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Do you have a favorite breed of Earth Dog, Ama? Or do you just like all of them?

No , I don ‘ t have a favorite based on breed , my favorite kinds of dogs that pick up sticks in their mouth or dog holes in the back garden or jump up on the couch with you to watch a movie or come ask for attention if they see others embracing or run so fast next to you through the worlds

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Just watched a trailer for a 2005 movie called “The Gingerdead Man”. Yes, “The Gingerdead Man”. Run, run, run, as fast as you can. You get the picture. Might be a good candidate for a holiday-themed Rabbit Hole?


Ok but Save Yourself I’ll Hold Them Back is an amazing song. Like, this is one where I forget how fucking good it is until I listen to it or see some lyrics from it. It has some of my favourite lyrics of all time in ONE SONG.

“It ain’t about all the friends you made But the graffiti they write on your grave”

“This ain’t a room full of suicides We’re believers, I believe tonight”


“Who gives a damn if we lose the war Let the walls come down Let the engines roar”

It’s one of those songs that actually makes me feel hopeful, and -for me- embodies the entire spirit of Danger Days. It makes me feel that one day I’ll be okay. Danger Days is about starting to live again, letting yourself be happy. Bright colours, running as fast as you can with your lungs burning in the best way, loud music that keeps you sane, singing along with your friends, laughing until it hurts, rollercoasters and sour sweets

But it’s also about sometimes having negative emotions, and it being normal to be sad or scared or angry. That’s what the whole thing with bli is- the fight to be emotional and human.

And thus ends my rant on another mcr song.

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Dustin misses part of history class and needs to copy some notes and Will being the amazing friend he is hands over his notebook without a thought. Its only a few minutes later, Dustin is long gone and Will freezes, flashing back to the entire page of Mike's names covered in hearts and doodles of them kissing and holding hands and little Byers charges through the halls like a bull and practically tackles Dustin, the poor boys books sliding across the hall Dusting is cursing.


Will doesn’t even think twice about handing over his notebook to Dustin when he asks. He’d missed the first thirty minutes of history class that morning for a dentist appointment, and he’s been waiting until the lunch hour to be able to borrow Will’s notes on westward expansion.

“You could have borrowed my notes,” Mike points out from where he’s sitting beside Will on the creaky bench of the cafeteria table.

Dustin makes a scoffing noise and raises his eyebrows skeptically.

“Mike, I’ve seen your chicken scratch. Will’s notes are like, fifty million times better than yours. He color codes them.”

Mike scrunches up his nose in distaste.

“My notes aren’t chicken scratch,” he protests half-heartedly, but he doesn’t bother disputing the fact that Will’s are objectively better. He knows he has no argument there.

“Anyway,” Dustin brushes Mike’s words off with a dismissive hand wave. “Thanks for this, Will. I owe you one.”

He places Will’s notebook carefully atop his own stack of books as Will shrugs easily and gives Dustin a small smile.

“No problem. But I definitely need it back before the end of the day. I’m sure Mrs. Hill is going to give us a pop quiz on all that stuff tomorrow.”

Dustin nods and finishes the sandwich he’s got in front of him in two huge bites, standing up from the bench before he’s even swallowed the last of it.

“I’m gonna go -,” he starts, but from across the table, Lucas cuts him off with an annoyed look.

“Stop talking with your mouth full!” he says, eyes narrowed and upper lip curled in disgust.

Will stifles a laugh as Dustin sticks his tongue out in Lucas’s direction - half-chewed sandwich and all - until Lucas throws a grape at him and tells him he’s revolting. Dustin just smiles with smug satisfaction and slowly, deliberately chews his last bite of food before opening his mouth to speak again.

“As I was saying,” he pauses to give a deliberate look in Lucas’s direction before turning back toward Will. “I’m gonna go to the library and copy down your notes now so you can have this baby back by the end of the day.”

