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aquacura  asked:

aaah dean domino hcs?

Dean domino completely slipped my mind as a possibility. I’m ready to ruin him >:3c

Prewar (duh). I don’t remember his canon age but he surely wasn’t over thirty years old.

Grew up a spoiled little rich baby. His parents lost all of that when he was in his teens. Ended up running away from home. Had a fear of poverty and being forgotten.

Started singing on street corners till some retired musician took him under his wing.

If you think dean is an asshole now, you should have seen him before. He was absolutely absurd. He had no friends cause he ended up taking whatever he wanted from them abd left them ruined.

Was on the verge of having a complete breakdown that would have ruined his career when the bombs fell.

Did NOT take ghoulification well. Ended up going on a massive bender and awoke after missing his hair and nose.

Nobodies sure why some ghouls don’t lose their normal voices but dean believes their must be some god out there that spared him the fate of eternal smokers throat.

Spent a lot of time just staring out into nothingness for two hundred years and reflected on pretty much everything in a philosophical manner. Because of this he sometimes says very weird, cryptic shit out of nowhere.

He knows how to play the recorder (but only he is allowed to know this)

Has nightmares about losing his voice

And about being forgotten.

He’s a very emotional drunk and can end up spilling some pretty heavy shit if not monitored carefully.

He’s actually quite fond of Rex.

He finds emotional comfort in Lilly but won’t outwardly say it. You can tell if he’s having an off day because he sits in the kitchen all day where Lilly is.

He’s so happy that six got him a job at the tops but he’s to full of pride and shit to say anything more than a “thanks, partner”

He’s a hopeless romantic and boy does he know how to drag that shit out

I dare you to look me in the eye and say he doesn’t have some weird ass fetish of some sort. I’m not one to judge but I can’t help but think deans got some serious fetish skeletons in his fetish closet.

You’d think he be calm and cool no matter what you throw at him but you’d be dead wrong. Call him out on anything he’s wrongfully done and he’s gonna fall apart defending himself