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“suffering passive” or why japanese is hilarious

 in japanese there is not one but two types of passive voice! 

formation is quite simple, you have to add -れる to the informal negative form  for verbs of I group and -られる to the stem for the verbs of II group. 

exceptions change like this: 
来る ー> こられる 
する ー> される

  • first one - similar to english, for example: 

そのマンションは去年に建てられました。ー That apartment house was built last year. 

私は猫に掻かれました。ー I was scratched by a cat. 

For every passive sentence there is a corresponding active sentence. 

猫は私に掻きました。ー A cat scratched me.  

  • The other type of passive describes a situation when an action made by something/someone affected another person, who had no control over said situation.

So, if we use past tense, we simply state a fact. 

姉は私のお菓子を食べました。ー Elder sister ate my sweets. 

She did it, I know about it, but..uh, whatever. However, if we use passive voice the emphasis is that I’m very much pissed off that my sister stole my food. (As in my samurai honor has been abused by that treacherous act).   

私は姉にお菓子を食べられました。ー I was annoyed by elder sister eating my sweets. 

Person who experienced some kind of impact - topic marked by the particle 「は」, agent, making said action, marked by 「に」. 

Another (sad) example, if your favorite hamster dies you may say: 

私はハムスターに死なれました。ー My hamster died (and I’m suffering). 

Here are some words to use with passive voice (and to be unhappy with): 

踏む 「ふむ」ー to step on (foot) // наступить (на ногу)

殺す     「ころす」ー to kill // убивать

撃つ 「うつ」ー to shoot (at) // стрелять (в)

刺す 「さす」ー to stab // резать ножом

噛む 「かむ」ー to bite // кусать

轢く 「ひく」ー to run somebody over (with vehicle); to knock someone down​ // переехать 

撥ねる 「はねる」ー to have a car hit someone // сбить машиной

衝突する 「しょうとつ」ー to collide // столкнуться

追突する 「ついとつ」ー to have a car hit from behind // врезаться сзади

盗む 「ぬすむ」ー to steal // украсть

誘拐する 「ゆうかい」ー to kidnap // похитить

ハイジャックする ー to hijack // захватить самолет

墜落する 「ついらく」ー to have plane crashed // упасть (самолету)

爆発する 「ばくはつ」ー to explode  // взорвать

殺人者 「さつじんしゃ」ー murderer // убийца

殺し屋 「ころしや」ー professional killer, hit man // киллер

泥棒 「どろぼう」ー thief // вор

This isn’t a fuck customers per se, but it happened outside my store and I’m pissed off and want to talk about it.

So my store has the pretty standard facade. There’s are two double automatic doors with the windows, the sidewalk with those bolsters at the end, and a white striped pedestrian walkway outside the doors. We also have stop signs positioned on the road right before the walkway so people can quadruple check for pedestrians. About 10 feet from the stop signs we have speed bumps and then 10 feet from those we have additional sets of speed bumps between our storefront and our neighbors. Like I said, fairly standard strip mall parking lot.

One day I’m leaving work, and I look both ways before I cross the street. There’s only one SUV to my left, on the other side of the farther set of speed bumps. I wait a second, and the guy practically comes to a complete stop to cross the speed bumps, so with another set of speed bumps and a stop sign coming up, I figure I have plenty of time to cross and start to go.

As soon as I step into the road, this asshat slams on his gas, flies over the next set of speed bumps, and runs the stop sign. And because I was expecting him to not drive like an asshole, I was caught off guard and didn’t even think to run. I was directly in front of his fucking car, and he stopped within about 3 feet of me. I’m assuming he thought it’d be hilarious to make me run across the street? But we have camera surveillance in the front of my store, so I would straight up let somebody run over me there. Go ahead, pay my student loans. I made sure to take longer than necessary to cross in front of his car too.

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It was a regular Friday night and you were hanging out with your boyfriend, Saeran. He was completely absorbed in some computer game, but you didn’t mind. Just being together was enough for you two.

While he clicked away on his laptop, you sat upside down beside him, legs hanging off the back of the couch, ranting about your day.

“..and then the asshole said the final was 300 points! What the fuck happened to it being worth 100 points? On the syllabus it clearly said 100, but now he just changes it?”

