This is my first imagine ever, and I’m really nervous about posting it. But here it is. Thought I’d start it off with something simple.

“Wait! Hold the door please!” You yelled as you struggled to run as fast as you could and try to keep the papers and bag you held in hand under control. The guy quickly reached for the button and stopped the door from closing, and you thanked God he wasn’t just some asshole who pretended he didn’t hear your call. You slowed down your step as you finally reached the elevator, entering and attempting to lift you bag up you shoulder while simultaneously arranging the papers in hand. “Thank you so much, I’m already late and I can’t afford waiting for the elevator to come back down and going up the stairs is really not my thing-” You rambled on without looking up from your papers, a scowl plastered on you face at the thought of your boss giving you another earful. But you were cut off by a soft chuckle coming from your left, and you finally stuffed the stack of documents in your bag and decided to look up at your current savior. To say you were pleasantly surprised was an understatement.

He was handsome. Very handsome. His hair was styled neatly and it looked so soft it could put babies’ hair to shame. His eyes were a regular dark brown, yet with the smile on his face, they crinkled slightly in the most adorable way. His whole face was overall cute and his body definitely seemed fit with the suit he was wearing.
He finally spoke up and broke you out of your not so subtle trance. “It’s fine, really. I’m not some douche who’d pretend not to hear.” Wow, mind reader much?

“Yeah, some- well, a lot of people tend to do that, which is why I’m so grateful,” You chuckled along. The elevator dinged as it reached your floor and the doors slid open. You sighed and clutched the strap of your bag, mentally preparing yourself for the tiring day ahead. “That’s me. Thanks again, see you around.” You sent one last smile his way before stepping out of the elevator.

“Shit shit shit.” You huffed under your breath repeatedly. You slammed the cab door shut and ran as fast you could in the heels you had on. The sight of you running through the entrance of the building was now a normal sight to the people working at the front desks at the entrance, and they didn’t blink an eye your way. The elevator was a few steps away, but with the heels you’d decided on today, you couldn’t possibly reach it in time. So you resorted to calling out in hopes someone on the other side would sympathize with you and stop it before it closed.

“Hold the door please!” You’d said that sentence so many times since you’d started working here it might as well have been a weekly routine as yours. You almost dropped to the ground in relief when the door stopped and opened back up. You sighed and calmed down in relief, knowing you could reach your floor in peace. Your eyes widened though when they met a familiar pair of brown ones. “Oh, hey, it’s you. Thanks again.” You smiled at the guy from last time.

“Do you ever get here on time?” He chuckled, and you almost melted at that glorious sound. God, he seemed to look even better than last time. He was wearing a different suit today, his hair was styled the same though. He looked as handsome as ever.

“On rare occasions, yes.” You nodded and you both laughed slightly. “Since this is the second time you’ve saved me, how ‘bout we both introduce ourselves so that I can actually call your name out next time?”

“Baekhyun! Hold it!”
“Got it.” He replied from the other side of the door as he pressed the button to stop the door. He stared with a smile as you jogged the rest of the way over. “So what was it this time?”

“I couldn’t find my goddamned keys. I swear I put them on the counter when I got home yesterday but they were in the living room this morning..” You grumbled. He laughed his usual beautiful laugh and ran a hand through his hair. That was when you noticed he didn’t style his hair today the way he usually did. Instead he left it natural and let the curls lay loosely across his forehead. “Nice hair.” You smirked.

“Yah, you’re not the only one who wakes up late sometimes,” he blushed and ran a hand through his hair. You laughed at his moment of shyness but was cut off by the elevator dinging, a slight feeling of disappointment beginning to settle in your chest at how short your meetings always seemed to be. “See you ‘round, Baekhyun.”

“See ya, ___.” He waved with a smile.

“How come I’ve never seen you around the building before?” He said as he leaned against the opposite wall. You fiddled with the sleeve of your blouse and shrugged.
“Most of the work I do is mostly on my floor only, so I don’t really move around floors a lot,” you explained.
“Ah,” he nodded his head. “You’re on the 10th floor, right?” He asked. You nodded your head. “Do you by any chance know Chanyeol?”

“Oh yeah, his desk is right next to mine.”You said. And just as you were about to ask why he’d asked that question, your reached your floor. You pouted slightly unconsciously, but quickly wiped it off and turned to smile at him slightly. “Alright, see you later.”

