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Got7 on Running Man ~ Preview

{PART 3} Who Are You? // Im Jaebum

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader (ft. GOT7)

Genre: Angst

Summary: Jaebum arrives at the hospital to wait with Jackson and the other boys for news about your surgery. Will he be able to tell them where he really was?

Please note that this scenario contains mentions of road/car accidents, cheating, hospitals, surgery, blood and comas.

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3}

Arriving at the hospital in record time, Jaebum sprinted his way towards the escalators – running as fast as he could to the top while managing to frighten the younger looking receptionist behind the desk, doing her daily night shift as she often did.

“My girlfriend” he gasped as he felt his lungs burn now that he stopped to catch his breath “My girlfriend (Y/N) was taken here a few hours ago and now she’s in surgery, can you tell me where she is? My friends are here waiting for her – there’s 6 of them” he said all in one go, leaning over the desk and feeling like he was about to pass out. The receptionist gave him a strange, unfamiliar look while she checked your information on her computer.

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Au prompt were Jimin is a werewolf and he meets the new kid jungkook and finds out he is one also? "Your.. Your a.." "Yes but so.. So are you?"

• jimin thought he was the only werewolf in a school full of humans

• he didn’t know whether it was nice (werewolves are known to be territorial and jimin’s not much of a fighter) or lonely (he’s always wondered if he was the only werewolf in Korea completely)

• so jimin sulks a lot but only when he’s alone

• taehyung is the only one who knows about jimin’s true nature

• “so can you like…climb trees, run at a fast speed?! can you- can you like like snap a tree in half with your jaw alone?! can you-”

• “tae, you’re way too excited about this than you really should be…………but yes, yes i can”

• “can i see your wolf form?! OH MY GOD ARE YOU AN ALPHA!? no no…you’re too small to be an alpha…beta? omega? i can picture you as an omega, you’re so submissive”

• as annoying as jimin finds taehyung he can’t help but adore him because taehyung accepted him automatically without a tinkle of fear; which was jimin’s biggest worry

• they’re walking down the hall to their class one day when it suddenly hits jimin

the scent of an alpha

• it makes jimin’s knees wobble, his omega (”fuck you tae” “SEE I KNOW YOU WERE AN OMEGA”) howl a little at the scent alone of another wolf

• he nearly collapses to the ground and it makes taehyung throw a fit

• jimin would ignore taehyung’s repeated questions as he looks around with wide eyes

• the scent just keeps getting stronger and jimin has a feeling that the alpha is trying to search for him as well

• when jimin turns around he’s greeted with a firm chest and the scent has reached its highest peek

• “you’re…you’re a…”

• jimin looks up at him as he hears the boy speak and shit he’s so fucking good looking

• “yes, but…so…are you?”

• “i’m…i’m jungkook…j-jeon jungkook…today’s my first day, i…i’m an alpha…”

• “i can tell by your scent…my- i’m jimin…”

• and jimin would dip his head down and graze the tip of his nose along jimin’s neck and emit a growl that makes jimin weak

“and you’re my omega”

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who would win in a fight, waluigi or junkrat

Honestly I think Junkrat would win. Waluigi Doesn’t really have a lot of ability. He can run fast, jump high, and punch. In some cases he can create a tornado and a vine whip. But they don’t seem very powerful. Junkrat can counter Wahs speed just by  trapping him and blowing him up very easily. It’s the same thing I do to bothersome tracers.

This is just for now, we will have to wait and see what ability’s they give wah when he gets his own game.  


“Dave Sanders runs back in to the cafeteria, after I hear these things, and points across the cafeteria and says, “Everyone get the fuck out of here! Run that way!!” I’m like, “Fuck?” Teachers don’t say fuck? So, there was sort of like this hesitation in the crowd, and then everyone just started running and screaming! They were shuffling underneath all of the tables, pushing out chairs, leaving all of their backpacks behind, and shoes were flying off because people were running so fast.”  - Sam Granillo

[get to know me meme: seiyuu edition] || {03/04} favourite seiyuu event or seiyuu dvd: real takara sagashi

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[Suddenly, a massively fluffy white kitten with tiny legs runs past emi as fast as it could, chased by a swarm of angry bees] ~STKK

Oh all the things she could have seen today, she didnt expect a cat being chased by bees, well she decided to get some water and wet all the angry bees so they can’t fly. “Hi kitty! i dealt with all those bees.” she smiles and holds out her arms to him “Why don’t you come with me? i can get you someplace nice and warm”

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oh man, just imagine jyushi with an s/o, whose legs were paralyzed, hanging out together and his s/o suddenly cries because they wished that they could be just as active as him and play baseball together

That hurts holy shit, but worry not, dear anon!! There is a solution!!! While reader themself may never be able to run, they sure can still get the feeling of running with our strong boy Jyushimatsu!! He’d carry them around on his back, or in his arms bridal style, running as fast as he can (or as fast as they’re comfortable with because honestly the fastest he can run would probably harm a normal human being). Yes, while this still technically isn’t them being active, I think it’d be good enough to do this, and I guess they’ll just have to work through the not-actually-running thing themself.


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You limped out of the elevator in the tower, your eyes darting around the hall as you looked for someone who could help you. Having heard the elevator ding, Steve appeared in the doorway of the common room and as your eyes met, you felt a wave of comfort wash over you.

In that moment, time seemed to stop. All of the memories of Rumlow torturing you — getting you to move various pieces of metal and moulding things against your own will — seemed to fade and you finally felt at peace again.

Steve.” you breathed out, running towards him as fast as you could. The super soldier took you into his arms and held you as if he never wanted to let you go. You had dreamed about this moment for a long time and now that it was finally happening, you were a mixture of happy, relieved and overwhelmed.

Your shirt was covered in blood and you clearly weren’t the same girl that he knew before you were taken, but he didn’t care and he was going to spend the rest of his life telling you how much he loved you.

“We never stopped looking for you,” he told you, his voice wavering slightly as he still couldn’t believe that you were here. “none of us did. But you’re safe now; you’re safe with me.”

Steve was your safe place — he was your home.

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Chekov was running, and fast. He made his way over the rocky terrain, hearing the scrambling animal close the space between them the longer he went. The beast towered several feet above the average human, seemingly all teeth and claws. He saw a figure up ahead and a flood of mingled fear and relief washed over him. “Captain!” He yelled, his voice heavily accented and notably higher than usual, “Jim, run!”