Runaway AU

Kylo and Hux escape from the First Order and end up hidding on Tatooine ( It’s where Vader was born Hux!) 

Kylo is happy living where Darth Vader lived and playing with the sand ( shame on you kylo, SHAME ON YOU) 

Hux on the other side had to be covered from head to toe, use a ton of sun cream and even then he gets burnt by the twin suns on a daily basis. He doesn’t tan and now has 200% more freckles than before.

Hux wants to go somewhere else. Kylo suggests Naboo ( Darth Vader got married on Naboo!!)


                         { H O M E  A G A I N }

A Hiccunzel fanmix that is mostly related to the RunawayAU, but also has a couple of random songs that just give me the fluffies for them.  Cover inspired by Elloises edit.

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I. one drop / II. firecracker / III. youth / IV. it's true love / V. flowers in your hair / VI. tightrope / VII. on your porch / VIII. moth's wings / IX. love is a fire / X. wanderlust / XI. growlove