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foolish. when you refuse to eat meat you refuse your right to the top of the food chain. The animals you campaign for would eat you alive given the chance.

Oh yes. Cows, pigs, chickens, etc., are such vicious predators

Look how ruthless they are

Truly murderous

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But seriously, why do you think we’re at the top of the food chain? Do you have claws or sharp teeth? Are you adapted to run down a fast-moving prey animal, and then proceed to kill it with your bare hands? Do you have patterned skin for camouflage from prey animals? Does your mouth water at the thought of raw meat and the smell of blood? Are you a lion, or a shark, or a wolf? No. If eating meat was absolutely necessary for us this discussion would be over, but it’s not, which makes the killing of an animal unnecessary and therefore cruel.

(On a side note, why does this anon sound like a fucking villain from some cheesy anime, lmao)

Creepypasta #989: Fun Facts for Kids! The Fifty Nifty United States

Length: Medium

Alabama: The 96th president, Pyrope Vesuvian, was assembled in Alabama, the first president to be engineered from various body parts of previous presidents.

Alaska: The sun never rises in the winter because there is a giant standing in front of it. The giant is so tall that its head reaches into the stars. It was the first to see the black ships that originated from those stars.

Arizona: The state reptile of Arizona is the Time-Traveling Basilisk Lizard. They run so fast they arrive before they left! The army is using them to travel back in time and figure out where the war went wrong.

California: The highest point in the state is God’s Obsidian Watchtower, rising 440 feet above the ocean where California sank after the first weapon detonated.

Delaware: The first state admitted to the union. The first state to host an enemy ship. The first state to boldly kill that unearthly ambassador and declare war.

Hawaii: Did you know there are no snakes in Hawaii? They were all recruited by the army. All citizens must fight, even snakes. Their armor is the eggshells of extinct birds; their spears are the severed stingers of deadly jellyfish.

Idaho: Has more ghost towns than any state. These towns are inhabited by a quarter million ghosts, who outnumber living residents 12 to 1.

Kansas: Contains the world’s largest grain elevator, where President Vesuvian hid the nuclear weapons that the invaders eventually used against us.

Maine: It is the closest state to Europe and Africa. If you stand on the seashore and look east, you can see the two continents that accepted the offer of “peace” and “friendship”, dooming themselves to the possibility of subjugation by these extraterrestrial foes. Only the United States had the courage to declare war. Stay far away from Maine.

New Mexico: This state is always on fire. It was set aflame as a burnt offering to God, to purify the land, in hopes that one day He would accept the offering, and would finally rise from his sanctified throne to bestow victory upon us. Amen.

North Dakota: This state’s wide-open prairies were transformed into the world’s largest children’s cemetery. Instead of headstones, the tiny corpses are encased in amber, and line the lonely roads as a monument to what we have lost.

Utah: This state’s sparkling white salt flats provided bricks for the Holy Salt Temple, the safest place to be during an air strike. The enemies are deathly afraid of salt and supermassive structures.

Wyoming: Did you know that Wyoming is the least densely populated state? That means more room to build a prison so large it can hold all citizens who oppose the war. All Americans must support the war. All Americans must fight the war; even you, little one! This is the last remaining nation on Earth to defy and resist the invaders’ impending takeover of the minds of humanity. Dissenters are indistinguishable from those whose brains have been commandeered. They must be imprisoned.

Credits to: cold__cocoon

cheetahs are funny because their most distinguishing trait is the ability to run extremely fast to catch prey, but it makes them really tired and sometimes they have to take a nap before they eat the animal they killed. sometimes another animal will eat it while they sleep

Karlie's learning Swift

What is swift software?

Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS.

Writing Swift code is interactive and fun, the syntax is concise yet expressive, and Swift includes modern features developers love. S

Swift code is safe by design, yet also produces software that runs lightning-fast.

—> lightning strikes every time she codes lol
Castaway Ghost Spiders Flew to Robinson Crusoe Island
Scientists studying these airborne arachnids have discovered at least three new species in the remote Pacific, a new study says.

Two million years ago, airborne arachnids colonized remote Pacific islands by ballooning, a technique in which spiders use their silk as a kind of kite that can carry them long distances. 

These so-called ghost spiders likely landed on Robinson Crusoe Island (map), roughly 400 miles off Chile, where they blossomed into several new species. And now scientists have identified at least three previously unknown to science, a new study says.

Ghost spiders—whose moniker comes from their sometimes pale color and ability to run so fast that their legs blur—originated in mainland South America…


I run as fast as my legs will carry me, Bucky not too far ahead of me.
He started this, and I’m not going down without a fight.
“This isn’t fair! You’re a super soldier!” I call to him, and he looks back for a second.
“Not my fault!” He calls back sassily, but I can tell he’s getting tired.
He’s just barely out of reach, so I start to run faster!
I reach my arm out as far as it will go, keeping my speed.
I swing for his shoulder, and just barely miss!
“I almost got you!” I exclaim in frustration, and he just laughs.
“I could do this all day.” He runs ahead again, but I keep going.

good days:
1. i wake up in your bed.
2. the hangover isn’t too strong to stand.
3. lemonade is tart and pink on my tongue.
4. i peel the clementine all in one piece.
5. your mother’s voice is kind when she greets me.
6. you kiss me goodbye.
7. when i race the cars, i win.
8. no trauma shudders through my mind when i dare to remember.
9. my bare feet do not raise any awkward questions.
10. food tastes good to me; no ashes choke in my throat.
11. we find the way with no trouble.
12. the walls are crystal and the rooms are not too cold.
13. rope runs fast under steel, and i hit the bottom laughing.
14. nightfall brings a brilliant moon.
15. my mama brings me warm rice after class.
16. as the night goes on, i slip just under the surface and do not drown.
17. you pull me onto your lap when i am in danger of falling.
18. someone gives me cider; bitter apple kills the vodka burn.
19. when we race home, you win.
20. i fall asleep and i am safe.
—  reilly falanx (x)

Running as fast as she could, Nadia was already weak from lack of feeding and fighting off the creatures that had tormented them all in Purgatory. A Leviathan was right behind her, getting closer, however Nadia was able to pass the barrier before it could sink it’s teeth into her. She took a minute to catch her breath as she saw the Leviathan pounding against the barrier, not able to get in. “Thank god.”

Honestly I feel like the fact I’ve never been arrested is just a testament to my ability to run very fast, in the opposite direction of crime scenes.