He pats Will’s notebook like it’s some kind of precious goldmine and Will laughs.

“All right, Dustin. See you next period.”

All the boys say their goodbyes as Dustin gathers his books in his arms and makes his way out of the lunchroom. In the back of Will’s mind, something vague is picking at him - a persistent, nagging feeling that he’s forgotten something, but after briefly thinking on it, he still can’t figure out what.

He shrugs it off, distracted by the squeak-squish of tennis shoes on the scuffed linoleum and the snippets of too-loud conversations overlapping one another and echoing off the bare walls of the cafeteria. Across the table, Lucas is complaining about something Erica did last night and Will tunes himself into the story instead, laughing as Lucas regales them with the tale of his ridiculous little sister.

It’s not until a moment later - when Mike’s arm presses against his own in an accidental move (though he makes no motion to correct it), and Will’s heart does the same embarrassing, familiar fluttering dance in his chest that it always does when he’s near Mike, a pink flush creeping up over the tips of his ears - that Will remembers exactly what it is that he’s forgotten with sudden, sickening panic.

“Oh no.”

He doesn’t mean to speak the words out loud but they come out anyway, quiet and panicked, because he’s just made the kind of mistake that fills the pit of his stomach with a deep sense of horrifying dread: Will Byers has just handed Dustin a veritable confession of every feeling he’s ever had for Mike Wheeler, all conveniently placed in one spiral-bound notebook whose front page is filled with sketches and doodles and drawings composed secretly in crisp black ink.

And these are decidedly not the artistic endeavors that Will cares to share with his friends. No, these are furtive little pieces of his stupid, traitorous heart that his hand has spilled across the neat blue lines of college-ruled paper - drawings of Mike’s face with bubbly hearts all around it, doodles of Mike holding his hand, and, perhaps most embarrassingly, one tiny heart at the bottom of the page with the words Will Wheeler written in neat cursive inside it.

“Oh no,” Will repeats, louder this time, and Mike’s head immediately snaps up from where he’s poking at the food on his tray. Lucas also looks over at him curiously, eyebrows raised just the slightest.

They both ask, “what’s wrong?” in twin voices of concern, but Will’s already mumbled out some half-sentence about needing to go, hopping up from the table before they can question him again. Will rushes carelessly toward the cafeteria doors, running as fast as he can manage through the maze of tables and idling students around him.

In his periphery he can see Lucas and Mike clambering hurriedly up from the table as well, but Will keeps his eyes ahead.

“Mr. Byers, what do you think you’re -,”

A teacher tries to stop him with a hand on his shoulder but Will only moves faster, slipping easily out of her grip.

“Sorry,” he manages to blurt out as he rushes away from her.

He’ll be concerned about the ramifications of that later. Right now the only thing he can focus on is finding Dustin before he opens that stupid notebook. He hopes he hasn’t already made it to the library and looked at the damned thing. Will’s face burns hot with humiliation just thinking about it.

As he turns down the hall toward the library, his heart lifts as he spots Dustin just outside the library doors, Will’s notebook still balanced - unopened - in his arms.

“Dustin!” he calls out, voice echoing off the lockers lining the walls.

Dustin turns and looks up, surprised as Will comes barreling down the hallway toward him. Will realizes the second before it happens that he’s not going to be able to stop himself in time, the tread on his shoes wearing low, slip-sliding against the recently polished floor. He tries to slow himself down but his momentum propels him forward beyond his control.

“Dude, what -?”

The rest of Dustin’s sentence is stopped short as Will yells out, “I’m so sorry!” before he crashes directly, painfully, into him and both of them go tumbling to the floor in a tangled heap.

Dustin’s books slide haphazardly in every direction, spreading throughout the hallway. When he’s able to get his bearings enough to try to sit upright, Will thinks he’s definitely split his lip on the zipper of Dustin’s jacket, the tang of blood sitting sharp on his tongue as he slowly sits up.