You bid farewell for now and I walked out of the elevator, disappointed that you didn’t get to ask him what department he worked in. You’d been meeting in the elevator for more than almost three weeks now, the scenario always you being late and him holding the door for you. Your conversations were always short but nice, and you enjoyed them quite a lot. He was easy to talk to and you wished you could have more time to hang out, but you were too chicken to ask him out or anything close to that. You wished you had the guts though. He was so cute. And on top of that, from the talks you’ve had, you were more than sure you’d enjoy longer conversations with him if you ever got the chance. You were definitely attracted to him, but the only thing you could think of doing was at least wait until you saw a sign that he was even the slightest bit interested before thinking of actually doing anything about it.

You were still immersed in your thoughts as you walked to your cubicle, still thinking about the beautiful man you were currently infatuated with. You were so distracted you didn’t notice that you’d reached your desk, and as you were on your way to pass it, a hand grabbed your arm and stopped you from going forward. You jumped slightly and turned around to find a smirking Chanyeol. You placed your hand on your heart in an attempt to slow it down as he’d just startled the shit out of you.

“What’s got you distracted so early in the morning?” He chuckled, still grabbing your arm. You smacked his hand away and huffed.

“None of your business, stupid.” you grumbled and put your stuff on your desk before settling in your seat. He took a seat as well but turned his chair to you, chuckling slightly. He leaned forward in his seat and clasped his hands together, opening his mouth to speak once again, but you beat him to it. “Hey, do you know a guy named Baekhyun?” you asked. His eyebrows rose at your question.

“Yeah, we’re close friends. Why?” he asked.

“Well, we always seem to meet in the elevator. He always holds the door for me when I’m late,” you chuckled. “Saved my ass in the past three weeks more than I could count.”

He burst out laughing at your answer, and you looked at him questioningly. You sighed and smacked his arm to get him to stop. “What?”“What?” He repeated after me after he finished his laughing fit. “What do you mean ‘what’? Do you not know who Byun Baekhyun is?”

“What do you mean? I mean, he works here doesn’t he?” You were confused. What does he mean do you not know who Baekhyun is?

“He’s like, the boss of the boss of our boss. He’s not the main boss sure, but he’s close to it.” He leaned back in his chair smirking. Your eyes widened and you gulped down a squeak of embarrassment. Your lips parted in disbelief. You basically just spent the last three weeks coming in late in front of your almost-boss. Sure, you’d noticed that he always stayed in the elevator, meaning he was on a higher floor. But you’d always expected he was one or two floors above you or something, meaning he was still on the normal employee floors. Apparently, you were more than wrong.

Of course, you dumbass, what kind of normal employee has to wear a suit tailored to perfection to work every day?“

“Dear god, he’s probably trying to figure out a way to fire me without me knowing it’s him.” You groaned out and slumped back in your chair, hiding your face behind your hands. You heard the idiot next to you laugh and you kicked him in the shin without moving your hands. He laughed even harder and took your hands away from your face, looking at your pouty sad face. His laughter slowed down and he softened up.

“Why are you so worried? Did you cuss him out or something?”

"I just spent the last three fucking weeks having him stop the elevator for me because I’m almost always late for work.” You explained. “If this company fails, he’ll probably think it’s because of the tardy girl that never gets here on time.” You groaned out once again.

"Look,” Chanyeol chuckled, “stop groaning. Baek’s a nice guy, he’s not an asshole. He won’t think of firing you just because you’re late sometimes-“

"Always.” You corrected.

“Whatever,” Chanyeol sighed. “Don’t worry, okay?”

“Okay,” You sighed. “By the way, how come you guys are friends and he’s all the way up while you’re here?”

“We started here together. I only wanted this as a temporary job to sort a few other things out. But he decided he wanted to work his way up, and he has.” He smiled proudly, and you guessed they really were pretty close friends if he knew him for that long.

“Aha.” You nodded.

You both eventually got to work, but the thought stayed on your mind the whole time. He was your boss. There was no way you could make a move now. In fact, if you wanted to change the whole ‘late girl’ image, you’d have to start coming in earlier, which meant not getting to see him in the elevator anymore. You sighed sadly and shook your head to rid yourself of the thought. You had work to do and this wasn’t the time. You sighed one last time and got to work.

“Wow, it’s been a whole week and you haven’t came in late even once,” Chanyeol said with an impressed tone lacing his voice. “You must be really serious about this.”

