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Can you explain why child sex work is not an issue we should be focusing on/not just as important as other forms of child abuse in the foster care system? I'm not quite sure I understand.

Because currently people are so concerned with “rescuing” children that they don’t give a thought to where they put them: they return them to the very same system and often the same PEOPLE who failed them and from whom they were running away in the first place. Of the 160-odd kids rescued in last year’s nationwide trafficking sting, most of them were foster runaways who hadn’t been reported missing and who we’re returned to the foster system or sent to juvie.

That’s it, those are the two options the US offers minor survival sex workers. Foster or juvie or juvie then out and back to the foster system or trial as an adult.

People need to trust kids that sometimes, they actually do know where they’re safest.
They need to fund emergency youth shelters and drop in centers with food and showers and educational classes.
Underage survival sex work is the same as any sex work in that the kid is doing it to survive. I’m drawing a sharp distinction here between underage survival sex work and coerced sexual exploitation by a guardian or other person with power in the minor’s life: if the minor can come and go freely, that’s not coerced sexual exploitation, that’s a kid trying to survive without further exploitation. That kid needs support that DOES NOT involve being sent back to the people and system that failed them.

I think these are the best records of 2014

This is offered quite separate and distinct from my favorite songs of 2014. For example, I think U2 released one of the most limp records in modern recorded history with Songs Of Innocence, and shame on my fellow Grammy voters for nominating that piece of crap as Best Rock Album (wut?), but I do adore a solitary song from that album (Raised By Wolves).

And, yes, I’ve also included three records from bands with Milwaukee connections (Field Report, Canopies, Sylvan Esso)… because hells yes there’s some great music coming from this city these days.

I love these records, and those songs. No apologies.

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