“Jesus, Will!” Dustin groans out, disentangling their legs with a wince. “What was that all about?”

Before Will can find the words to respond, Lucas and Mike come rushing up behind them.

“Will!” Mike calls out, leaning down to place an arm around Will’s shoulders as he helps him up from the floor with careful, warm hands.

“Are you okay?”

He holds Will at arm’s length and looks him over for any visible injuries. His brow furrows harshly when he spots Will’s bleeding lip and he reaches out to press his thumb against it, gently wiping the blood away.

Will pulls back like he’s been burned, ducking his head as his heart does its best to climb out from behind the cage of his ribs.

“Mike, I’m fine,” he says.

From the floor, Dustin makes a grumpy noise in the back of his throat.

“Gee, I wonder if anyone’s going to ask how I’m doing, seeing how I was the one who was viciously attacked by the world’s smallest human battering ram over here.”

Will goes red as Lucas sighs long-sufferingly and says, “get up, you’re fine.”

Dustin makes a face in Lucas’s direction as Will extends his hand to help him up off the ground. He stutters out an apology in the process and he’s fairly certain Dustin tells him it’s okay, but Will is more than slightly distracted by the fact that he hasn’t been able to spot where the notebook went during their collision. He starts surveying the area around where they fell, hoping to find the thing so he can grab it and go already. He’s just about to check beneath the trophy display case across the hall when he’s hears Mike say, “Dustin, I got your - oh.”

Will turns quickly, something about the way Mike’s voice has gone strangely soft and confused setting off a fresh swell of panic in his chest. Across from him, Mike is standing with a couple of Dustin’s books in his hands. And right at the top of the stack, teetering just slightly off balance, is Will’s notebook looking slightly smashed, a little bent at the corners, and - opened to the very first page.

If it weren’t for the fact that his breath has gone too ragged and heavy to ignore, Will would swear his heart has stopped beating entirely in his chest. Mike catches Will’s eye without meaning to, face going pink beneath the smattering of freckles over his cheeks, and any hope Will has that Mike miraculously hasn’t seen the contents of that page flies right out the window.

He can feel the hot pricking of tears at the corners of his eyes as he marches forward to snatch the notebook from the top of the pile, immediately closing it with too much force. He can’t bring himself to look at Mike’s face as he does it, keeping his head down until he turns back around and begins the return trip to the lunch room.

“What the hell?” Dustin calls out and Will doesn’t bother to look back at his friends.

“I need it back,” is all he says, voice coming out hard and tinged with just a bit of sorrow.

Dustin’s protests are quickly quieted by Lucas telling him he can just borrow his notes instead, and they let Will walk away without stopping him again.

It takes all of Will’s effort to ignore the crushing wave of humiliation that’s seized his body, especially when Mike wanders into their fifth period class and sits down right next to Will like he always does, like nothing’s different. Will can tell that Mike is looking at him, is probably waiting for Will to look his way so he can make sad, soft eyes at him and tell Will in the nicest possible way that pining after him is pathetic because he’ll never feel the same. In Will’s mind, there’s no good way for this situation to end, so he keeps his head turned the other direction, watching as students file in and fill up their seats.

A moment later, just before the bell rings to signify the start of their geometry lesson, Mike leans over toward Will’s desk with a pencil in hand, working quickly to scribble something in the corner of Will’s notebook before Will can ask what’s happening or tell him to stop.

When he looks down at the page in front of him, Will sees a messy, slightly crooked heart sitting just in the top margin of the paper, Will’s name scrawled sloppily in the very middle of it. His breath stops in his throat, like suddenly his rib cage is pressed too tightly around his lungs.

Will spends the entire lesson distracted by the drawing at the top of the page, reaching up to touch it with disbelieving fingers, his pulse singing through his veins and something pleasant unfolding itself in his chest as he traces the lines until they’ve smudged against the skin of his fingers and marked him with their meaning.

