run to the woods


Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: You can’t sleep, no matter what you do, so Sam helps you.

Words: 1103

Warnings: some language, fluff.

A/N: Hope y’all like this!


You went to bed at 9 pm because you were supposedly tired, finally able to try and leave aside the running thoughts that interrupt your precious slumber. You wanted- no, you needed to sleep. Once you thought you were finally drifting to dreamland, you woke up. Check the hour, it was freaking 9.30pm.

You put some nature relaxing sounds to see if you could finally relax. You suddenly felt your eyelids getting heavier every second, so you closed your eyes. You felt the sheets surrounding you have the perfect temperature, not too hot or too cool. Your breath got evener. Finally, you were getting to that much desired unconscious state.

You were running in some woods. How in the hell did you get here? You risk to turn around… Shit. Your eyesight gets set in an extraterrestrial following you. What the fuck? Are aliens even real? And why the hell is one following you?! You were getting tired pretty fast, you felt your muscles starting to get sore, that in any moment, they will fail you. And all of sudden, without a warning, you lost the ground and began to fall down a cliff. You started to scream and when you were about to hit the floor, you got up with a jolt and a gasp, craving for air.

“Fucking fuck,” you whispered scratching your scalp.

Your heart was pounding really fast. You grabbed your phone from your nightstand and check the hour again. It was 12 am. “I slept two hours and a half,” you thought to yourself.

Slowly, you lay down again on your back and stared at the ceiling. You were more than sure that you weren’t going to sleep anytime soon, so you decided to get up and drink something. Maybe chugging an entire bottle of Dean’s whiskey will help.

When you arrived in the library, you saw Sam sitting with his laptop. He looked up and smiled at you.

“Hey,” he cheered.

You sat on a chair next to him, placing your arm on the table.

“Hey,” you groaned back.

“I thought you were jumping with little sheep by now.”

“Nah, I was going to drown on Dean’s whiskey, but I wish I was jumping with sheep in a farm though…” you sighed. “You know that feeling when you are tired, you want to fall asleep so bad, and you are so ready for it, but the moment never comes. When you feel you are finally getting to it, it goes away, just like that, in the blink of an eye.”

“Yeah, I know it pretty well,” he laughed dryly.

“You know what the worst thing is? When I was finally dozing, I got a hypnic jerk,” you whined.

“Did you dream something?”

You chuckled, “I dreamt I was running in the woods…”


“An extraterrestrial that was following me.”

He laughed in a way you never heard him laugh before. It was so cute.

“It was terrible, I was running and I started to get tired, the freaking alien was right behind me and then I lost the floor. I was fell from a cliff and I woke before I hit the ground,” you told.

He laughed harder now, “Oh my God.”

“Don’t laugh,” you giggled.

“Sorry, but-” he chuckled, “It’s fun, admit it.”

“It is fun, but I hate that I can’t sleep,” you complained, “I feel miserable.”

You rested your head on your hand.

“Hey, got an idea,” he placed a hand on your knees, “Follow me, I’ll help you.”

“How?” you questioned.

“Just trust me,” he grabbed your hand and pull up, then dragged you down the hallway to your room.

He sat in the middle of the bed.

“Come here,” he said gesturing you to sit between his legs.

“What are you gonna do?” you asked skeptically, sitting where he showed you.

“I’ll give you a massage,” he offered.

“Shouldn’t I be laying on my stomach?”

“You trust me.”

As he said that he started to rub his hands with ascendant movements, from my lower back to the middle, from my sides to the middle again, and then he started to rub upwards, to my shoulders and trapezius muscle.

“Oh God,” I moaned, not even caring what Sam thought of it, “Sam, you’re really good at this.”

He chuckled, “Thanks, glad you’re liking it.”

“Like it? I love it.”

He continued with the massage for some minutes when you started to get very relaxed, the only thing you could think of was Sam’s hands on your back and the amazing feeling they were producing. You closed your eyes and sighed.

“Y/N/N…,” he said when he felt your breath getting even and you were a bit limp.

He didn’t get any answer, frowned and moved a little to check on you. You were asleep, not feeling anything anymore. He grinned and moved you and lay you down on the bed. You felt when he stood up and stirred.

“Sam?” you whispered.

“Yeah?” he asked in the same tone.

“Can you stay?” you asked nervously.

You felt a little shy about your petition, what was Sam going to think about this? He’ll probably say no anyway.

“Sure, let me get changed,” he smiled a little.

“Okay,” you whispered, grinning back at him.

It shocked you a little that he said yes, but made you feel happy at the same time.

You felt the bed sunk a little next to you when he came back a couple of minutes later. You turned around and laid your head on his chest and mumbled, “Thank you.”

He hugged you, kissed the top of your head, “Sweet dreams, Y/N/N, don’t let the aliens get you.”

You smiled and snuggled a little more into his chest. Despite the fact he was toned, he was so cozy and warm, it lulled to sleep right away.

When you woke up, you saw Sam next to you, still sleeping. You were in the same position you fell asleep and were afraid that you didn’t get any. You moved carefully trying to not wake Sam and grabbed your phone. It was 10 am. You watched the screen with eyes wide opened surprised.

Sam started to stir next to you.

“Morning,” he mumbled.

“Hey,” you smiled.

“What time is it?”

“10 am,” you answered.

“Really?” he asked surprised, “I’ve never slept this much.”

“Neither have I,” you answered. “Thank you, it was the best sleep night ever.”

“It was the best sleep night ever to me, too,” he smiled at you.

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narcissistnech  asked:

Lets talk about Derek after a full moon shall we? He does full shift now so thats got to take more out of him then beta shift we're used to seeing. We're talking bones rearranged and him turning into a whole other being. I want sleepy and slightly sore Derek the morning after. Stiles makes him pancakes in a stack bigger than his head. Feeding him in bed. LITERALLY feeding him and letting him sleep all day and when he does wake theres a massage and movie marathon waiting.

Yes. Yes to all of this.

Originally posted by fantasysystem

I can just imagine Derek in wolf form running through the woods at night and herding his pack so they don’t go on a moon-fuelled blood rage. But in the early hours of the morning when the moon sinks beyond the horizon and the sun begins to rise, Derek returns home - still looking like a wolf, climbs upstairs and into bed, but by the time he lays down, he’s a human again. He practically flops on Stiles he’s so exhausted. But Stiles just rolls over and cuddles him.
A few hours later, when Stiles finally drags himself out of bed, he makes a massive stack of pancakes (even though they’re not as good as the ones Derek makes), a mug of fresh coffee, and everything Derek wants. He takes it upstairs and feeds him before cuddling up with him again, streaming Netflix or having a movie marathon. 

That’s perfect!

I’m already in love with this game. It hits real hard as a young adult. Mae is a fantastic protagonist.

Happy Birthday to the brilliant Haruki Murakami -one of my favorite authors and one of today’s most compelling, imaginative voices.