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Lance with rescued prisoners. Bonus points if they're Galra.


I wasn’t really sure what to do but I hope you like it!! 

Also a small hint of Langst cause I had too 

Lance checked his map and turned down another corner. He was running as fast as he could and he could still hear the fighting that was happening outside the ship. Lance silently prayed that no Galra would notice that he was out of his lion and come find him. 

“Lance how are you doing?” Shiro called over the coms and Lance could hear bullets hitting the Black Lion. 

“Almost there, roughly 300 meters.” Lance ran around another corner keeping his gun aimed at anything that could pop out at him. 

“Okay try to be fast, we may need to form Voltron soon.” Shiro started saying something to Keith and Lance tuned him out. 

Almost there, come on. Lance willed his legs to push through the burn that consumed them and finally reached what he was looking for. Prisoners. 

Lance immediately shot the lock off the door and scared everyone in the cell. 

Lance swung the door opened and looked around at all of the occupants of the cell. Some of them looked scared of him while others put on a strong mask. 

Lance immediately recognised some of the species that were in the cell. There were three Balmeras, two Arusians and four Galrans? Lance’s first thought is that they were undercover spies that were meant to keep the prisoners in order and keep them from rebelling or something like that, but there was no way they were still serving the emperor. They all looked skinny and weak, one of them had a scratched up face and another only had one arm. 

Lance shook his head, remember what mama said, staring is not socially acceptable. Lance cleared his throat and held his head higher. “My name is Lance, I’m the Blue paladin of Voltron. I was sent here to rescue all of you.” 

The aliens all smiled, some even cheered and they all stood up and surrounded him. Lance smiled at all of them and started to direct them out of the cell, he turned when he felt a tap on his shoulder. 

Lance attempted to not screamed when he came face to face with one of the Galra that were in the cell. “Yes?” Lance cursed at how weak his voice sounded.

The Galra that tapped his shoulder looked scared and she quietly spoke “are you saving us as well?” She motioned to the other three Galra.  

Lance looked at the other three who didn’t even bother to stand up, most likely assuming that Lance didn’t want to save them and he looked back at the girl. “Didn’t I say all of you?” 

The Galran smiled and Lance directed them out of the cell. 


Lance followed the escape pod in Blue and ran out as soon as it landed in Blue’s hanger. I want to talk to all of them before anyone sees them. Lance opened the pod door and escorted everyone out, stopping the Galrans. He heard everyone else enter the hanger and Lance pushed them farther into the pod. One of them opened their mouth in protest but Lance shushed them 

“Listen,” Lance’s voice was barely above a whisper, “I don’t know how everyone will react to having Galras in our castle. Let me talk to them first, I don’t want them to hurt you.” 

The Galrans nodded and Lance walked out of the pod. He saw his team along with Allura and Coran helping the newly freed aliens out of the room. Lance inhaled until his lungs ached and walked over to Allura, quickly tapping her shoulder. 

She turned and faced Lance and smiled, “you did well.” 

“Thank you Princess, but there is something you need to see before you leave.” Lance started to make his way back to the pod and Allura hesitantly followed him.  

When Allura reached his Lance stopped her from entering, “can you just promise me that you won’t freak out?” 

Allura gave Lance a sceptical look. “Lance what are you talking about?” 

“Look, I save more prisoners but they aren’t our normal prisoners.” Lance looked back into the pod, seeing what Allura couldn’t see. 

“Lance, just show me what you’re talking about.” Allura pushed passed him and gasped when she saw the Galrans. 

Allura attempted to run out of the pod but Lance stopped her and begged her to listen. “Lance! Are you insane? You brought the Galra right to us? They could be spies or assassins. You put the entire team at risk, I told you to just rescue prisoners not save the wounded!” 

Lance shook his head and held Allura’s arms down in fear that she would hurt him or someone else. “They were prisoners, like I said. Believe me I was sceptical at first but look at them.” Allura turned and looked at them. “See how malnourished that are? See how that one only has one arm? I don’t think they are still serving the emperor. That’s why I brought them here. I was completing my mission.” 

