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i think maybe you've gotten this asked before idk but still im curious and its worth a try but have you ever thoght about remaking another past song seriously? because some of them do sound honestly really good still and seeing how your music is now makes me curious on how more interesting it would be. and also that honestly "running through a fuck house" instead of "running through a crazy town" actually fits in all seriousness because it sounds just more catchy if you ever thought about it!

yUP I HAVE but it was a while ago so no biggie

but yeyeye there is one song i definitely plan on remastering so!

DnD session!

Hey! Guess what, you already probably guessed from the tittle but, I’m gonna hold my first dnd session as DM!
It will take place on a peninsula that ends in a cliff., so it won’t be too vast, but I promise it will be fun. The town you start off in is a dwarven run town at the tip of the peninsula. This will be pretty darn open world and very free to choice other than the first quest. The first quest it just a starter for me to try out the water and for everyone to see if this is what they want to do.
This is in a fantasy realm under 5e rules, any race you want. I won’t be counting things like food, weight, or other components that are not part of main gameplay. Please do note that this will be very casual, so if you are looking for something more intense, this is not your cup of tea.
There will be three to five people depending on how many want to join. One spot is already reserved.
Happy trails!

concept; you’ve heard of bellamy blake, right? you know, the guy who runs that night club down town. they call it the sky box and only the hottest of the hot get in. did you hear about his delinquents? yeah they not only work there as bartenders and wait staff and dancers, but they say each one is deadly in their own way. what? dont tell me you havent heard the rumors of what goes down in that secret back room. they say that for the right price, bellamy blake can make all your dreams come true. got someone you dont like? right price and bell sends one of his girls out. next day that person is six feet under. need something stolen? they say bell’s delinquents will have it to you the next day. drugs? guns? yeah, he can get it to you.

why havent the police stopped him? because nobody can ever get the proper evidence any of this is going on. or maybe he’s got ties that run deeper than the rumors say. i wouldnt go asking if i were you, anyone who goes sniffing where they dont belong tend to go missing.

taz ep 65: accusations and their possible meanings

this is a list of the accusations from ep 65 and my interpretation of what they reference

  • they willingly tear out their souls” (lup and barry becoming liches)
  • they shatter the very will of god” (possibly the ipre squad returning to life every cycle in the starblaster even if they die, therefore evading death)
  • who are they to take the fate of the world into their hands?
  • they’ll burn the world down around them
  • we must find the seventh harbinger” (lucretia being separated from the group during the trial cycle)
  • there will be a necessary betrayal” (lucretia erasing the memories of the ipre squad and forming the bureau of balance)
  • they abandon their family” (merle abandoning his family and children)
  • they run away from the town they killed” (taako running away after the glamour springs incident)
  • they run away from town they let die” (magnus being unable to save raven’s roost)
  • they kill so many goblins. such brutality, for what?” (thb not caring very much about collateral damage in here there be gerblins)
  • they are a moment too late. the town will be engulfed” (thb being too late to save phandalin)
  • they killed him in the street, threw his body off a cliff, torn apart by dogs” (thb killing barbara from the hammerhead gang in petals to the metal)
  • they take time from their rescue to steal from the bank” (thb stealing from the goldcliff trust in petals to the metal)
  • they assault the guardian of clay. they know they’ll forget.” (thb attacking or messing with roswell, knowing that their actions will be erased with the next loop in the eleventh hour)
  • so much cruelty toward the child who loves them” (thb bullying angus mcdonald)
  • he took the guards with them, left them with the monster” (magnus kidnapping the two guards, then leaving them at the start of the suffering game)
  • a terrible choice. it is not theirs to make. it is nobody’s to make.

“They willingly tear out their souls.”
“They shatter the very will of God.”
“Who are they to take the fate of the world in their hands?”
“They’ll burn the world down around them.”
“We must find the seventh harbinger.”
“There will be an unnecessary betrayal.”

“They abandon their families.”
“They run away from the town they killed.”
“They run away from the town they let die.”
“They kill so many goblins.”
”They’re a moment away and their home will be engulfed.”
“Such brutality, for what?”
”They killed him in the streets, threw his body off a cliff, torn apart by dogs.”
“They take time from their rescue to steal from the bank.”
“They assault the Guardian of Clay.”
“So much cruelty, towards a child that loves them.”
“They know they’ll forget.”
“He took the guards with them, left them for the monster.”
“Terrible choice, it is not theirs to make.”



Run this town // Evil Queen & Robin of Locksley