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Just a PSA

Please ladies, don’t make fun of women who wear pads. Like, don’t call them a dipper butt or a child or anything thing else degrading for not inserting a tampon in their vagina.

Some of us can’t physically do it for medical reasons and it hurts to try and if you manage it, it’s just even more excruciating to pull out. A lot of women fear TSS that runs rampant when a tampon is inserted for too long. Other women like me do it because it’s more comfortable for us.

For whatever reason it is, don’t make fun of it!

It’s already enough that periods in modern day society are considered taboo and shameful to have in any way shape or form, we don’t need to feel bad about how we contain it too.

Today is the 15th anniversary of The Sonic Stadium, one of the premiere news and fan websites centered around Sonic The Hedgehog. I’ve been there for ten years and eventually became a grumpy old mod, so I felt I had to do a little something and spread some cheer. So shout-out to all mah Sonic peepz, and Happy Birthday TSS!


Here are some other sizes for wallpaper’s sake: