Hi California (and West Coast) Friends. There is a girl who has run away from her home in the suburbs of LA, which is near me. I have heard of this from some friends and the news. I just reblogged a post about missing persons and have been enlightened as to the concerns that people may have about abusive relatives and whatnot. From what I gather and accounts of those close to her, this seems to be a purely stress related incident. The pressure that comes with being a high-achieving student is often immense and this speaks for her mental health, and though it is possible that her family puts pressure on her, self-pressure and high expectations are just as dangerous. I don’t want this to be a blame game or turn into some joke about the education-driven stereotypes that exist around Asians. I want to help get a girl with no money, no phone, and no contacts home, safe, where she can get the help she deserves. I am sure her family will be grateful. Thanks. 

Just a small town dog 

Livin’ in a lonely world 

She took the midnight train goin’ anywhere 

Just a city dog 

Born and raised in south Detroit 

He took the midnight train goin’ anywhere

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