you like you’re his favorite person to runaway from the day with.

Tuesdays - You have your hardest classes all on Tuesdays, but Youngjae helps you get through the day. He’ll bring you coffee, pretending that it’s just on his way, when really he gets it from your favorite shop all the way across campus. He’ll act like it’s no big deal and get flustered when you try to point out his efforts to him. He’ll just laugh loudly and awkwardly, trying to change the subject. But secretly, he’ll be beaming with pride that he made you smile with your favorite coffee. And some day he’ll understand that just his presence is what really brightens your day.

Wednesdays - Yugyeom has dance practices on Wednesdays and you love watching him in his element. You’ve never seen anyone just lose himself in the music like him. He closes his eyes when he’s really getting absorbed, but every time he opens them, he finds your gaze immediately. He’ll lock eyes with you and do moves that have you blushing, and the rest of the dance team hooting. When everyone in the room cheers after his mini performance, you’ll forget to clap because he’ll stare at you and only you, with a small smile on his face. When you remember to give a thumbs up, he’ll break into the widest grin like you’ve made his entire world. To him, the only audience that matters is you.

Thursdays - Thursdays are supposed to be the nights for turning up at parties, but you fall into a habit of quiet Thursdays with Jaebum. He’ll invite you over, pretending he just spontaneously asked you, but he’ll have the best wine and snacks just “laying around” his house. Sometimes you guys will watch movies. And sometimes you’ll listen to new music that he’s taken a liking to. He’ll always eventually wrap his arm around your shoulders, and tuck your head underneath his chin, against his chest. Listening to your breaths are what lull him to sleep, because he’s always comforted knowing that you exist in the world.

Fridays - You get dragged by Jackson to random places on Fridays. Since it’s right before the weekend, he always feels extra carefree and excited. He’ll drag you to go bungee jumping randomly, determined to do something memorable. On the way there, he’ll confidently assure you not to be afraid because he’ll take care of you. But when you’re actually on top of the tower, ready to jump, he’ll be clinging to you. He’ll constantly ask if you’re okay and tell you it’s okay to back out and you guys can just go eat ice cream. It’ll be obvious that Jackson is actually scared out of his mind, so you’ll snuggle closer to his chest and wrap your arms tighter around his waist. You’ll tell him you feel better with him there, and you’ll hear his heart pound at that. Your presence always gives him strength. (Afterwards, your ear will be ringing from Jackson screaming, but you’ll both be laughing and unable to forget this memory of being brave together.)

Saturdays - Bambam gets invited to a lot of black-tie events on Saturdays, being involved with a fashionable crowd. Every time you get ready and step out to where Bambam is, he’ll pause and look you up and down. He’ll exaggerate a little, dropping his jaw and making a silly face on purpose. But when you look in his eyes, you’ll be able to tell that he’s really admiring everything about you in that moment. He’ll have a cheesy line ready; one that somehow never fails to make you embarrassed. He’ll lean in and suggest staying in for the night with a suggestive eyebrow wiggle. But his hand will be gentle as he takes yours to lead you out the door and to the venue. He’ll keep you close to him the entire night and never fail to bring up how beautiful you look. All these events are supposed to be extravagant and dazzling, but you end up being what awes him the most.

Sundays - The curtains are always open on sunny Sundays because Mark loves the feeling of the sunlight on his skin. He’ll always be too lazy to actually go outside, but the windows will all be wide open. You’ll find him sprawled out on the floor, eyes closed with a content smile on his face. You’ll try to walk past without making much noise because you’ll think he’s sleeping. But he’ll call out to you, even with his eyes closed, because he knows the sound of your walk and the pattern of your breaths. He’ll want you to lay down next to him, head on his arm, even if you’re afraid his arm will fall asleep. When you finally rest next to him, he’ll sigh contentedly, enjoying the warmth at his side. And you’’ll realize that the warmth between you two, kind of feels like the sunlight streaming in.

I make a lot of assumptions about Tommy’s preincarnation parents, but seeing as he gets pretty much no panel-time, there’s very little to prove these assumptions wrong. This would pretty much have to take place during that short period of time Tommy was crashing with Billy.

This is mostly invoking the children’s book “Love You Forever,”  a book I found deeply creepy even as a kid. (At a certain point, I think it’s a bit weird to watch your child sleep, particularly if that entails breaking into your fully grown child’s house.) Not to rain on anyone’s enjoyment of the book. If you get touched by it, more power to you. I’m a Runaway Bunny person myself, but to each their own.

Hi California (and West Coast) Friends. There is a girl who has run away from her home in the suburbs of LA, which is near me. I have heard of this from some friends and the news. I just reblogged a post about missing persons and have been enlightened as to the concerns that people may have about abusive relatives and whatnot. From what I gather and accounts of those close to her, this seems to be a purely stress related incident. The pressure that comes with being a high-achieving student is often immense and this speaks for her mental health, and though it is possible that her family puts pressure on her, self-pressure and high expectations are just as dangerous. I don’t want this to be a blame game or turn into some joke about the education-driven stereotypes that exist around Asians. I want to help get a girl with no money, no phone, and no contacts home, safe, where she can get the help she deserves. I am sure her family will be grateful. Thanks.