Allura nodded at what Lance said and slowly made her way over the them. She paused in front of them and examined them. After a few moments she reached out her hand and introduced herself and Lance sighed with relief. That could have ended badly. 

I had no idea what to do tbh 

I hope you like it!!!

Sorry it took so long!!!

Thank you! 

Okay so I am supposed to be working on my comic and wound up getting distracted looking at cool pictures of ostriches, as you do. So here I am, looking up cool pictures of ostriches, and I decide to look up pictures of people riding ostriches, because that’s a thing. And then I find this picture:

Ah, yes, very cool! Ostrich running very fast. Wait, but what’s this…?

OTHER cool rideable animals?? Sure, let’s check this out!

Ah yes, a wonderfully clickbait-y title. Let’s see what we have in store!

A yak? Well, okay. Not the most incredible animal, but I’ve never seen someone using one as a mount before, so let’s–


Th-that’s not a yak




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Primarchs are Orks AU.

5 Head Canons.

1.Horus is still a whiny pissbucket with daddy issues that drives waghs into the ground.  Very similar to Gorgutz ‘ead’unter but with better spelling.

2.  Magnus the Red is a whiny pissbucket with daddy issues that can run fast.

3.  The berserk nails in Angron don’t change anything about his character.  He is still a whiny angry pissbucket with no real tactical acumen.

4.  Mortarion still smells.

5.  Sanguinius is perfect and can do no wrong.

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mickey playing soccer and liking it and practicing everyday and he's really good cause he can run fast and he is ruthless and he's best buds wirh his teammates and he has friends who love him and idk wherte he meets ian but ian hates soccer but he loves mickey so he comes to every game

Ian and Mickey meet when the game Mickey’s team had going runs a little longer than expected. 

Ian and his lacrosse team had this field booked for a certain time and have the permit to prove it. Ian is patient for a little while, but it’s gonna start getting dark soon and his team needs to practice goddamnit. So, being the prick he is, he stomps onto the field and Mickey barrels right the fuck into him, losing the ball and resulting in the other team scoring a goal and winning the game. 

Ian and Mickey scream it out for a bit, yelling about who has the right to be there and getting pretty personal and mean with their insults. 

But, they both have games/practice at that field every week on the same day and the animosity between them cools off a little when Ian notices how strong Mickey’s thighs are and Mickey gets a good look at Ian’s bare back while he stretches. 👀👀👀👀

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Well I mean I'm not a car girl. I give zero shits about cars. I don't particularly like my brother or my dad either. The month before it was stolen my dad had paid it off and reduced coverage from full to liability (lmfao). My brother cried at the sound of the fenders scraping the driveway when it came off the tow truck. The scary thing was that I heard the whole thing and just assumed my dad was doing another late night beer or fast food run. Can you imagine if I'd checked out the window?


Girlfriend was supposed to get her mom’s old car, but it went through a bunch of repair needs and was up on cinder blocks. They were about to go get it fixed one day and found that it had been stolen.

We are not entirely sure how.

Best we can figure is that they stole it in bits and pieces and reassembled it elsewhere. 

Cityscape (Hinata x Koizumi)

Hey Everyone! I’m back here for another fanfiction for @cuteshirokuma! I hope you enjoy it~

Having fumbled with the buttons on his shirt, Hinata ran out of his room; late to his date with his girlfriend Koizumi.

‘I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!’ he thought, running along the streets of the city, heading towards the restaurant he booked for their date, 'How will Koizumi feel if I’m not there yet!? I better hope to get there on time!’
'Hey, Hinata!’ a voice shot through the air, stopping the frenzying boy in his tracks, 'You don’t need to run that fast - you might hurt yourself!’

As Hinata turned around, recognising the familiar sweet voice, he found Koizumi on the other side if the road, tailored in a summer’s dress with a flower in her hair.
'Say “Cheese”!’, she chirped as she grabbed her camera and took a picture of a stunned Hinata.

'Koizumi, w…what are you doing here?’ he replied, dazed by the sudden turn of events, 'I didn’t expect to see you like this…’
'Don’t worry, Hinata! We can walk together now!’ finishing her sentence, she crossed the road and made a twirl in front of Hinata, 'So, how do you like my dress? I know it’s not my usual style but…it doesn’t look too bad, does it?’

