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Runaway (Part 1/2 Ban Ryu Imagine)

Summary of Request: Ban Ryu is in love with the reader, who is from a different city/capital, one slight problem Ban Ryu’s stepfather.

Pairings: Ban Ryu x Reader

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•Y/N’s Pov•

“What?” I stared at Ban Ryu shocked. He must be insane!

“Runaway with me.” he stated grabbing a hold of my hand tightly. Where is he getting this idea from? Why does he wanna leave, there’s no reason to!

“Y/N please, please,” he kept repeating the word “please” over and over again. He fell to his knees hugging my waist tightly, “I love you Y/N please.”

I run a hand through his long hair, I thought about it, why does he want to leave? I caressed his cheek and gently moved his head up to look at me. “Ban Ryu I…”

•No POV•

~Hours Earlier~

“Where are you going?” Ban Ryu’s stepfather asked blocking his way out the door. Ban Ryu stumbled a bit, but regained his composure, “I am going to go meet with a friend.”

“A friend? Well then…” Ban Ryu’s stepfather moved out of the way to let him though, but caught him off guard, “I hope you and Y/N have a excellent day together, considering it will be your last.”

Ban Ryu thought to himself, how does he know about Y/N and our last? He turned to his stepfather and asked him what he was thinking.

“Yes this will be the last time you see her, I forbid you from seeing her ever again, she is no good for you,” he voiced out with a smug grin on his face.

Ban Ryu didn’t say anything and stood there emotionless. “Why me?” he thought.

“Have fun,” his stepfather pushed him out the door slowly still grinning.

“What do I do?” he spoke to himself.

As he walked to your aunt’s house where you have been staying at since your move from the different capital you came from.

“Y/N I love you, but- no no no,” he thought to himself. He stood outside your aunt’s door, coming up on what to say to you. He knocked on the door and waited patiently.

You opened the door a smile growing on your face seeing Ban Ryu outside. “Ban Ryu, what are you doing here? Not that I don’t mind your company, but,” you said.

“Can I come in?” Ban Ryu asked trying not to look at you, but giving you a few glances.

“Yes, come in,” you invited him inside once inside he broke down.

“Y/N,” his voice croaked. “What’s wrong, did something happen?” you asked walking closer to him.

“Runaway with me Y/N,” he’d blurt out in the middle of his breakdown.

“What?” you stared at him in shock.

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I actually liked this one and I wanted to make this two parts, just for suspense to see what Y/N would say. Hehehe…

Disclaimer: I will be using some scenes from the series, but they will not be following the plot of the actual episode unless requested so. Also, I apologize for any mistakes when using some parts of the episodes if the translation is correct.

He probably thought a lot of that moment, it’s too easy to start pressing that button which launches the 9 minutes insanity; Runaway with Pusha.

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