runaeveena replied to your post: it’s been 84 years & i still do not understand ace…i know for me that in the very early years of tumblr being ace was just considered to be part of the community and i grew up thinking i was but then suddenly all these posts and discourse happened saying we werent and i feel like a lot of people got scared that they were being attacked and thrown out of the community they felt connected to, a lot of ace kids scared about gatekeeping and a lot of lgbt kids scared of outsiders, tumblr is just full of bad miscommunication

ok, so. i get this, i do. no one wants to feel like they’re being kicked out of a community they thought of as theirs! i will say i’m reeeeeeeally iffy with the word “gatekeeping” used in this context though bc i just don’t think it applies

for what it’s worth, i’ve been on tumblr for like…an ungodly number of years (7) now so i also remember when aces were more widely considered to be under the lgbt+ umbrella. extremely eric bana nero from star trek voice: “i saw it happen! i watched it happen!”

but the thing is, i don’t remember lgbt people freaking out & ‘throwing anyone out,’ as it were. what i remember is a shift & sudden onslaught of truly horrific posts from ace tumblr involving a) weird gross ‘we’re better than you for not having sex’ commentary, or b) we’re just as oppressed as you, lgbt people who are actually, y’know, being killed for being who you are commentary, or, a fun mixture of the two!

i would not want people saying those things in my community, either. & again, i’m really not trying to argue this point!! i’m not going to be swayed on this & i’m not trying to change anyone’s mind! i’m just genuinely like, so tired of the argument and wish we could move on from it, ya feel

hi all! it’s my birthday in a week (i’m turning 20😱) and i just hit 300 followers which i know isn’t really all that many but i’m very excited!

so i’m making this follow forever – it’s my first one and i’m just happy to let you all know how much i love you💕

i hope it’s ok that i’ve tagged those of you i don’t know in this, (and if not i’m sorry and will happily untag you) i’m just glad you’ll know of my undying love for you 

xoxo emma faerieheir 

p.s. mutuals are bolded + some of you follow me on my sideblog @zleepily !

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omg it doesnt help how beautifully it is written at times too! Like WTH scar me for life! I have so many mixed feelings about that fanfiction- I think most the pain derives from the fact that they had such a life planned out- so perfect- and Cas still had faith in him even though he shafted him in the biggest way near the end- and I just have so much hope that it would turn supernatural in the end and Cas would be an angel and come back or something lololol

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1. Are you eating anything at the moment? does gum count?

2. What city did you grow up in? Denver, Colorado

3. Have you ever put a pencil in your nostril and tried to be a walrus? Cause their tusks aren’t in their nostrils kids. Thats science. Not a pencil, and not in my nose, but I did that awkward thing from Mulan 2

4. Have you ever read a fanfic in class? YES!!!!!

5. Have you ever ripped out a hair on your leg or arm with your fingers?  Sometimes I try, but I con’t get a good enough grip to succeed.

6. What is the longest amount of time you have spent watching or reading a certain show or book straight? I read the fifth Harry Potter book nonstop from the day it was released until I finished it.  It took me about 25 hours.

7. What can you do with a spoon if not eating with it?

I lick the spoon and try to get it to stay on my nose.

8. Do you have siblings? If not would you?

I do not have any sibling, and nor do I want any.

9. Have you ever honestly had a crumpet?

Seriously, what the HELL is a crumpet?

10. Finish this for me: I like big…Chocolate Bars, and i cannot…Live my life without them

11. I hope you had a good day and remember that you are beatiful and loved (◡‿◡✿)

AHH! Thank you!

The questions for you to answer:

1. How did you come to be on tumblr?

2. When you were really little what did you want to grow up to be.

3. How do you take your coffee (or tea, if that’s your thing)?

4. Dark Chocolate, or Milk Chocolate?

5. If you could have any super power, what would it be?

6. On a scale of brussel sprouts to candy where would you rank fettuccine alfredo?

7. Be honest. how many followers do you have that you actually know in the outernet?

8. What is your favorite musical?

9. What was the name of your first pet. yes rocks count?

10. Where would your dream vacation take place?

11. Should you be doing homework right now?

runaeveena  asked:

so i always see you reblogging night vale stuff and i guess my question is, what the hell is night vale and what is it about, because it looks pretty interesting

weEEELLLL, okay it’s really hard to explain and the only wait for you to really understand it is to just listen to it but I’ll try my best. So, it’s a radio play done in the style of community updates for the small town of Night Vale, but it isn’t an ordinary town. There are mysterious hooded figures, strange lights in the sky, creepy angels, and many more crazy things. It’s weird as all hell but it’s FANTASTIC if you’re cool with that kind of thing. It’s really well written and both scary and funny as hell and also somehow really deep and life-affirming?? Basically, it’s like… If the Sandman comics and the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy had a radio play baby that grew up in the twilight zone, this would be it. ♥ ALSO CECIL/CARLOS AAH SKJDFKSDKS the host of the radio show is this guy named Cecil Baldwin and he has a mad crush on Carlos, the scientist who came to investigate the town, and it’s really really well done queer representation and they’re sO CUTE DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED I’m pretty sure they’re now my number 3 otp after spirk and destiel it’s ridiculous OKAY I’M SORRY I WENT ON A RANT I JUST REALLY LOVE THIS GODDAMN PODCAST Here’s their website, they’re all free to listen to -

(also thank you for asking omg I needed to get this out of my system)