كيفَ الهُروبُ وأنتِ ساكِنَتي

وإني قد سَكنتُكْ 

- عبدالعزيز جويدة 

How do I escape when you live within me .. 

and I live within you ..

I think about killing myself a lot. Lately it seems to consume my mind. But I want to live, I want to experience so much. So maybe I don't wanna die. I just wanna disappear, and go away from everyone and everything. I just wanna vanish.

“My view of feminism is all encompassing and empowering. My view of feminism means that you can go in there with the boys and you are just as powerful and you command respect, not that you have to separate from them to get your respect. Cause then they don’t see it. If you’re away from them, they have no way to learn anything.”

Joan Jett, Queens of Noise: the Real Story of the Runaways by evelynmcdonnell