“Uh huh,” Saeran murmured, too absorbed in his game to be paying much attention. “What a dick.”

“I know, right? Who does he think he is?” Sighing, you kicked your legs up and down a few times, thinking. “You know what? I wish somebody would run me over with a Mercedes Benz or a Ferrari or something.”

“You… want to be run over by a car?” Saeran asked, shooting you a startled look.

That caught his attention.

“Yeah,” you confirmed, “by a fancy car, so I’ll go out with class. I’ll be dead and I won’t have to take the final. It doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me.”

Saeran rolled his eyes, turning back to his laptop. “You’re an idiot.”

“But think about it,” you insisted. “If I’m dead, this wouldn’t be a problem.”

“That is if the impact kills you at all,” he pointed out. “A lot of people survive it.”

You considered it. “True, but it would be a good way to go. I’d die knowing that some rich motherfucker ran me over. It’d be an honor. Also, they’d have to pay for my funeral. Hell, you might be able to sue their asses and get rich yourself. It’s a win win for both of us.”

Saeran sighed and sat his laptop to the side as he stood up.

“Come on, you bum. We’re going out.”

You slid your legs from the back of the couch and sat upright. “Where to?”

“I’m going to steal one of Saeyoung’s cars and run you over.”


“No. We’re getting ice cream.”


After getting ice cream, you walked around for a bit, enjoying each others company. 

“I’m sorry,” Saeran said, glancing at you. “About your professor, I mean.”

“It’s okay,” you replied, and it was. Life sucked and your teacher was certainly an asshole, but at least you had Saeran. As long as he was by your side, you could get through anything.

im-the-ruler-here  asked:

Can we please have UT/UF/US/SF skelebros realizing that they're in love (before or after they're in a relationship)

Sans:  What?  No, he doesn’t love you.  Not like that anyway.  He just thinks you’re great, and smell nice, and your smile makes him smile.   Not that fake smile either, the real one that’s so beautiful it hurts.   And he wants you to be happy more than he wants his soul to beat, and every time he thinks about you he gets this warm feeling in his creaky old bones, and he wants to kiss your mouth. But, I mean, he doesn’t love you.  And even if he did - not that he does - there’s no way you could feel the same way about him.  So it’s a non-issue really.

Until, of course, you get together.  And he doesn’t know what the Hell you’re thinking but he has embraced whatever brand of madness made you decide this was a good idea.  It is a soft realization, a dawning acceptance, as he finally acknowledges what has been in his soul for a while now.  He loves the shit out of you.

Papyrus:  He is a person who falls in love easily, and isn’t afraid to show it.  He probably told you that he loves you even before you two got together.  And it’s true!!  He loves his friends and datemates alike!

But he knows you’re special one day when you leave.  Wow, he misses you already.  Why don’t we live together yet?  And then it just… clicks.   His vision of the future has you in it; it has for a while, he realizes.  He loves you.  He loves you!!!  He calls you immediately to gush about how important you are to him, how precious and loved you are, and how happy you make him.  If he can hold back from proposing there and then he is doing so soon enough.  And whatever happens he’s going to start acting as if you already live with him.  He might start relocating your things without asking.

Red:  I do not think any of us anticipate this going well. Sitting behind bars, Red realized this is true love.

No crosswalk in sight, but no cars either.  You quickly grab Red’s hand and step out onto the blacktop, head still on a pivot just in case.  So it’s really a surprise you didn’t see the cop until he was right there, arms crossed and frowning thunderously. Red’s knowledge of street laws is pretty rudimentary: don’t run somebody over, no matter how slowly they’re walking.  That he learned with Boss the hard way.  But he really doesn’t get what the problem is, and this Cop is stressing his babe out.  He doesn’t like seeing you nervous.  He puts a hand on your elbow, glaring at the cop.  “are you fucking serious?  c’mon buddy there aren’t even any cars around, what’s the big deal?” The cop does not like his tone, and probably the fact that he’s a monster.  Red does not like the cop not liking him, and how agitated his S/O probably is by this point.  One thing leads to another, and he’s in handcuffs for obstruction of justice.

