run wisconsin


I got tagged by @fatgirlgetsfitatlast to post a selfie so here I am!

I had my longest run ever today and was able to leave town and get out into those classic Midwestern back roads. I took this pic 2 miles in and I think you can see the mix of fear and excitement in my eyes for the next 14 miles 😅. 

My lil sis joined me for the first couple miles as she trains for her first 5k!! I am so proud 😊 

Can I get some selfies from these cute pieces?? @britgetsfit, @betterthing-s, @getthickwithme, @workout-shortie, @daniefit, @sunnyhunnystudy  💙 💚

They say that the heart grows fonder with distance. Bill and Hillary sets their bedroom to flames during 2008 campaign period to make up for the times that they are away from each other.

My take of HBT in Iowa.

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Status: Running
☒ New Hampshire
☒ Wyoming
☒ Nevada
☒ New York


Old Aaron Rodgers commercial for Ford that I don’t think has been gif’d. Or it has, and here’s another version of it because I’m bored and there’s still 183 days until kickoff.

And hey, there’s not much hotter than a hot guy working out.

Steal her look: Angry Candle Girl

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Bath and Body Works Peach Bellini Candles (2): $34.00