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anonymous asked:

Are you proud of your 5k "run" time?

Yes, I am!

I am not sure how to respond to this but I guess I will share two thoughts with you. 

  • Running is a very individual sport - unless you are in the elite of the elite, the only person most of us are competing with is ourselves. In my expierence, most runners know this, making me suspect you are not in the community. 
  • Running at my weight is not easy. What do you weigh anon? 150? 160? I invite you to join me any time, strap on an extra 190 lbs and race me. I am pretty confident that pound for pound I could take most people, including you. 

Good try anon - you didn’t piss me off, just made me smile at the thought of our “race” :) 


This was part of my final for my animation class! I’m really excited to make more of these little vignettes.