God fucking dammit.  His S/O has got to be so upset right now.  That is the opposite of what he wants, ever.  In fact, during that whole thing with the police officer he was more pissed that he was being a dick to you than a dick in general, or even to him.  The cops are like the guards Underground and he knew damn well that other than- ok, sort of including Papyrus, they were all assholes.  And…. do not treat people the best.  When he saw that cop bearing down on you he wanted to throw his arm over you, growl and bare his teeth, crush you to him, because you’re HIS and he’ll be damned if some- FUCK!!!  He’s…. he’s got it bad doesn’t he?  He really loves them… shit, if they ever talk to him again.  He kind of ruined your night.

Edge:  He doesn’t fall in love quite as easily as Papyrus, but it’s close.  Though he’s also much less likely to show it than Papyrus, or admit it even to himself.  So chances are he won’t really know for a while.

Edge can tell you’ve had a bad day; the way you move your bones must be lead in your flesh, and he can almost see the bags under your eyes weighing your face down.  He is immediately rushing to lay you in bed, getting you a blanket, some lasagna, whatever drink you like, fussing over you like only a Papyrus can.  “IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE YOU NEED?!  GOOD!  PLEASE CALL ME IF YOU NEED ANYTHING ELSE!!”

The whole time Sans is watching, laughing at the big strong monster coddling you like a mother hen.  “SANS?!  WHAT IS SO FUNNY?!”  “it’s nothing Boss, jus’ cute how much you care.”   “SANS!!  YOU KNOW PERFECTLY WELL I AM NEVER CUTE!  WE’VE TALKED ABOUT THIS!’  “yeah yeah, whatever you say.”

Papyrus storms off, huffing and puffing, until he slams the door to his room shut.  But then he gently swings it back open in case you call for his aid; he cannot allow you to wait for even a minute, or strain your voice yelling very loud. ……….. fuck.  He does care.  Until you are gone, health fully restored and a container of lasagna under your arm, he has a slight persistent blush every time he allows his eyes to linger on you.  He loves you……. he has to go into the forest to scream for a few hours.

Blue:   He’s always known.  The moment he got the first flicker of warmth in his soul upon looking at you he recognized and accepted it, embraced it even.  He has always wanted to be in love!  

It happens in a quiet moment, cooking a sweet treat that the King recommended.  There was an… accident with the confectioner’s sugar and it is absolutely everywhere, you are both on the floor, and you are giving him your best ‘I told you so’ look.  “HEHE… MWEHEHEHE!!!!  Y-Y-YOU LOOK LIKE HAPSTA’S COUSIN!!”  So does he!  You both look like ghosts, bathed in white, but soon there are tracks in the sugar going down Blue’s cheeks as he shakes with laughter.  You’re laughing now too, doubled over.  God you’re beautiful like this.  “HUMAN…. YOU ARE AS SWEET AS THIS SUGAR!!”  

Honey:  You two are just chilling on the couch when he realizes.  You’re laying on him, on his chest as he is wont to put you.  Tenderly he brushes your hair back, careful not to get the strands caught between his joints.  If he focuses he can feel the thump of your heart against his sternum, his soul aching to settle into the same rhythm.  He wants you to be like this forever.  Here, with him.  With a smile he leans down to press a kiss to your forehead, pulling you closer.  “hey honey bunches… you’re special to me, ya know that?”

Black:  He realizes that he loves you when he starts showering you in gifts.  He’s a pretty material person, and emotionally constipated to the extreme.  When he wants to show how important you are to him he just shoves something sparkly and expensive in your hands and calls it a day.  It’s like an itch; if you two are out and he sees something neat he Needs to give it to you immediately.  He’s like a little kid with a neat rock; he likes it so he gives it to you.  If he tries to suppress the urge he vibrates with the pent up impulse until he gives in.  

IF THERE’S A PRIZE FOR ROTTEN JUDGEMENT I GUESS I’VE ALREADY WON THAT.  NO S/O IS WORTH THE AGGRAVATION.  THAT’S ANCIENT HISTORY, BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!  Who dy’you think you’re kidding?  They’re the earth and heaven to you.  Try to keep it hidden, Black we see right through you!  Boy you can’t conceal it, we know how you’re feeling.  Who you thinking of?  NO CHANCE, NO WAY, I WON’T SAY IT, NO, NO!!!

Puppy:  He hasn’t gotten out of bed in…. a while.  It’s all started to blend together, honestly.  His bones feel cemented in place, too heavy to lift even an inch.  Nevertheless, when his phone gives a little ping he groans and reaches for it, motions slow as molasses.  ‘Hey, are you free?’ 

