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Tell us more facts about u pretty please ?? ♥♥

okay I’ll try figuring something out lollll x)

So here are some facts about me:

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I run fast but I can’t run for a long time

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Fact #2

My favorite topics in school were Chemistry ,math and Arts. I sucked at Physics so hard omfg like I legit passed the course with a 73% :(  Also I was such a lazy child. I didn’t like P.E and I’d always somehow end up getting hurt somewhere loll (Jungkook’s fave subject in school is P.E LLOLLLLLL *CRIES A RIVER* )

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FACT #4 

I always fall for guys who play sports and are in  good shape ( I always had a thing for soccer players).It’s been something that hasn’t changed since I was 13 lol Up to this day, I still go for guys who are tall and have well balanced muscles ( a–term-that-jungkook-invented-which-means-a-healthy-figure).Slim but muscular ( THE JUNGKOOK TYPE OF GUY~)

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My school uniform had a skirt and I’d always wear sweats under it during the winter ,because BRUH. IN CANADA THE COLD DOES NOT F*CK AROUND.

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Fact # 6

I’ve never been in a real serious relationship with someone, because I still haven’t find the right one. Tbh I don’t trust guys easily and I think that it’s a good thing to keep a distance when you’re not sure about what you want ( F*CKBOYS ARE EVERYWHERE.)

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Fact #7

Before Jungkook became my Ub, I used to dislike him ( ok I never hated him, but I didn’t felt him at all lolll) for acting so cocky in the  mvs. BRUH. HE WAS TRYING TO ACT FRESH AND SHIT WHEN HE WAS 15. WHAT DID YOU EXPECT LOLL. Tbh I just couldn’t bare with him because he was the same as age me yet he was not attending classes like me. Now that I’m 19 and I watch the debut mvs of bangtan , I just find him so adorable. >.<

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You might find amusement in this! I was teaching my dog to go to a place on command, but when he first started doing it he did a mixture of backing up and walking normally to the location. I didn't think anything of it, until yesterday I realized he's completely solid with that command except for one weird thing... When I point and tell him "place!" he runs there as fast as he can - backwards.


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Tinies that are super resilliant and can jump high, run fast, and have amazing endurance.

They’d be great at parkour and stuff, made to survive- it makes sense too, most small animals are so much stronger and resilient for their size!

They’d probably be super brave because they know how thought they are, they’re not afraid to jump up onto a high surface like a table or leap agiliy across shelves!
Rather than being defenceless or weak they’re known for living in a world so outsized and potentially dangerous with ease and grace, quick enough to escape humans and animals and strong enough to defend themselves!

Can you imagine a tiny showing off to their human friend how agile and which they are, leaping about and zooming everywhere while the human is just :o

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Lol don't you worry I won't run to fast as long as you're chasing me butt naked so am game if you are?

Ok it’s not funny any more, leave me alone or that other anon will headbut you like they said.


Speedy birb.

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