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Holi - India

Holi is a spring festival, known as the festival of colour, or the festival of love. It is the most widely celebrated Hindu festival. Though it is mainly observed in India & Nepal, celebrations have spread to other parts of the world, and is now celebrated by non religious people who enjoy the sentiment of love and colour that the festival stands for. 

INDIA, Bangalore : Women take part in India’s first ever “Stilleto Run”, organised by women’s fashion brand Elle, on International Women’s Day in Bangalore on March 8, 2015. International Women’s Day is marked on March 8 every year and is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. AFP PHOTO / Manjunath KIRAN

kalagang AU headcanons that needs to be written [1/?]

If any of you plan to write any of these, please link me! I would be so thrilled to read it! Also, it’d be nice if this post was credited if any of you plan to write it! 

  • Princess AU where Wolfgang is a criminal on the run so he flies to India to lay low for awhile. During his stay, he sees the princess of Mumbai, Kala Dandekar, standing at a balcony during the Diwali festival. 
  • Kalagang Werewolf AU where Wolfgang is the alpha of the sensate pack in Berlin, and Kala, a human pharmacist that works for an organization whose main goal is to exterminate his kind, is his mate. 
  • Kalagang Neighbor AU where Kala and Wolfgang’s apartment are next to each other and Kala can’t sleep because of the sex noises coming from next door. 
  • Kalagang Soulmate AU where Wolfgang and Kala both live in a world where destined soulmates exists. These destined soulmates have the same birthmarks, and Wolfgang and Kala both have the same birthmarks. 
  • Kalagang AU where Wolfgang was bleeding from gun shots and, on his attempt to get to someplace safe, meets Kala Dandekar who helped him with his wounds until they were healed. Kala and Wolfgang got closer and closer until he one day disappeared leaving only a medallion in the shape of a wolf. It turns out that Wolfgang is the head of the most dangerous crime family in Germany, and he wants Kala. 
  •  Kalagang mythology AU where Wolfgang is Hades and Kala is Persephone. 
  • Kalagang mythology AU where Wolfgang is Achilles fighting for the Greeks against the Trojans during the Trojan war, and Kala is Briseis, the Trojan priestess who serves Apollo and was captured by Achilles. 
  • Kalagang medieval AU where Princess Kala was abducted by Wolfgang and Felix, two notorious and cunning thieves that were known in the Kingdom.

another thing that i want from iris after she founds out barry is the flash is to lowkey shit talk him on her blog like

“some sources have confirmed that the flash seems like the kind of the guy to pee himself one time in the fourth grade… but we cant be sure…”


“several sightings of the flash not doing his own laundry and lying to his best friends about important events idek”


Sure I can. Here’s  Alice, Isabel, and Francoise are all running for class president.  India is there teacher.

Alice is running because she’s a young social activist who always trying to fix the system. Isabel heard that if you become class pres the projects you do can count of extra credit and she needs good grades to stay on the soccer team. Francoise is running because she just likes winning at things and being in the spot light (her hobby is beauty pageants which she always takes first prize) specifically when it’s at the Alice expense.