Y͖͖͇͘O̕U̹ ̴̩Á̜̭̯R̷͙͕E̴̙͎̥̩̟͈̬ ̰̼̞̺̫̻̘W̸̫E̼̠̼̰̘͔A̙͔͘K ̻̝̭̜͠A̞̼N̕D̛̯͓͇̯͕̣ ̜̦̤̝̦͜K̵̦I̵͍͈̗̳̥̻D̵̝̬͖̜O̼̦̻U̷͇ ̷͙̬̝͕͍͎Y̢̹͎͎͉̜̗U͓̲̯̥̩U͍̗͝T͢O̙̞̯͕̗̞ ̴̗̘I͖͍̗͢S̺̝̠͝ ̶͔C̦̹͜O̗̮͇̪͈M̛̟I̗̝N̫̰̟̫̭̤͔G̮͇̲͎͎̘ ̜̱͉F̰̫̣͕̬O̤̮̦̙R̗ ҉̬ÝͅO̞͕U͇̱̩


six of crows - nina zenik 

but just as surely as life connected everything, so did death. it was that endless, fast-running river. she’d dipped her fingers into its current, held the eddy of its power in her hand. she was the queen of mourning and in its depths, she would never drown.

Mystic Messenger Masterlist Fanartists [14|11|2017]

Here we go, the ultimate fan artists list. There might be holes in it. I will be updating this once per month. If you know of any artists that are missing or you do MM art yourself please write an ask to me or a comment on this list with the name and I will make sure to add it on the updated version.  
Sincerely, YooshixLucy

In order to be featured on this list. The artist will have to at some point have made MM art. Please don’t abuse artists art. Respect each artist's rules. <3 

We all love the MM community!
Some of the artists haven’t posted MM art in a while, but if you dig a little you will find gems.

Guide to get the most out of Masterlist

1. Go to artists blog

2. Write /archive behind the link in the address bar

3. Enjoy the search!

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Originally posted by loptrlaufey

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Word Count: 2880

Warnings: Mentions of fight. THOR RAGNAROK SPOILER

Feedback is always appreciated!
If you want to be tagged in my stories, just ask me!