Is he really doing this?  It’s a bright sunny day, and just the thought of how light out it is has him hissing a bit.  But your smile is brighter… if he gets out of bed he will get to see you smile.

With a creak of bones and a low groan he pries himself off of his sheets, shuffling into the bathroom.  There’s no way he’s getting in the shower right now, the way things are he would never leave it again.  A whore’s bath will do, he thinks, as he runs water over a rag.  Ugh, there is a light dusting of chalky powder over his bones, that is how long it’s been since he bathed.  It’s even a little tacky in places.  He needs to get his life together.  Remember, you’re doing this for them.

Despite all of this… when he drags himself out of the house and sees you for the first time that day…. he feels a flutter of happiness in his chest.  It was worth it. 

States voted most likely to..

Alabama-Jump off a moving vehicle

Arkansas-scream at a pig for no reason

Delaware-boast about being ‘first’

Florida-lay in the sun for a day, getting the worst sun burn of 2017

Georgia-eat 20 peaches in a single sitting

Kentucky-smoke enough cigarettes in a day to kill a human

Louisiana- complete a voodoo ritual

Maryland-lose $20000 and say it’s ‘nothing’

Mississippi-misspell their own name

Missouri-get lost in a cave system. Seriously?

North Caroline-run somebody over, then reverse back over them

South Caroline-say they will 'secede’ if they don’t get their way

Tennessee-try and sing a song combining pop, rock and country into one mashup.

Texas-fall asleep on a horse.

Virginia-fight Massachusetts on who had the first thanksgiving

West Virginia-move house if they see a spider

maybe it's a part of me you took to a place i'd hoped i'd never go

Eric Harris isn’t a nice boy, or a good boy, but most of the time he can play pretty well at being both.

Not tonight, though. Not tonight, because shit happens. Shit rolls way back off the beach of your life, and you think that it’s gone for good and you’re happy, but it comes back two minutes later in a wave twenty feet high and throws itself down and fuck, hell, Goddamn, so that’s what it feels like when fate piledrives you.

Dylan Klebold is mostly sad and tired. He lets Eric into his big, empty house and disappears up to his room without a word.

Eric follows him, but pauses to kick the skirting board. And again-WHACK. And again-WHACK.

“Hold on one fucking second.” Dylan’s long feet make a racket on the stairs. “What the hell are you doing?”

Eric shrugs. “I dunno,” he says, and winds back his leg for another go.

Dylan leaps the last four steps and wrenches Eric away from the wall. “No, no, no, no. You don’t get to do that. Stop it.”

Eric makes a sound like a wild horse dying and jerks away from him. “Fuck off!”

“What’s wrong?”


“What’s the matter, Eric?”

“Nothing’s the fucking matter, okay? Let go-let go-aww, go fuck yourself you piece of shit.”

Dylan half-carries, half-drags him into the sitting room and locks the door behind them. It reminds him of when he was younger, when a husky came ravening into their garden after the cats and he had to throw all his weight onto it to keep it from killing them.

He pushes Eric down onto the couch. His eyes and teeth flash like lightning; Dylan hops away from him.

“You’ve got a serious problem.”

“Don’t we all?” Eric asks, a little calmer now that he’s gotten some of the rot out of his system.

Dylan tugs hard on his hair, the way he always does when he gets frustrated. “You’re not like this normally-”

“I am, it’s just dialled down. Most of the time.”

“Did something piss you off at school? Is that why you’re so mad? Or is it your parents?”

Eric shrugs, unaffected. “To be honest, I don’t even know. I got up this morning and wanted to kill the world. I kept staring at people all day, wondering what it’d look like if their heads exploded.”

After a moment of contemplation, Dylan eases himself down beside him. “So, you’ve basically been going about your day with the urge to kill festering in your head.”

Eric smirks, doesn’t deny it. “Yeah? And your point is?”

Dylan looks in his face and sees no fright, no remorse-only the sick, pallid joy of being atrocious.

“How do you stand it in there?” he murmurs. “In your head? Does it ever even hurt, to be that angry all the time?”

