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I’m already in love with this game. It hits real hard as a young adult. Mae is a fantastic protagonist.

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Your beauty belongs to me- Eisuke Ichinomiya (Kissed by the baddest bidder) smut shot!

Your hips swayed seductively as you walked along the podium in a skimpy swimsuit by the company that  requested to have their fashion show at Eisuke’s hotel. He practically forced you into joining the run walk the moment he saw their lingerie and swimsuit collection, the colors he chose for you accentuated the beauty of your skin and made you look absolutely gorgeous, making him so proud to have you as his woman that he wanted everyone around to know that your beauty belonged only to him.

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I’m sure this is going to be riddled with far more significance when viewed with context of the story, but even from my perspective, it’s kind of hilarious. These self-important “governing” members of Rosedick High’s council – who themselves seem to be in the control of another organization – begin this scene talking about chickens breaking out of world shells and starting revolutions, AS I’M CONVINCED THEY DO APPROXIMATELY TEN TIMES DAILY. All these implications of being puppet masters pulling strings and it’s all so ominous.

And they’re playing Old Maid.



But beyond funny, I start thinking. It’s seen as a child’s game, at least in my experience, which may be saying something about the players. Even more than that though, since they’re playing with more than two people, nobody truly wins, someone only loses.


[Reminder that I’m watching spoiler-free, and am not looking for any details beyond what I’m learning myself as I watch. Please be mindful of any comments!]

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Ravenclaws with ptsd? (I'm a Hufflepuff mainly but there's no blog like yours for us and Ravenclaw really matches my personality too)

I actually have lots of requests for this so I promise I’ll try and get round to it soon! I just thought I should let you know there actually is a hufflepuff blog! Feel free to head over to hufflepuff-headcanons and I can give you a more hufflepuff centric answer as well :)

The best part of Lego Batman Movie was Robin thinking that he had two gay divorced dads for most of the movie 

The second best part was literally every other moment in the whole damn film 

The worst part was that now I’d kill for a live action Harley Quinn played by Jenny Slate and I know it probably won’t ever happen.

I mean really instead of trying to lose weight, try to gain muscle. Get fucking ripped. Bench press a couch. Pick up fatphobic assholes and throw them across the room.