'Koizumi…you’re so beautiful you know’, he whispered in her ear, brushing her hair back, 'Now! We have to run to the restaurant otherwise we’ll miss our reservation! Here!’

Grabbing her hand they ran through the labyrinths of the city, Koizumi snapping pictures all the way, and arrived at the restaurant, laughing away their heavy breaths.

'Hello Sir, how can I help you?’ the restaurant manager asked.
'Ah…I’m so sorry, we had a booking…but I think we’re late.’ Hinata panted, clutching his girlfriend’s hand desperately.
'Sorry Sir, but I am afraid that we have given your table to another couple - you can wait for a table to open up, but the wait might be for a while.’ the manager sympathised.

'Koizumi, I’m so sorry. This is all my fault…’ Hinata mumbled, unable to face his lover.
'Hinata, why are you sorry? You’ve tried to make such a lovely date for me, what else could I ask for?’ Koizumi retorted, reaffirming her boyfriend, 'Well, I do know a local place that we could go to instead if you want! They do delicious pizza there!’

Smiling back at Koizumi, Hinata accepted her offer and both of them walked down to a old family-restaurant, holding hands beneath the wondrous cityscape.

They sat down and ordered some food, the hustle and bustle of small children and busy parents had died down by this time, and they were almost alone in the tender atmosphere.

'Th…thank you so much Koizumi, this has meant a lot to me.’ Hinata whispered, resting his head on Koizumi’s shoulder.
'Hinata, what’s wrong? You don’t sound happy…’ Koizumi replied, placing her hand on Hinata’s leg.
'I just wanted to take you somewhere special. You mean so much to me and I wanted to give you everything you deserve! Everyday you love me with all your heart and I wanted to do the same…but it didn’t happen, did it? I’m such a failure of a boyfriend…’ burying his head in Koizumi, Hinata tried to muffle his cry.

Suddenly, Koizumi lifted Hinata’s head up and kissed him - stopping his tears, her sweet smell filling Hinata up as they held each other in the lonely restaurant.
'I don’t need you to give me anything Hinata, but your love.’ Koizumi softly spoke, turning her camera on, 'See, these are all I need. These memories of us having fun, living our life, making dreams together! I only want your love Hinata, and you don’t need to take me to a expensive restaurant to show me that. Here, now - look at us. Our love is blooming even more, and I never want it to stop filling our lives with blissful colour.’

'Koizumi! I love you!’ Hinata shouted, grabbing her in his arms, 'I want to love you forever too!’
'I know Hinata…now let’s eat up, I’m so hungry!’

The two of them finished their meal, and strolled down the streets illuminated by stars - Koizumi taking pictures of her cute boyfriend at every turn.

'These memories will stay with me forever, Hinata…’

Woop! Woop! I hope you enjoyed this fanfiction! Please carry on asking me for more and I’ll be delighted to write some more stuff!!!