All the people of Asgard know the legend of this unique and catastrophic event. It’s the destruction of Asgard, and of his people.
No one, though, had ever really thought about it, until Asgard lost the King of the Gods.
Odin is dead.
In the last two years, while we thought that Odin sat on the throne, actually Loki was: he had made everyone believe that he was dead, and had taken his father’s place.
I cried Loki’s death. He and I are friends since childhood; along with Thor, we were inseparable. Although they were two princes, and I.. a normal person, they were very kind to me. The friendship between me and Loki is much stronger than that between me and Thor.
In fact, as in a children’s fairy tale, I fell in love with Loki. Too bad he doesn’t know; I decided not to say anything to him. His rejection would be too embarrassing, and my heart would break.
When Thor found out what Loki did, they started off in search of Odin; but now it was all over. The King of the Gods is dead, and this led to the release of Hela, the Goddess of Death. Thor and Loki’s sister.
The two Gods tried to stop her, but it was useless.
Thus, while Thor and Loki are dispersed, to Asgard chaos reigns. After completely destroying the army, Hela sat on the throne, ready to conquer the other kingdoms; but, coming to the Bifrost, she discovered that the Sword -the weapon to activate the Bifrost- had been stolen.
I know exactly who took the Sword: Heimdall, who was hiding in the mountains of Asgard. He, after he was able to find me, asked me to help him. In fact, we are trying to save more Asgardians as possible from Hela.
For now we are hidden, but time is running out, and soon the Goddess of Death will find us.
I’m sitting next to some kids, and I try to reassure them, telling them that everything will be fine, and that soon the God of Thunder will save us. Will it really happen? Thor can’t be dead, and even Loki.. I know that both are alive, and they will come back to help us.
I raise my eyes, and I see Heimdall quickly walking toward me; something is going to happen, I understand from his eyes.
His eyes are beautiful; every time I look at them, they always have a strange light, and their color, a shining gold, makes me feel like it’s all going to be fine in one way or the other. Behind  Heidmall, there’s the splendid Brifost Sword, which he protects with his own life.
“Heimdall, what happens?”
I know it’s a stupid question; only one thing can disturb Heimdall. The arrival of Hela. In fact, he warns me in a low voice that we must bring all the people away from where we are now, before the Goddess arrives. All of us, we head to Brifost; maybe, if Hela is distracted, Heimdall can use the Sword, and we can run away. But when we get to the Bridge, waiting for us is a huge monster with the appearance of a wolf: it’s Fenrir, Hela’s personal animal.
I scream to people to go back, but on the other side of the Bridge are coming Hela soldiers. We are trapped.
I look at Heimdall, and nodding toward him, I pull my daggers -Loki has given them to me so many years ago- and I prepare for the battle. Fenrir roars, and starts running toward us. I try to use my body as a shield, but the more he approaches, and the more I feel smaller than he is.
Suddenly, we hear noises in the distance; I look up, and I see a small ship coming towards us. From inside it falls something: a huge green creature, which immediately launches on Fenrir.
The ship from where the strange creature falls stops on the Bridge, and I see two people coming out from the inside. A woman, and Thor. I smile, and I run fast to him.
Thor embraces me, while he tells me he’s happy to see that I’m fine. My smile soon disappears, noticing the absence of someone. Loki is not together with his brother.
“Loki is alive, Y/n. But I don’t think we’ll see him.”
A huge hole is formed in my stomach; Loki is alive. But he preferred to be saved, to save his people. I nod, accepting the reality. Perhaps Thor has always been right: Loki only cares about himself.
Thor moves away from me, headed toward Hela, intending to fight her. Meanwhile, I help people walk to the entrance of the Bifrost, but again, we are trapped. Outside, there are other soldiers who run toward us.
I begin to attack them, together with the other Asgardians who want to defend their lives and that of others, even if they aren’t soldiers. I’ve got the cable to fight –in fact, Loki and Thor taught me many fighting techniques when we were little- but I’m just me against hundreds of warriors. When it seems that everything is lost, from the fog, a strange creature appears, which seems to be entirely made of stone. At first, he seems to rise, but then I realize he’s standing on a huge spaceship, which it is approached to the bridge.
Other creatures come out of the ship, flinging on the soldiers of Hela; finally, their leader comes out of the ship: Loki. I widened my eyes when I see him get off the ship’s ramp with a smile on his face.
“Please, feel free to come down.”
People start running to the spaceship to get safe, while some of them continue to fight. I keep staring at Loki, who finally notices my presence in the midst of all this chaos; I thought I would never see him again.
Suddenly, someone makes me back to reality: one of Hela’s soldiers strikes me behind, clenching his hands around my throat. I give him an elbow right in the stomach, and turning around, I stab him with my dagger. The soldier falls to the ground, lifeless.
“I note with pleasure that you’ve become stronger.”
I turn around, and I see Loki approaching me; the first thing I would do is hug him and squeeze strong to me, but I refrain. Not to let him understand the feelings that I feel, I’ve always tried to make him believe that jokingly I hate him.
“Glad to see you, Loki. I thought you were dead. Again.”
Loki smiles, but we don’t have much time to chat; many other soldiers are threatening us.
Meanwhile, the battle of Thor against Hela moves to the bridge; Thor seems to have become stronger, though, Hela is very powerful, and seems to have the best on his brother.
So, Thor comes up with an idea, a weird and crazy idea: to make the Ragnarok happen.
His plan is to awaken Surtur, and let him fight with Hela, until the complete destruction of Asgard.
However, Surtur’s crown is in the castle, where Odin preserved the most important and powerful relics.
It’ll be Loki to go to the castle, and take the crown, while Thor distracts Hela.
“I’m going with Loki.” I tell the two brothers, who they immediately beg me to get on the ship and save me, along with the other Asgardians.
“I can’t escape, Thor. I want to fight. And then someone has to check that Loki doesn’t do stupid things. Again.”
Me and Thor look at the God of Mischief, who pretending to be offended by my words, he rolls his eyes.
In recent years, Loki has done horrible things –he tried to conquer a world that it didn’t belong to him, and then he faked his death, and left Odin alone on Earth- but in spite of everything, I can’t hate him. He’s still Loki, my friend.
Thor tells me to be careful, and after hugging him, I follow Loki in the castle.

