Narita - The Fish which plays by the crowd - Chapter 2

It’s me again! This time with this expected chapter of The Fish which plays by the Crowd. It’s really my favorite manga for this year and I’m looking forward to sharing the rest of the story. 

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A really big thank you to @xxicedtea for the translation!

I feel like I’m kind of a jack-of-all-trades in Overwatch like certainly I don’t play EVERY hero but I regularly switch like all the time, and my most played is still only like at 21 hours and it’s weird. Like, a lot of my friends have their MAINS and barely play other heroes but I love switching and I feel like I’m not as skilled as they are because I lack the hours?

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More trans!Mercy?

If you like.  Have 2,000 words worth of two of the most important moments of Angela’s life, centered around conversations about her choosing a name for herself, and set in the same universe as this.

Feat. young Angela and Jesse as pals, and, 20 years later, Pharmercy, with some Jewish Angela, to boot.

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