Eric’s hand splays itself over his own thigh, the fingers clinging to his jeans. “Hurts now, I guess. I’d like to make it back home without doing a hit-and-run. Feels like my brain’s a pot boiling over.”

A long silence then, with the sweet night air coming in through an open window and Dylan thinking hard, turning around and around in his head and never getting away from what they were speeding towards.

“Hit me,” he says at last, quick, like breaking a bird’s neck.

Eric snorts, out of surprise more than anything. “What?”

“You got to take it out on somebody, do it on me.” Dylan knew that he was talking too fast and didn’t care. Had to get it out of him, like vomiting poisoned meat. “I don’t care, I can take it. I’d rather you knocked me around a little instead of going to school tomorrow and punching someone’s lights out. Or, or running somebody over on your way home.”

Eric stares at him, his mouth open just a little bit.

Then he swallows-the sound of it is deliberate and singular in the still air-and whispers, “Okay.”

They get on their feet and move towards the centre of the room, moving slow, being careful. They stay well away from anything breakable, keeping to the bank of couches and the shag carpet.

“How do we start?” Eric asks. His voice is quiet, even reverential. A new convert before the altar.

Dylan shakes the image from his brain and replies, “Uh, just punch me. Don’t aim for the face or the neck or the, um, crotch. Apart from that, everything’s okay.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yeah.” Might as well do it right. They can discover limits as they go along, anyway.

Eric nods, eyes bright and hard. He steps forward, and Dylan only has time to think, “batter, batter, swing,” before a bony set of knuckles sinks into his abdomen.

He sinks back onto the couch, wheezing. There’s a new sensation there at the epicentre, an ache that sharpens and throbs. Eric stands over him as he catches his breath, watching with the single-mindedness of a crocodile.

“You’re still good?” But it’s not a matter of permission at this point; more a courtesy, really.

Even so, Dylan gasps, “Yeah, still good,” and it doesn’t feel like a lie. He gives himself a moment for the pain to fade, and struggles upright. “Okay, let’s go. Don’t check in after every punch-just go with it, alright?”

Eric grins, and there’s something dark in his face, leaking through the seams. “Cool. You ready?”

Dylan nods. Eric collapses him back onto the couch with a blow to the sternum, hauls him back up by the collar of his shirt and does it again.

It doesn’t feel like a humiliation, somehow; maybe it’s because Eric’s punches feel like fighting, and Dylan knows that fighting is fair and decent. It’s not done to hurt, but to settle things. The only difference here is that Dylan is taking it, letting it happen, increasingly leaving the world of conscious thought, wrapped up in neurons and brain electricity.

It hurts, of course. He can’t catch his breath or get a break-Eric’s gone from “mildly interested” to “fucking possessed”-and the pain spreads like spilt milk or melting butter. Sometimes it’s nothing more than irritating, like when Eric pinches the tender flesh of his shoulder hard enough to make him grunt. Others, it’s pure white heat, like when the little demon thumps Dylan’s thighs with his fists and kneads them to draw it out.

And it all feels wonderful. Strange to say, but it’s the truth-there is nothing as good, and never will be, as this constant blizzard of movement, this total here and now. This is what masturbating in a dream feels like.

When Eric throws him back onto the couch, sits astride him and pulls their mouths together, Dylan is not altogether surprised.

Eric pulls back and gasps, “I-I know you said to not check in, but-can this be something we could do? I think it needs to be, I think we have to do something fully weird or it won’t work.”

Dylan takes a moment to focus. When his eyeballs stop rolling around, he sees Eric, how rucked up he is, how raw and vulnerable and present, and says, “I know what you mean. Go ahead.”

Eric takes his head in his hands and kisses him again, sliding his tongue into his mouth and whimpering like it’s all he’s ever wanted. Stops, gulps down air, comes back.

Dylan quits spacing long enough to wrap his hands around Eric’s soft-spiky head and opens his mouth so that his lips won’t catch on the boy’s teeth. They do that for a while-and it’s so good, Dylan you’re so good-but it seems stupid to just do that.

So Eric sits back a little and helps Dylan to take off his shirt, peeling off his like it’s something to be endured. There’s a lot of bruising on Dylan’s torso, and he swoops down and puts his mouth to the reddening pulp.

“We should go all the way, we should do that now,” he keeps panting, and Dylan can’t help but agree.

Standing up to kick off his pants is harder than he thought it’d be; Eric holds onto him, giggling, shedding his own.

They fall back onto the couch-Dylan hopes to God that they won’t leave any stains-and try to wrestle each other over the line, but that doesn’t work. So Eric props himself up on all fours and announces that hey, he was on the Internet the other night and the wildest pop-up popped up, and it gave him an idea, and does Dylan know how to put on a condom? He does, and he tells Eric how, and then they’re down to it.

And that’s how Dylan Klebold ended up getting bent over a couch and fucked by his best friend. And you know what? It was a fuckin’ trip-the two of them all tangled up, Dylan wincing sometimes and laughing so hard he thought he’d die, feeling all the blood rush to his head, making everything in his mind clang together, Eric’s breath white-hot on his back.

It was great.

When it was over, Eric felt as weak and gentle as a kitten.

For the first time in a few years, whenever he sees a pedestrian when he’s driving home, he doesn’t picture their heads blown open.

You create your own reality absolutely. There are no accidents, no coincidences. Your whole reality is a co-creation. You do it. If somebody runs you over with their car, you have created it. If somebody becomes very angry with you and commits a violent act upon your body, you have created it. If you have created it, who do you forgive? You see what I am saying? Now, you are not a victim. You may be, if you choose, but what we are speaking about in the expansion of consciousness, preparing yourselves in your stampede for enlightenment, when you say ‘forgive’ you are really saying that you have blamed somebody for doing something to you. But you see beloved, how can anybody do something to you when it is you who creates the reality, hmm? So we may say perhaps, that it would be appropriate to make this word ‘forgive’ belong to another vocabulary, not of this age.
—  P’taah

Alrighty so I’ve been seeing alot of yuri!!!on ice cosplay videos so here’s a PSA to all non-skater cosplayers. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT DANGEROUS JUMPS AND SPINS IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!! Find an experienced skater that can teach you without other people on the ice. If you are just learning, do not do quads either. While quads are becoming more common in figure skating today, they are extremely dangerous and can result in head injuries even for experienced skaters. For those of you who want to learn, or want to better your skills, I have a couple tips.

1) Get good skates. This should be obvious but skates need to be in fair-new condition, need to fit(yes it will be tight but not too tight) and you need to sharpen the blades biweekly if you skate once a week.

2) Never walk on surfaces other than ice without skate guards. This will not only damage the surfaces of which you are walking on, but will lead to severe ankle injuries.

3) Dress warmly but freely. Bulky clothes like snow pants may be tempting, but will ultimately lead to you sweating to death and becoming uncomfortable. Light sports clothes like leggings, yoga pants, and running jackets will work just fine.

4) Do not wear jeans or thick socks. Skating is exercise and you will sweat. Jeans and thick socks contain the sweat which will freeze and ultimately make you colder. Along with that jeans are not made for figure skating and restrict movement.

5) Do not attempt jumps or combination spins while you are first learning. You may drastically injure yourself and may not be able to skate again. (Broke my foot once because I landed a salchow on the flat, more on that later)

6) Get a teacher! They don’t have to be professional, but just find someone who can give you honest criticism and feedback and who is more experienced than you.

7) Please for the love if god do not let your free leg get sloppy. Please don’t. When skating with others, a sloppy free leg can result in stitches for someone else or a fall for you especially when practicing harder jumps. (The free leg is the leg that is not on the ice. This may vary depending on what you are attempting.

8) When learning jumps, start with a waltz. A waltz will prepare you for more advanced jumps and you’ll become more confident in your abilities. (More detailed post on this later)

9)Practice falling. I should’ve put this in here earlier but practice. Falling. Learning to fall safely will lower the chance of injury when you inevitably, do fall. When you fall, DO NOT lean backwards. Leaning backwards makes you more unstable and more at risk for head injury. When practicing falling, always bend your knees, using your hands as a touchdown but keeping them in fists so they don’t get run over by somebody else’s blades. Always practice balance and center of gravity.

10) And last but most important, practice practice practice!! You won’t be grand prix material overnight but by practicing you will not only become faster and better, but will learn to trust the ice and have more confidence in yourself. That’s all for now, be on the lookout for more posts soon!


