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If you thought Vanilla Ice was bad, Remember that to an actual Italian, Almost everyone in Part5 is named after food

Who could forget the Battle between Cookie and Fish, who wanted to avenge his brother:Ham or the time Lion Lambmeat was killed by Double Vinegar

The food printer is an appliance from Runaway to the Stars, used a lot in spaceships for ready-made “foodlike” products. It’s not good at making anything that cannot be recreated as a smooth paste or slurry, so it mostly gets used for stuff like bread, tofu, sausage, egg, juice, porridge, chips, and etc. The products are usually pretty junky… ie., high carbs, high fat, and over-seasoned to compensate for slightly ‘off’ flavor and texture. The very fancy ones can make a wider variety of food pastes cooked in more interesting ways than baked/fried, but they’re bloody expensive and only found on huge ships or in space ports. Smaller ships usually also have a huge freezer and a regular kitchen, so they can stock up on better, tastier food at ports. The Staraways crew has a HumBugBird model for feeding their coed crew, and Talita has her personal centaur food printer that she’s owned and eaten from for the majority of her life. Someone…. get this poor girl some real meat…

I’m a biologist, not an engineer, so this is my best shot at drawing one. If anyone with more experience in this area wants to talk about scifi appliances, feel free to hit me up.

Like everyone in the kitchen, I sometimes pretend I’m doing a cooking show, only I assume this hypothetical show just features, like, all the fuck-ups I regularly have in the kitchen. Highlights from tonight’s episode:

  • “And now we begin the traditional frantic washing of the dishes and utensils I’ll need for this particular meal.”
  • “I’m just gonna break apart these canned tomatoes by hand and– OH GOD I FORGOT ABOUT THAT SCRAPE ON MY KNUCKLE IT BURNS”
  • “This is the first place I’ve lived with a garbage disposal. I don’t trust it, so nobody laugh while I nervously prod these carrot peels with a scrub-brush into the Mysterious Sink-Void That Devours.”
  • “If I eat all this tangelo now will the salad still taste okay?”
  • “If I eat all these olives now will the salad still taste okay?”
  • “If I eat all these carrots now will the salad still taste okay?”
  • “These are the only three ingredients in the salad so I probably shouldn’t eat them all now.”
  • “It is especially important that you cackle triumphantly any time you smash a clove of garlic with the side of your knife.”
  • “Definitely forgot to start the water boiling. New challenge: how long can you hold the heavy pot in your off-hand while it fills with water? Now there’s water on the floor, but you know the answer. Tumblr break while that boils.”
  • “Okay, now we can start the pasta and– I definitely forgot to pre-heat the oven. Turn off the water. Tumblr break while the oven heats up. Turn on the water.”
  • “The reason this oil isn’t heating up may have something to do with the fact that I’ve turned the wrong burner on, and the burner I’ve selected here is the burnt-on-stuff burner I haven’t gotten around to cleaning yet, so now the fire alarm’s going off, is what’s happening here.”
  • “If your burner’s sorta lopsided like this one, you’ll want to sort of swish everything around in the pan to make sure it’s evenly coated. That’s a real pro tip right there.”
  • “…If I eat all this fresh mozzarella now will the pasta still taste okay?”
  • “And if you follow all those steps exactly, especially the fuck-ups, it’ll inexplicably look and taste just fine.”
Phone calls, dismissal threats: Venezuela pressures state workers to vote

