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1.Who is your favourite author?

JK Rowling is the obvious answer hahah but I also enjoy Tim Downs  

2.What is your most prized possession?

Probably the gold pocket watch, it was my grandpas and he gave it to me 

3. any pets?

I have two doggies their names are Abby and Chelsie :)

4. Fellowship of the ring, the two towers or return of the king?

um wat?

5. What character you can most relate too?
i have no idea what any of those things are hahah

6. Who’s your favourite villain?

7. What country are you from?


8. What the most embarrassing moment of your life?
I embarrass myself on a daily basis. i say stupid things, i’m clumsy, i don’t get things i should hahah the list of embarrassing moments i’ve had is endless hahaha…

9. What do you do when you get bored?

tumblr, netflix, sleep

10. What’s the best movie scene ever?

wow that is such a hard question…the one that randomly comes to me is in Ootp when Sirius dies and Lupin has to hold Harry back, Daniel Radcliffe’s acting was phenomenal. thats a really weird answer though hahah…

11. What’s your favourite tv show? 
hmmm i watch how i met your mother and scrubs and psych and supernatural hahah i watch too many tv shows :p

My questions:
1) why did you join tumblr?
my friend made me hahah it was like 5EVER ago

2) Tell us your spirit animal, or guess which one you think it would be?
something that flies…like a sparrow :)

3) what blog do you look up to most?
I don’t really look up to blogs? 

4) what are your plans for after high school?
college most likely, although i’m thinking of taking a year between my bachelors and grad school to travel because I think i want to move out of the country :)

5) List your fandoms/interests please? 
harry potter/supernatural fandoms i guess you could say hahah my interests include photography, poetry recently, tumblr hahah, traveling

6) how are you today? 
i’m not great :/ i’ve been feeling pretty shitty for quite a while now actually :/

7) Who is your movie/tv idol(Fictional or real)?
I decided I want to be Robin from how I met your mother hahaha

8) who is closest to you?
my two friends Kaelin and Jaclyn ( and <3

9) Favorite book/poem/short story/ series/comic? 
Sorry i’m gonna have to say harry potter hahah

10) whats your fav ice cream?
ben and jerrys coffee heath bar crunch <3

11) best feature?
ummm i don’t know…physically maybe my eyes? idk people have told me they’re nice. but not physically…maybe my capacity to care for people and love them. (although sometimes i wish i didn’t care so much :/)

My questions!
1. Tell me about your dream job/lifestyle :)
2. What is something you’re proud of?
3. If you got a tattoo what would it be and why?
4. Are you close with your family? (immediate or extended)
5. Name one of your favorite songs (or a few!)
6. Could you survive your life without drinking coffee ever again?
7. How do you feel about talking to strangers?
8. How much do you normally tip at a restaurant?
9. Do you have a creative outlet? If so, what is it?
10. Do you believe in any kind of higher power or outside force? (doesn’t have to be religious necessarily)
11. What’s the first thing you notice about someone?