This is the craziest plan I ever heard, I think to myself as I walk silently through the corridors of the castle along with Loki.
We should try to save our home, and instead we are about to resurrect Surtur, who will destroy it. And if we can’t even stop Hela with him? We will all die.
“Are you all right?”
I turn to Loki, who looks at me worried. Even if it doesn’t seem, I can feel that he is also afraid of what might happen.
Before I didn’t have time to observe him well; his hair grew a little. Seeing Thor with short hair, I thought how Loki would be without his long hair. It would emphasize his face and pale skin. He’s wearing different clothes from those he always wears; this uniform is perfect for him. But I believe that whatever he wore, I would love it. Now that I think, if Loki and I die, he will never know that I’m in love with him.
“We’re about to destroy Asgard. Our people might die. Yeah, never been better.” I say sarcastically. Should I tell him? I’m so afraid..
Finally, I and Loki arrive in the relics room, and we walk quickly toward the crown of Surtur; suddenly, however, Loki stops. I turn to look at what has attracted his attention: the Tesseract.
“Loki.. don’t even think about it.”
Loki looks at me, and sighing, he begins to walk again
“I don’t want to steal the Tesseract. Again.”
A sad smile comes to my face; because of Tesseract, Loki killed innocent people, but eventually Thor managed to stop him.
“You don’t want to steal it again, I know. I feel it.”
“Really? And what do you feel? I betrayed my brother, more than once.”
As Loki says these words, he approaches the Surtur crown, and after taking it from his hands, I and he go away, ready to resurrect the creature.
“You betrayed Thor, but you’ve always come back to him to help him. When Thor came back, he told me I would never see you again. Yet you are here, to try to save your people. Our people.”
Loki looks at me while still holding Surtur’s crown. I approach to him, and as I recover the crown, our hands touch.
“Actually Loki, God of Mischief, you’re a good man.”
I try to say more; maybe this is the exact time I should tell Loki that I love him. Like in a fairy tale..
Instead, I lower my gaze, remaining in silence. Then, I approach the Fire of Life, and I put the Surtur crown inside. As soon as I walk away, everything around me and Loki begins to shake. Me and the God of Mischief exchange a look, and immediately we run as fast as possible towards the castle doors, to go out and reach safety. Surtur is about to arrive, and he will soon destroy the first thing he will be facing: the castle. The place where exactly we are now and Loki.
I’m running as fast as possible, while Loki is exactly in front of me. Suddenly, I see cracks forming on the walls, growing more and more up to the ceiling. I block when I see part of the walls fall straight to me. I cover my head with my arms, but I feel my body move; when I open my eyes, I see Loki’s face a few inches from mine, he’s obviously worried.
“Are you okay?” he asks me as I swallow deeply; it’s the first time that he’s so close to me, and despite everything around us is falling, I can’t help but think of his lips so close to mine.
Unable to say a word, all I do is nod.
Loki helps me to get up, and immediately we start to run away. On the corner of my eye, I look behind what’s going on; the castle is on fire.
Suddenly, I snatch myself against Loki’s back; I turn to find out why he stopped, and my body freezes. The fire has now surrounded us.
“What are we going to do?” I scream to Loki. He approaches me, and he tightens my body to his; I blush, and not because of the fire.
“Close your eyes.”