By Alexandra Ulmer

CARACAS (Reuters) - State workers in Venezuela are receiving frequent phone calls, pressure from bosses and threats of dismissal to ensure they vote in favor of President Nicolas Maduro’s controversial new congress on Sunday.
The unpopular leftist Maduro is pushing ahead with the election to create a powerful new legislature despite four months of deadly anti-government protests in the oil-rich South American nation, which is reeling from food shortages, runaway inflation and violent crime.
Maduro says the 545-seat Constituent Assembly, which will have the power to dissolve all other state institutions, will overcome the “armed insurrection” to bring peace to Venezuela. His opponents say it is a puppet institution designed to cement a dictatorship.
With surveys showing that almost 70 percent of Venezuelans oppose the assembly, the government wants to avoid embarrassingly low turnout in a ballot being boycotted by the opposition.
Pressure on state employees is higher than ever, according to interviews with two dozen workers at institutions ranging from state oil company Petroleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA) to the Caracas subway, as well as text messages, internal statements, and videos seen by Reuters.
“Any manager, superintendent, and supervisor who tries to block the Constituent Assembly, who does not vote, or whose staff does not vote, must leave his job on Monday,” a PDVSA vice-president, Nelson Ferrer, said during a meeting with workers this week, according to a summary circulated within the company and seen by Reuters.
In a video of a political rally at PDVSA, an unidentified company representative wearing the red shirt often worn by members of Maduro’s Socialist Party shouted into a microphone that employees who do not vote will be fired.
“We’re not joking around here,” he says.
Workers recount a laundry list of pressures: text messages every 30 minutes, phone calls, mandatory political rallies during work, requests that each worker enlist 10 others to vote, or orders to report back to a “situation room” after voting.
While it remains difficult to estimate how many of Venezuela’s 2.8 million state workers will vote, most interviewees said a significant majority probably will, either out of allegiance or out of fear.
Some Venezuelans also said Socialist Party operatives had threatened to stop distributing subsidized food bags to those who did not vote.
“I’ve seen a stream of people crying because they don’t know what to do. There’s so much fear,” said one PDVSA employee, who asked to remain anonymous to avoid reprisals.
Venezuela’s Information Ministry did not respond to a request for comment. PDVSA did not respond to a request for comment about Ferrer’s alleged remarks or wider pressures.

After a brief coup against him and an oil strike over a decade ago, Venezuela’s late President Hugo Chavez increasingly staffed state institutions with his supporters.
Cheering government employees became fixtures at marches to defend the leftist firebrand’s “21st century Socialism”. PDVSA’s headquarters are still decorated with portraits of Chavez, who died of cancer in 2013.
Critics say unqualified political appointees have sunk the OPEC nation’s oil industry and spurred a brain drain.
Under Chavez’s less charismatic successor Maduro, the bolivar currency has plummeted and dragged down salaries to a few dozen U.S. dollars a month, fomenting discontent among the rank-and-file.
But, with the country of 30 million people submerged in a fourth straight year of recession, many employees stick to their posts because of health insurance, subsidized food or lack of other jobs.
Some employees said they would vote on Sunday to avoid the fate of those fired after a government lawmaker published a list of Venezuelans who signed a petition demanding a recall referendum against Chavez.
“My mother is ill, my wife is pregnant, and if I lose my job I’ll be even worse off than I am now. I need to go vote,” said a worker at Venezuelan steelmaker Sidor.
Other workers have decided to ignore phone calls and lay low on Sunday. Some are gambling that their bosses will be lenient, while others say they have compromising information about corruption or misdeeds that could protect them from dismissals.
A handful say they are willing to risk their jobs to oppose Maduro.
“We’re tired of working and working and still not being able to save. We can’t change cars or fix up our little house, let alone take a vacation,” said the director of a public school, once comfortably in the middle class.
“We’re ready to assume the consequences of not voting.”

(Additional reporting by Mircely Guanipa in Punto Fijo, Maria Ramirez in Puerto Ordaz, Anggy Polanco in San Crsitobal, and Deisy Buitrago and Andrew Cawthorne in Caracas; Writing by Alexandra Ulmer; Editing by James Dalgleish)

       QUESTION: you’re on a flight home from australia, and you don’t think anything of it.  it’s a typical flight, with attendants and a pilot and passengers.   when suddenly, the plane falls.  everything goes dark, and everyone is screaming from fright.  you wake up, stranded on a desert island with the rest of the survivors.  what do you do?