But Lori said you’d forgive me.
- She did?
Yeah. She said that you have a huge heart and you’d understand, ‘cause you’ve always had this thing about you since you were little, this ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. You were that kid on the playground, you know, who’s the first to run over when somebody fell down.

Honestly, I’d say that the story of Ilvermorny makes more sense as a romanticized story about how the European wizarding community stole children from Native tribes and then covered it up by saying they willingly sent their kids there than what it’s presented as, the Native tribes willingly sending their kids to a school run by somebody that came over on the Mayflower and runs a school exactly as all of the other Europeans did when they stole kids from the tribes and indoctrinated them into the European lifestyle, which resulted in their children not even being able to talk to them because they only knew English and the tribes did not.

There is no way those tribes would willingly send some of their kids to be taught by Europeans while their other kids were being forced into that same thing.

So maybe that story we were told was actually full of lies. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We all know that JK Rowling loves to romanticize terrible people in her writing, after all.

And, I mean, Isolt Sayre would be the first time we’ve ever had a story about somebody in the Slytherin/Gaunt family that’s “not evil.”

jason taking credit for inspiring the trevor project donations is like me running somebody over and then taking credit for people sending them flowers in the hospital like????

ok guys, so here it is the story of how this happened to me:

so i’m from new york, and when i heard that tatiana was coming to toronto comic con i could not think about anything other than how desperately i wanted to go. it physically hurt, like i wanted to go to this more than anything. tatiana maslany changed my entire world. i am also a performer (aspiring performer anyway) and finding her, changed me. i fell in love with the art of performing all over again through her, i was reminded of why i fell in love with it in the first place through her, and she moves me, inspires me, blows me away, astonishes me, more than anybody. she is my greatest inspiration and there was nothing i wanted more than to stand in front of her and tell her this. somehow, thanks to my dad, who understood how desperate i was to go to this, i was able to go. (it was an early birthday present, talk about the greatest birthday present in the history of ever…) so i booked my flight and hotel and everything and i was going to toronto for the weekend.  i got to toronto friday night, this is actually my first time in toronto and it’s amazing i love everything about it. so saturday, i woke up bright and early, i honestly couldn’t sleep at all i was so anxious and excited and just a complete wreck about what could possibly happen that day. the panel started at 4 but i got there at like 11:30…so yeah i was waiting around for almost 5 hours. slowly a line for orphan black started to form and we all waited and waited and waited. they announced that they were doing a random lottery type thing where 150 random people will get free autographs. a lot of people were upset that it wasn’t just the first 150 people in line, cause like come on the people who have been waiting in line for 5 hours should definitely get a little something. so we had to pick a ticket and at the end of the panel they said they would call out a color and whoever gets that color gets to go to the autograph signing. this added so much anxiety, i had red, and i was so so so nervous. OY. ok so finally it was 4 and we all run in and me and 2 girls i was with (who were amazing and so kind to me while i was having a complete emotional breakdown thank you to everyone there who was so sweet clone club is so amazing) so we sit in the front row and i’m just staring at her name and i’m like…she’s gonna be sitting in front of me in like 5 minutes idk what’s gonna happen to me…so they show a little season 2 promo type thing and then they announced them and they walked out. and tatiana freaking looked like absolute perfection her hair, her outfit like i was already having a full on heart attack, and jordan is the cutest thing. they were right in front of me. there they were this was actually happening. so the people doing the interview asked them a bunch of questions and i was trying to take some pictures and videos but i COULD NOT PHYSICALLY GET MY HAND TO STOP SHAKING it was uncontrollably shaking so the videos suck. at one point tatiana kind of looked over to where i was sitting and i screamed i love you and she waved, and that alone killed me, i had no idea what was about to happen…so they asked audience members if they had any questions and i just kept thinking to myself, i need to come up with a good question, and i wanted to think of something that she doesn’t get asked a lot. so i’m just sitting there desperately trying to think of something. and then i did! and i whispered to the girl next to me if she thought it was ok and she was like yes yes ask it! so i started to raise my hand. and they weren’t calling on me. but i kept raising it and then the 2 girls next to me started pointing at me and waving in my direction and trying to get attention and then finally THEY CALLED ON ME. so i stand up and