Meet the six stars of the upcoming television project with Hulu!

Marvel Television announced that they found young actors for “Marvel’s Runaways.” This is a story about six diverse teens who can’t stand each other but have to unite against a common evil - their parents. There will be a nerd played by Rhenzy Feliz, intelligent angst by Nico Minoru, a model by Virginia Gardner, a riot girl by Ariela Barer, a high school heartthrob by Gregg Sulkin and a very positive cute girl played by Allegra Acosta.

A perfect cast of amazing actors that celebrates diversity and inclusion. 

كيفَ الهُروبُ وأنتِ ساكِنَتي

وإني قد سَكنتُكْ 

- عبدالعزيز جويدة 

How do I escape when you live within me .. 

and I live within you ..

I think about killing myself a lot. Lately it seems to consume my mind. But I want to live, I want to experience so much. So maybe I don't wanna die. I just wanna disappear, and go away from everyone and everything. I just wanna vanish.