If you run away now? You never get to come back. You don’t get to show up at my door at three in the morning again. You don’t get to sleep on my couch for a week before disappearing. If you run away again…this time, it has to be permanent.
—  from an unfinished story #194

So… It’s time to say that I’ve been liking this boy for a really long time, and when I have the chance for us to be together i just screw up all things. It’s been 3 months since everything end, but I still liking him, and I’m an idiot because I perfectly know that It doesn’t really matters, there are better boys in the world, better in the whole sense of the word, he wasn’t an asshole ( he’s pretty cute and inocent actually) but anyway I know there somebody better outside, that would understand me and like me in the way that I am.

But there are this cold mornings when I wake up at 5:00 am just to take photographs of the sunset, and while my hole body is shaking in the middle of the street, I think about him, I think about you, the sweet cold colors; Pink, Blue, Purple, reminds me of how your cold hands used to take mine, the wind moving my hair reminds me of your breath on my neck, and the bright colors reminds me of your smile, I think you’re horrible, and I hate you for giving me this stupid feeling. The only thing that I truly want is to stop liking you, I’m not in love you but i guess that It’s impossible to forget 3 years in 3 months.

I’m not stuck just because you don’t like me, I keep moving, more far away from you, but somehow One day you appear in mind, and I go back to this point, to the cold mornings and the sunsets, when I remember how much I like you.

I don’t have any idea of why I’m being so romantic about you, in any case you read this I just want to say:

F U C K Y O U… I would stay here as a friend, as a stranger, as the girl used to like, so don’t be afraid of me, I would right here as you want, and if i keep feeling like this in a year i would repost this.

Thanks to take the time to read this, you don’t know how stupid I feel while I’m writting this words.

Runaway Boy

Runaway boy left footprints on my heart.

Not the shallow, barely there

Swept-away-by-the-wind type –

Deep canyons that bounce empty echoes off their walls

Runaway boy left in the middle of the night

With his thunderous footsteps 

Ringing like gunfire

I wish I hadn’t covered my ears to block the noise because

That was the last I heard of him.