“It’s more that I’m too embarrassed with seeing Baekhyun again after knowing who he is. If I came in late, I’m definitely gonna bump into him on the way and I can’t afford that,” You sighed. You kinda missed seeing him though. You never cared to know the names of any of the higher bosses around because your part of the job was simple and related to the small department around you, but now you wished you’d known the names before. He didn’t fit the ‘big bad boss’ image at all, so if you’d known his name, you at least could’ve recognized it and acted a bit more professional. But he was so down to earth and easy to talk to that you couldn’t help but joke around with him.

“Oh come on, do you really think it’s that serious?” Chanyeol laughs.

“Shut up, you don’t know what it’s like.” You groaned and smacked at his arm. He continued laughing at you and you only glared at him, the corners of your mouth eventually giving up on you and forming a small smile. His smile faltered slightly all of a sudden, and his eyes landed on something behind you before widening slightly.

“Hey, Baek.”

Your eyes widened and your body went rigid at the mention of the name. Oh shit. Shit. Dammit. You knew he was gonna fire you. You jumped up from your seat and turned to find a smiling Baekhyun, his hands stuffed in his pant pockets, his hair styled properly today, looking dashing as always. You scratched the back of your neck nervously before bowing slightly, murmuring a low ‘sir’. You heard Chanyeol snort lowly, and you tried to kick his leg as discreetly as you could without Baekhyun seeing. 

Baekhyun raised a brow and leaned against the edge of your desk, getting comfortable. “Since when do you call me ‘sir’?” He chuckled. You laughed nervously, blushing and fiddling with the sleeve of your shirt.

“I-t’s just that, you know, you’re my boss and all and-” You were a stuttering mess and the fact that Chanyeol was still behind you snickering wasn’t doing any help. You were going to murder him brutally once this disaster was over.

“You never called me sir when we went up in the elevator, though.” He crossed his arms across his chest and you had to stop your eyes from ogling at the way the material tightened across his biceps, instead moving your eyes to anywhere but the man himself.

“Well-” Your started to say before you were cut off by Chanyeol.

“Well,” he mimicked you. “She didn’t really know you were her boss back then, that’s why she’s getting all shy now. Don’t let it fool you though, it’s just an act.” You gasped at his words and turned to him, smacking the side of his head. He groaned and rubbed the area you hit, mumbling something about you being so sensitive. Your attention was once again brought back to the man in front of you when you heard a chuckle come from his way, and you turned back to him.

“So that’s why you’ve been coming in early, huh?” He smirked. “I knew something was up, that’s why I came to check up on you.”

Your eyes widened at his words. He came to check on you? Why? You’d thought maybe he wouldn’t notice. Or maybe he’d be relieved that the annoying girl who always held him up decided to change her ways. But he actually noticed. And he made the time to check on you. Your stomach fluttered with butterflies at the thought and you tried to keep your blushing at bay but it was definitely no use.

“Well, yeah, I mean.. It’s about time I started getting here on time,” You chuckled. Baekhyun pursed his lips slightly and tilted his head to the right, his eyes still fixated on you. That, right there, was the cutest thing you’d ever seen. It was the exact replica of a confused puppy, and you had to stop your knees from buckling right there at how adorable he looked.

“You never properly thanked me for holding the elevator for you so  many times,” he started to say, standing up and moving closer to you. You gulped nervously and waited for him to finish his sentence. “So how about instead of doing the right thing and actually coming in early, you thank me by, say, dinner?” He questioned. You were practically a tomato in the face right now and your thoughts were in overdrive. He just asked you out on a date. In the middle of your workplace. In front of Chanyeol. Your boss just asked you out.

“I- um..” You couldn’t form a proper sentence, but he only laughed at your speechlessness and stepped back once again.

“Be ready tonight at 8, I’ll come pick you up.” He smiled and turned to walk away, before turning one last time and saying something that you couldn’t help but smile at. “Don’t be late, yeah?”

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elyon-chan  asked:

Elyon was running as fast as she could across the ruins of her hometown, she had to hurry and she knew it, the fight she had previously with the vampires was way to noisy if there were any other threats around she was dead. 'Why did it went wrong, they were not supposed to get that close, and threee of those oversized mosquitoes, guess i have to be thankfull for just having a cut on my arm.' Said cut was more of a bleeding gash and her right arm was unmoving.

Lacus’ ears perked at the scent of blood. Human blood, at that!