At my awakening, everything is confused.
The first thing I remember is the conversation between myself and Loki; then I threw Surtur’s crown into the fire, and then his awakening.
The castle was beginning to fall one piece at a time, due to Surtur growing more and more. Loki and I started to run, and then I remember anything else. Maybe something hit me, maybe I fainted.
I look around: surely we are no longer on Asgard. The room I am in isn’t very big, there is only one bed, where I’m relaxed, a small furniture with a large mirror, and a window. I get up quickly, and approaching the window, I’m breathless. Outside there’s.. nothing. It’s all dark, here and there are some rocks, some smaller, some bigger. They are asteroids. We are in the space.
The door behind me opens, and Thor enters in the room. He looks at the bed, but when he sees that it’s empty, he glances through the room until his eyes stand on me.
He comes to me, and clutches me in his arms, whispering to be happy that finally I woke up.
“What happened?”
“I don’t know. Surtur was born, the castle was destroyed, and before I got on the ship, I saw you lying on the Bridge, helpless. I took you in my arms, and then we escaped.”
“Where’s Loki?”
Thor low the gaze to avoid mine; he sits on the bed, and I follow him. His silence makes me feel uncomfortable; I’m afraid of what he will say.
“I think.. I don’t know, maybe.. Loki isn’t there. I didn’t find him.”
I froze; Thor only found me on the Bridge. But maybe Loki escaped alone, maybe he didn’t want to come with us. The God of Mischief is always saved.. right?
“He’s alive, Thor. I feel it. Sooner or later we’ll see him.”
Thor looks at me, and nodding at my words of hope, he smiles. He still loves his brother after all. He also hopes that Loki is fine.
About twenty minutes later, I sit next to the window of my room, watching the infinite darkness of space; from Asgard I saw the sky in a completely different way. Only now I understand his true beauty. I think back to Loki, and because he didn’t want to come with us on the ship. Why did he want to leave us again? Why did he abandon me again?
“Are you sad for something?”
I jump, and in front of me, just a few feet away, there’s Loki, with a brilliant smile on his face. I smile, and I step forward toward him to embrace him, but immediately I stop. Loki seems confused; is he really that in front of me, or is it just an illusion?
“Why every time something horrible happens, you make everybody believe that you are dead, and in fact you are alive?”
“It must be my nature.” Loki says, smiling; I roll my eyes, but his laughter makes me smile too. If he’s here, illusion or not, at least means he’s alive.
"What happened in the castle?”
“The fire enveloped us; I hold you to me, and we’re gone because of my powers. But you’re faint; don’t worry. It happens when you’re too close to a beautiful God like me.”
I make a hysterical laugh when I hear his words; the funny thing is that he’s right. Well, probably I’m fainted because the fire, and the sudden ’teleporter’. But a bit is also his fault.
“I’m glad you’re alive Loki. Even if you’re not really here.”
Loki furrows, and slowly he takes a few steps toward me; my body freezes as he gets closer and closer. I’m afraid if I try to touch him, he can disappear, and this time forever.
“Y/n, I’m really here.” Loki says as if he had read my thoughts. His hand is approaching my face, and a shiver runs through my back when Loki’s soft hand touches my cheek. I look up, and my eyes meet his; Loki is getting closer to me, and I’m breathless. Is he really doing what he is doing? Loki, the God of Mischief, my friend that I love since I was a child, and I never said anything to him.. he’s kissing me. I don’t move, and I feel my face blush at the same time when Loki turns away from me, a grin appears on his face.
“W-why did you do it?” I ask Loki with the few words I can say.
“You thought I was just an illusion.”
“Well, you could shake my hand, or hug me, or give me a slap, or shake my hand..”
I close my mouth, no longer knowing what to say. Loki stares at me with a grin on his face as I feel more embarrassed.
“I missed you Y/n. I really missed you.”

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