American horror story dolls I want:

Season one:

Viv cause I’m in love with Connie Britton

Missing an eye Moira

Lily Rabe as Mrs Montgomery

Season 2:

Lily Rabe in her habit and lingerie and pink devil eyes

The Angel of Death

Lana Winters, lady reporter

Franke Potente (mostly so I can make a Run Lola Run doll)

Hippy Evan Peters with both Grace and Alma and the kids. (I wanted them to be happy😢)

Season 3: … tbc

@minolyn and @mooselimcanuck tagged me…thank you! 

one song: Geddy Lee, “The Angels’ Share
two movies: The People Under the Stairs, Run Lola Run
three tv shows: Luke Cage, I Kveld Med Ylvis, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
four people: Will, Mouse, Dave, Jen
five foods: Cheese, partridge, cherries, pomegranates, capellini 
six people to tag: @cvptainbvcky, @chaoticellum, @it-is-baja, @nirnaed–arnoediad, @saintmotelevision, @moniasto