‘How delicious!’ He exclaimed within his mind as he raced towards the scent. Closer and closer he came to the intoxicating smell.

i think one of the biggest questions i have about tf2 is how the mann brothers came about hiring the mercs in the first place

where did they come across all these guys? did they just decide

‘Hey! You see that kid? The one that runs fast? I’ll give him a bat to kill my brother!’

‘That soldier-guy looks somewhat-mentally stable! I’ll hire him!’

and other such decisions 

Inktober #1 - Fast

I decided to participate Inktober art challenge this year because huh..why not? It’s fun! It has been a while I draw with traditional media but it was a good and relaxing feeling (however…I missed the “undo” button at the first ten minutes). 

This year a prompt list is provided, so I will follow that one. 

Meet Elwynn, a young ent who is enjoying a fast running autumn wind. He will be my protagonist for this project. I have been working on him for a while on and off, so he was not born this morning but more details later.

My tools: UniPin Fine liners 0.1-0.5, water and fade proof ink; Col-Erase Prismacolor colored pencil (for under sketch); Koh-i-Noor kneadable eraser; scanner (as my phone’s camera not good as should be).

animeforreal2  asked:

(`・ω・´) (#゚Д゚) ε=ε=ε=┌(;*´Д`)ノ


  • (`・ω・´) :What does your muse completely gush over?

NC gushes over MC. If anyone is willing to listen to them, they can talk about them for HOURS. 

  • (#゚Д゚) :What does your muse do if they’re angry?

NC will do a reality check to calm down (like checking the color of the walls etc) but if that doesn’t work, they’ll leave the room to scream somewhere else.

  • ε=ε=ε=┌(;*´Д`)ノ :How does your muse run?

NC dislikes running and they’re probably the weakest in the Chara party, but when they have to run, they’re pretty fast. 

I made an updated version of Flaivax with proper formatting and I’m pretty happy about how it came out since I can actually put more than five words on it. The plan was to make a cheap, low loyalty planeswalker that was based off of Lightning Shrieker and had a random element worth using.

Short bio (as opposed to the long one here):

Race: Dragon

Plane of Origin: Tarkir

First Planeswalk: Zendikar

Favorite Planes to Visit: Innistrad and post OGW Zendikar

Preferred Method of Combat: Spitting lightning bolts/charging and bashing into opponents 

Special Abilities/Strengths: Incredibly fast flyer, lightning fast reflexes, cells regenerate faster than normal, mind runs so fast that the world is in what could only be described as slow motion

Weaknesses: Incredibly irritable and impatient most of the time, loathes receiving help since everyone else is painstakingly slow to him, can overthink a situation and get overwhelmed in his own thoughts

Brief Backstory: Once part of the Kolaghan brood, he fell in love with Atarka and started to lose interest in his own brood. Flaivax then attempted to appease Atarka by bringing her a meal but was savagely attacked by one of her underlings. He barely escaped and travelled back to where he hoped his brood would be but found no one and simply waited to die in that spot. Kolaghan found him, disowned him, and left him there to die. Grief-stricken, he wished he could vanish as far away from his past idol dragonlord and found himself one Zendikar with his wounds healed and spark ignited in a world where time seemed to have slowed down. 

demideerling replied to your post:have i told u guys about my cat lately

im always here 4 cats. I live vicariously through all my pet owning friends

cats are the greatest and most incredible things and also ridiculous af let me tell you

my cat has learned how to open the dishwasher. i have no idea why. it’s just a thing he does. he goes into the kitchen, where he can’t see me, which means i’m not there and don’t know what he’s doing, and he starts trying to open the dishwasher. it will take a few tries and the door will flip back up and thump closed, and I’ll yell at him but yanno, he can’t see me therefore I don’t really exist and I don’t know what he’s doing, so he keeps doing it.

UNTIL he hears me get up and start walking to the kitchen in which case he either a) runs away as fast as possible bc he failed to open the dishwasher and must hide from his shame or b) meows loudly bc he succeeded in opening the dishwasher and is trying to climb as far into its depths as he can before i pull him out

cats, man

The mind runs fast
Your thoughts are louder than your words
And every time you turn around
It starts to hurt, hurt, it starts to hurt
But you wanna be heard, wanna be heard
Wanna be louder than the storms around
You hear them through the windows and the doors
Everybody’s time has come
It’s everybody’s moment except yours