The 58 and 1/2 Minute Gap

I’m a very logical person, and I believe most things can be explained through science, but I’ve had a few experiences that I’ve had trouble explaining to myself–moments my body tells me has happened, but my mind tells me should not have. I guess, according to sixpence, they’re called “glitches”.
As I said, I’ve had a few of these experiences, but most of them have been fractions of seconds long. I’m not superstitious or overtly paranoid, but last summer, on a cruise with two of my cousins around my age, something happened that I haven’t quite been able to shake.
It was our second night on the ship, and we thought it would be funny to run around causing havoc, in a real “Leonardo Decaprio sticking it to the upper class in Titanic” sort of way. We found our way to the richer levels, and laughed our way down elaborate hallways with beautiful lighting. While walking (or rather, stomping) we discovered that each door had a doorbell. These halls were different from the rest of the ship in that they were long and dead-ended. This meant that when we decided to ding-dong-ditch everyone, it required that one person stand at the end of the hall, then sprint to the two waiting at the exit while slamming their hands on each doorbell. After much discussion, we decided that my boy cousin was faster than both of us, and would be less likely to get caught.
After a few seconds of preparation, my cousin and I danced on our feet, watching him speed through the halls, itching to run from our self-inflicted trouble. When he got to the end, a large man stuck his head out of his fancy door, and after watching us giggling and pressing more doorbells, decided to chase us. There aren’t many places to hide if you get caught on a boat, so an unspoken consensus was made that we would need to run fast enough to not be recognized.
We sprinted down levels and levels of stairs, until we reached a landing with no where to go, except for into the endless hallways. Now the hallways were set up so that if you kept running in one direction, you would go in circles, but each landing had an exit to the left and an exit to the right. We knew we had a few seconds to debate which way to go, but for the first time that night, I disagreed with them. I thought it would be more faster to get to our room if we went to the left, and they thought the same of the right. We didn’t have time to debate and agree, because we soon heard yells and stomps from the stairs in front of us. Without thinking, we split up. I pulled out my timer, just to prove without a doubt that my way was faster, and began sprinting, quickly finding my way towards our room. My timer, which I screenshotted, said 1 minute, 34 seconds. I entered the room smugly, convinced I had beat them.
When I saw my cousins talking closely when I entered, I was disappointed. When they saw me, they were shocked. They had been discussing what to say to my grandma about me getting caught by the man. To them I had been gone for over an hour. To me and my phone, I had been gone for 1 minute, 34 seconds.
The next half hour was spent debating how long I was gone, the games with the doorbells before were completely forgotten.
Everything except for my timer and my mind tell me that they were right, but I know what my phone says, and I know I would not have been able to continuously sprint for over an hour.
That night I lay awake, trying to convince myself that they were right, but I knew how long I had run for, and so I kept asking myself: where was I for the other 58 and ½ minutes?

Y͖͖͇͘O̕U̹ ̴̩Á̜̭̯R̷͙͕E̴̙͎̥̩̟͈̬ ̰̼̞̺̫̻̘W̸̫E̼̠̼̰̘͔A̙͔͘K ̻̝̭̜͠A̞̼N̕D̛̯͓͇̯͕̣ ̜̦̤̝̦͜K̵̦I̵͍͈̗̳̥̻D̵̝̬͖̜O̼̦̻U̷͇ ̷͙̬̝͕͍͎Y̢̹͎͎͉̜̗U͓̲̯̥̩U͍̗͝T͢O̙̞̯͕̗̞ ̴̗̘I͖͍̗͢S̺̝̠͝ ̶͔C̦̹͜O̗̮͇̪͈M̛̟I̗̝N̫̰̟̫̭̤͔G̮͇̲͎͎̘ ̜̱͉F̰̫̣͕̬O̤̮̦̙R̗ ҉̬ÝͅO̞͕U͇̱̩

Baby Steps: Part 2

(( OOC: Molly and Script by: @gentlect )) 

Well hello there, Molly Prewett! My, you look tense.

You should go talk to Arthur Weasley. It’s easy. You know what he’s interested in… go over there and bond over what you have in common.

Alright, good… and then you say…?

For goodness sake, Molly, say something!

… WHAT!?

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Punk (Chap. 12)

Summary: You’re head over heels for your best friend Bucky and hate the nickname he gave you as it doesn’t exactly scream romance.

Word count: 3923

Warnings: language, talk about injuries, sarcasm (sometimes jokes are okay)

A/N:  Thank you all for the amazing feedback and support on the last chapter.  I’m completely blown away and ecstatic that you like the story.  I hope you like this next part, it’s a little drawn out but I had some angst I needed to get out.  Feedback is always appreciated.  Thank you again for your patience between updates.  

Apparently Natasha didn’t actually want you to answer that question.  She was ranting and raving, throwing her hands in the air, pointing a polished, accusatory finger in your direction.  She switched from English to Russian so quickly that it seemed as is if she were a one-woman show playing all the parts.  You couldn’t get a word in edgewise though.  Every time you opened your mouth to reply she merely answered herself or spoke right over you with a barrage of “what were you thinkings” “you could have dieds” “I’ve never seen anything do stupid in my entire lifes” “what the hell is wrong with yous” and what you suspected were several rude and explicit Russian insults.

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