                         this is a group verse based off the show lost.  

verse rules:

  1. please remember that this is a group verse where survivors are on a desert island, so there’s no technology!!
  2. you do not need to have seen the show to be part of this group verse!
  3. canons and ocs are welcome!! 
  4. the tag for this verse is gv: survival is not a game.  please track it so you’re able to see posts from group members!!  also, group bios, starter calls, headcanons, etc. are not mandatory, but they are encouraged to be posted within the tag as well!!
  5. that said, please post a bio about your characters life before the crash, and after the crash, within the tag!!!
  6. this is a human verse so please have a human fc!!
  7. no hate or ooc drama!!   please be nice and courteous to one another!
  8. when applying, please specify if you what your character to be one of the others ( they won’t be included in the verse if there are none, though!! )

i think that’s it for now!!!


character name ( face claim ), age, what they did before the crash, what their duties are on the island ( hunting, fishing, etc. ), where they’re from originally / written by name, age, timezone, pronouns, favorite color  

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nezjazz  asked:

[resent in case] Cress stared up at the nov with a surprised expression, he had run into this odd creature while on his travels across the land, mostly on his little personal quest to gather information. The explorer didn't react at first, hazel eyes just observed Aster without reaction before he suddenly gain an awestruck look on his face, smiling "Amazing...What ARE you!?" Cress asks excitedly, acting much like a child on christmas morning towards the nov, almost bouncing up and down in place

He was startled to even hear anyone, being he was so hyper focused on getting ready to pounce on a great adult terror. But the human made him jump, spooking his meal into running for it.

The Nov turned his head, staring at the man. Confused, before shidting his shape to something more human but not. Giving glance between him and the runaway food.

“…. A novian…,” he replied, turning around to try to scent for something else. Couldn’t really eat people that much anymore, he’d already had some hunters.

the foods of pll

a hopefully mostly complete list, thanks to all those who reminded me of ones i forgot. dilemonade prettylittleliarswerk solvingprettylittleliars rosewoodspy teacupseahorse redcoatblackveil

  • froyo: melissa asked aria for her froyo and thought it was peanut butter when it was in fact toffee.
  • empanadas: emily made empanadas and was terrible at it, she could not stop saying the work empanada and now neither can i
  • cookies: just a general food relevant to hanna marin
  • mozzarella stick: a plane
  • flan: something toby can’t make but spencer can
  • cake/pie: ezra’s sexuality
  • carrot stick: hanna took the last one and it was very dramatic
  • cheesy puffs: emily’s first thought when hanna asks her a question
  • chickpeas: ezra’s biggest lie
  • pink drinks: not code for something gay after all
  • popovers: pam’s popovers
  • cheesy fries: get your own
  • fancy grilled cheese: made from byron’s dignity 
  • gummy candies: the food of runaway kids
  • wine: ashley marin’s one true love
  • waffles: ashley marin makes the best!
  • ice cream: don’t eat it like byron and ted
  • pie and beer: ezra’s fetish
  • furry lime: still in ezra’s fridge
  • butterscotch: the candy of old ladies and me
  • cupcakes: with cute little pigs
  • take out: the reason the marin’s had a money scare
  • lasagna: or rather the box…
  • cheeseburger: “Something that a vegan would order at a bar while they chat up their future english teacher” - redcoatblackveil
  • mushroom puffs: mr. hastings favorite
  • pretzels: another mr. hastings secret delight
  • coffee related drinks: the only beverage in rosewood



Fumbling, some of the groceries spilled out of his bag, forcing the spirit to stop and turn around swiftly. There went his oranges and ginseng. As he reached down for the runaway foods, a single eye– the other hidden by a a large eyepatch– peered up to see the Hollow being standing there. His eye widened with stun. “Brother…?” He questioned quietly with a gasp, that word having not slipped from his lips in what felt like decades.