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I completely forgot about this PO test I did back in 2009! The dream was to be a 2D Animator. I freelanced for a studio that was doing a test for a 2d Kung Fu Panda sequence. They didn’t get the gig, but I had a blast animating on paper and getting to work with a few of my favorite characters from the KFP movies!!!
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  • me: one of new vegas' best qualities is its replay value, and the variety of options for the ending is a major part of that.
  • also me: *only ever does the wild card ending because there's no way i'm letting any of these other assholes run my city*
But what if Yana just never reveals Our!Ciel’s name

Lizzy: He lied to us! He was never Ciel!

Edward: You mean he’s really - 

*cut scene*

Riel: *monologuing* So me and my brother,  -


Vincent: I’m naming him Ciel.

Rachel: What about our other son?

Vincent: His name is -

*Cut scene*

O!Ciel: I was always just Ciel’s spare

*Fandom shrieks*


Sebastian: Ok what is your name tho, we need to work out some contract issues

O!Ciel: A-

Sebastian: -stre ?

O! Ciel: -lois.

I’m now an international rowing competitor! I rowed in a regatta in Kenora, Ontario on Saturday. This is from my 1x race which was 2000 meters. I also rowed in a double with a teammate, which I’ll tell you about when I get a picture. 

Somehow I’m constantly surprised about how much better I’m getting, and at the same time that I’m constantly surprised by how slowly I’m progressing. I do know that I’m pushing the limit as to how far my fitness will take me. I won’t get faster until I I get technically better.

This is the same space I found myself in with swimming a couple of years ago. No amount of endurance training would lower my pace. I decided it was time to make the investment to get technically better and signed up for masters and took lessons. I got slower. And that pretty much sucked any enjoyment I had been getting out of swimming right out and I’ve swum very little since.

The difference with rowing is that, instead of my head being stuck under the water and looking at the bottom of a pool, I’m on a beautiful lake and often in a boat with some wonderful people. I hope I get better, but I could spend a lot of time rowing just like I am now and still enjoy it. 

here’s the thing

running is as beautiful and delightful as runners say. we’re not over- romanticizing it: it truly is our breath of air. 

but i think it’s important to consider that running half marathons and full marathons are not a “token” you need to be a runner. so many people i know hype themselves to run for halfs and fulls when they, in fact, are not ready for the mental and physical work that goes into training. in their minds, it’s this great fantastic wonderful piece of glory that they feel the need to achieve. and if they do not or cannot do so, then what’s the point? 

i’m not here to judge that. what i am here to say is that having a dreamy love affair with running is not exclusive to those who run or train long distances. anyone who wants to experience the beauty of running can. so don’t get caught up in buying all the right gear, posting all the right things, and running all the right distances. because honestly? nobody else cares. we’re all here running our hearts out because we love it.

“i get out the door at 5am because i want the pain and i want the struggle and i want the pure, simple joy i get from the trails and my feet on the pavement and the absolute clarity i find in my thoughts. the sheer depth of gratitude i feel for everything in my life when i am running is parallel to none. i become my best self through running, through enduring. it never stops exciting me. there’s always more to learn, there’s always room to grow. there’s always some challenge to find, to conquer, to push myself toward. that’s what makes me love it.” - @rachaeldee

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