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current state of the runaways (so far)

nico minoru: in a-force, which unfortunately got cancelled
alex wilder: in power man and iron fist as an antagonist attempting to rebuild the pride
victor mancha: dead as of the vision
gert yorkes: still dead.
karolina dean: majesdanian aliens appeared in mighty captain marvel, but still no sign of karolina herself.
chase, molly, klara, xavin, old lace: ????

Don’t pretend to be my friend. I can see right through you. You’re the type of person who will not give; only receive. It’s a shame. Someone as fake as you who abandons those who have cared for her for so long because you want to be popular. Have fun being “popular,” I’m going to stay real. Don’t come back.
—  Myself

The Runaways is a 2010 American drama film about the 1970s all-girl rock band of the same name written and directed by Floria Sigismondi. The Runaways depicts the formation of the band in 1975 and focuses on the relationship between Currie and Jett until Currie’s departure from the band.

Watch the trailer here:

L A B Y R I N T H //
All the home
I’ve ever known
Was a scarred, sharpened
Gullet of lies and false hopes,
And the fastest way out
Is in a bodybag; the quickest
Way out
Is in a bodybag slung
Over the shoulders of the grieving…
But if I die alive, I can see the stars!
If I die alive, I can see them,
And still believe in freedom.
Speak up!
Who among you knows
The secret way in which
The mind crucifies itself?
Have you seen the labyrinthine
Boughs bow beneath the weight
Of a jaded heaven? Northern lights
Of green and blue regard
Us as reminders of what once was,
But we live here, still, in the mazes,
Eyes adjusted to the gloom -
Do we not try to find a way?
Have we not run each wicked path?
The crows call down to us,
Leering and jeering and peering
With red, vicious eyes;
Merciless tourniquet tongues
Flapping out like whips
To lash us into mummied brutes
Their torment will lie dormant
Once we’ve gnashed
These gnarled roots down,
Tooth by tooth. So take a knife,
A match,
A scythe,
Take tinctures, magik, shoots -
And take my hand,
And take yours, too:
Now that we’ve lost our minds,
We’ve got nothing left to lose;
Now that we’ve got the time,
We’ll walk miles in these blues.
Laila Tova💎
@laila.tova.writes on Instagram