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Doctor Who Panel - Ottawa Comic Con 2017

I haven’t made a post here for a long time but this is the most fandom thing I’ve done in a while and wanted to share. I attended the DW Panel and we had Peter Capaldi, Alex Kingston and Jenna Coleman in Ottawa which was great because we never get anyone and certainly not a current Doctor. They were all wonderful and I really enjoyed the event. Here are some of the highlights (I say highlights but this is basically the whole thing) 

Q: Peter Capaldi (PC) what do you look for in a partner?
PC: longevity 

Q: Fave monsters?
PC: Likes the Daleks but his long time fave are the Zarbi from the episode “The Web Planet”
Alex Kingston (AK): When she was young, she liked the Cybermen but now its the Silence (she never actually said the name, she acted like she couldn’t remember it and Jenna ended up being the one to say it)
Jenna Coleman (JC): She also likes the Silence. She finds the scariest monsters are the ones which never have to run but move slowly

Q: Fave Dalek scene?
JC: When she was a Dalek (“Asylum of the Daleks”)
CP: When they were shrunk and put into a Dalek (someone from the crowd shouted rusty, “Into the Dalek”)
AK: When she killed a Dalek (”The Big Bang”)

Q: Fave emotional scene without giving away any spoilers?
JC: The diner scene. It was shot over two days as they shot some of it in the diner and the rest in the studio. She didn’t think the parts shot in the studio were meant to be emotional, when she enters her Tardis. But Peter was there when he didn’t have to, in his own clothes, and seeing him there made her emotional
AK: Saying good bye to David, getting the ‘piss off’ (her words) from Matt, and for Peter it was hard for both of them to hold back their emotions but still be able to show it to the audience, of knowing what was in store for each other without the other knowing.   

Q: Jenna asked what it felt like dying
JC: She read in the script a raven was meant to fly at her, but she didn’t know what to expect on set and whether they would actually get a raven which would be made to fly at her. So when that didn’t actually happen she was so relieved she kept forgetting to actually die. 

Q: Choose a show or movie for Doctor Who to do a crossover
PC: Game of thrones, because the Doctor can definitely take down the white walkers
AK: Lord of the Rings, and the Doctor to face the Orcs
JC: The Thick of it (so Pc vs PC lol)

Q: If they could choose a name for the Doctor what would it be
JC: Bob 
PC: Doesn’t believe the Doctor’s name can be understood by humans, so it isn’t a word
AK: When she was shooting the scene where River Song whispers the Doctor’s name, the first take she whispered the name Shaniqua (lol) and caused an NG. She kept changing the name every time they shot the scene but wouldn’t say the other names 

Q: Fave line?
PC: I’m the Doctor
AK: Hello sweetie 
JC: Chin boy, show me the stars and Run you clever boy
(They got into a discussion led by PC, that Steven Moffat likes to notice peoples different quirks and bring it into the script. So it’s not a trait of the Doctor but the actor e.g. like how he runs funny. 

Q: PC why does Doctor who appeal to young people today especially with an episode like “Thin Ice”?
PC: (I loved how he answered this question and I’m not going to do it justice but here goes) There are a lot of things going on in the world right now which are bad, terrible and crazy. And it’s up to writers to put across a message about the times we live in. The Doctor sees things from a different perspective from all of time and space, to see what’s truly good and what’s truly bad. It’s in the Doctor’s character and we all have to keep saying it

Q: Do they have any input into how their character is written?
JC: The script is fluid during filming and Moffat can put a joke she said before hand into the script
AK: Likes how Moffat writes characters to be unique, so they have their own speech pattern. You can see a line without naming a character, but you can still picture exactly who would say it
PC: Even though he doesn’t change the lines they can interpret and deliver the lines differently from how they are written in the script

Q: Fave episode?
JC: Vincent and the Doctor, likes she get to meet such influential people from the past
AK: Also really loved Vincent and the Doctor, and that the Doctor was able to take him into the future and show him how people admired his genius and talent (honestly one of my fave scenes also)
PC:  Frontier in Space (To him only six people cheered after he said this so jokingly wondered if we are all really Doctor Who fans in the audience) 

Just some things I took note of

  • JC knew for a year she was leaving the show. They had already decided that Clara could not return to Earth, so she was happy with the ending
  • AK told us David Tennant loves playing cards. And him and Catherine Tate played a game between takes which she joined, to name a band from the last letter of the previous band named. They all got so into it they were more into the game than the actual scenes
  • Alex was asked if she would do a show with John Barrowman as River Song and Captain Jack Harkness. She walked over to Peter and covered his ears by placing his head against her stomach and covering the other with her hand, and whispered yes into the microphone.  
  • They are all for the next Doctor being a girl, PC added a woman as well. If they could choose an actress to be the Doctor AK choose Frances de la Tour, PC choose Melissa McCarthy, and JC declined to answer sort of hinting she could be in the running (the host added because the Doctor can choose a face he has known i.e. like PC)
  • AK says she can’t have a fave Doctor because it’s the same person but he is like a snake which sheds its skin (loved the metaphor), but River Song enjoys that the different Doctors come in different shapes and sizes ;)
  • PC told us his punk rock band was called Dream Boys (was very embarrassed by this admission) and his stage outfit was a white shirt and a bow tie. So he has always loved bow ties
  • The fave character AK has played is Lady Macbeth. She never grew up believing she would be on tv as Britain doesn’t have Hollywood like America. So hoped to make it in theater 
  • PC was asked what it was like being a side character on DW before becoming the Doctor. He gave a funny excerpt of how he sneaked into the Tardis and played with the console because he thought it would be his one and only chance in the cheapest toga ever made (thankfully it wasn’t)
  • me, when I saw "run you clever boy" on the chalk board: why doesn't it say "remember me" underneath instead of "be a doctor"?
  • me when I realise it's because he physically can't remember her: *cries for eternity*
13 Distressing Things From Doctor Who

1) Rose Tyler, I-
2) Donna Noble. Nuff said.
3) He didn’t want to go
4) Goodbye Raggedy Man
5) Soufflé Girl
6) Bill is the reason Cybermen have tears
7) Hello Doctor, its so very nice to meet you.
8) The Doctor had children. HAD children. Not anymore.
9) Except Jenny. Wait nope she died for a little bit there too.
10) Dr. Martha Jones saved the world and no one remembers
11) A Night on Darillium lasts 24 years. And it was one hell of a 24 years.
12) “Bad Wolf Girl, I could kiss you!” Ten: “Sorry, did you just say Bad Wolf?”

Bonus: Run You Clever Boy and Remember Me, except he didn’t.

I finally realised how Hell Bent needs to be fixed. Bc it just didn’t make sense that the Doctor even wanted to wipe Clara’s memories in the first place. It always felt like an empty build up to him forgetting her so there’s no twist and no surprise in that.
So instead I will plaster this headcanon over what really happened.
The Doctor didn’t want to wipe all of Clara’s memories, he just wanted to erase him bringing her back. He knew what horrible things he had to do in order to get there and that Clara could never approve of that and would forever hate him for that. So he wanted to make her forget that and keep travelling the universe with her just like before, because in fact, the Doctor IS a selfish bastard.
Clara figured out he wanted to erase her memories when he talks to Ashildr (just as it is) but instead decides he NEEDS to forget her entirely instead bc she can’t accept how far he is able and willing to go, just for her and sacrifices her life with the Doctor for his own good and the sake of the universe.

See, much more interesting and sense making build up that “I want that you are safe without me and your memories of me could be traced.” What bullshit, Moffat, really. The Doctor loves Clara so much he was ok with tearing space and time apart for her. He spent 4.5 billion years trapped in a torture chamber with only the thought of seeing her again keeping him alive and (more or less) sane. And you want to tell me he’d be ok with just dropping her somewhere just like that? He did that to be with her not to send her away!!


Question: what are your favourite monsters?

Capaldi (being stared down by a dalek on stage) This is awkward.


Question: Favourite lines? 

Capaldi: I am the Doctor. 

Kingston: Hello Sweetie 

Jenna: Run you clever boy. 


Question: How much input do you have on your character?

Coleman: Moffat writes as it goes, so jokes you might say can end up in the script. 

Kingston: Moffat creates the voice and that voice is unique. You would still know which character was speaking on the script even without the names there. This is a hard thing to do.

Capaldi: When we do the material the writers are observant and adjust based on what they’re seeing the actors doing. It becomes more like you as you do it.


Question: What episode of Tom Baker is your favourite?

Kingston: Epsidoe where the daleks took over the London Underground. 

Capaldi: (facepalming) that was Trouton and a yeti. 

Kingston: What about the big maggot?

Capaldi: Troughton


(x) (x)

“Run, you clever boy… And remember”

I’m in crisis after watching Docotr Who’s 9x01 for the fourth time today!
I ship Whouffaldi with my heart, and now mu heart is aching. Clara can’t die (again) can she? XD dear God, I have problems.

Anyway… Here it is, a sad drawing to cheer up my hopes. I’ve made myself sad.