i’m all ready to ask my question, and then tatiana looks at me…and i lost it. everything stopped. everything. i started crying, and shaking, and i just poured my heart out to her right there in front of 300 people, the co creator of orphan black, everyone. it just happened. and as i’m speaking somebody runs over to me and hands me a microphone and i just keep saying how i’m gonna cry i’m gonna cry. and i told her what she meant to me, how i believe she is the epitome of why this is the most magical art form, that she is my ultimate inspiration, that she changed my whole life, and i was kind of there but not, like it was so completely surreal, and then finally i look at her eyes, and she’s crying. she’s looking at me, the most genuine, kind eyes i have ever seen in my entire life, looking at me like i’m the only person in the room, not just another fan. i can’t even explain it. it was the most powerful thing i have ever felt. and she was moved to tears. and somebody screamed out “she’s crying!” and tatiana wipes her eyes and says that was so beautiful. and honestly i don’t even know what to say. tatiana maslany changed my whole world. i feel like i have a really strong connection with her as a performer but also as a human being and for her to be completely moved to tears by my words, it was an indescribable feeling. indescribable. so i ask her my question, i asked which is her favorite relationship to portray between 2 clones, and someone goes great question! and then tatiana goes that is a great question! ( i was barely even alive at this point) and i sit down and she answered the question (she said sarah and rachel for s2) and she was looking just at me the entire time she answered my question and i s2g i barely even heard what she said i was just staring at her crying.  and now i’m crying just thinking about it. so the entire panel was amazing of course. they were so funny and perfect. just everything and more. omg i love them so much it’s ridiculous. so finally it was time for them to do the lottery. and he pulls out a ticket and turns it over and IT WAS REDDDDD. i started screaming and freaking out and everyone in my area who had red was freaking out and tatiana was laughing at us and it was amazing. so we all run to the line to get our autographs. we get to the line and we’re just standing there waiting and tatiana and jordan walk out, and tatiana walks towards me looks at me smiles and waves to me..everyone kept telling me how she’s always going to remember me and how people were crying and i just felt so overwhelmed i about a dream come true holy shit. i’m standing in line waiting and some lady from the space channel comes up to me with a camera guy and tells me they were so moved by my story and asked me if they could interview me for a segment on monday night…what?!??!?! i was like um i mean if you insist….?!??!what?!??!?! omg. so the lady starts asking me questions about why i love tat and how i came from new york and honestly i don’t even remember what i said but i guess we’ll find out soon…i think it airs on monday and i won’t be in canada anymore so hopefully someone will be able to send it to me. and then not only did they interview me but they filmed the entire thing. they filmed me waiting in line, they filmed the moment i mET HER. so i’m waiting in line shaking, it’s almost my turn. and keep in mind they were pretty strict about just staying at the table and getting a picture signed, they weren’t allowing you to go around and take a picture or anything like that…so finally it was my turn and i walk up to her and i felt like everyone was watching (which was probably because they were) the cameras were filming me and i look at her and i go “tatiana can i give you a hug?” and she stands up and opens her arms and i run behind the table and hug tatiana maslany. the warmest, kindest, most genuine, unbelievable hug i have ever received i never wanted it to end. the greatest moment of my entire life. and i was crying and shaking and just wow i can’t even f;lkjsd;fljsd;lkf shit. so tatiana saw that this was being filmed and started doing poses for the camera and i’m just standing there staring at her laughing and crying and crying and laughing and she wasfucking HOLDING MY HAND guys i’m trying to explain this as calmly as possible but just know that i have not eaten or slept since this happened. this is so surreal and such a dream come true that my stomach has been in knots ever since. so finally i go back around and this girl, just there is no comparison. she is the definition of a kind hearted, down to earth, genuine, real, beautiful human being. she spent so much time with me, and with everyone there just really talking to people not like fans, but like friends. guys she was holding my hand basically this entire time and there are some pictures where she is looking at me with tears in her eyes. i wrote her a letter, so i handed it to her and she was so touched, and she made a funny comment about how it was “so dense” or something it was so cute. and then she ASKED ME IF I WROTE MY TWITTER NAME IN IT LIKE YES OF COURSE I DID TATIANA OMFG. then we talked about so many things omg she remembered that i said i was a performer so she started talking to me about good theatre to see while i was here and she told me she just saw bryan cranston’s show and it was amazing, and then i told her how much i loved her haircut, and she said she wanted a change and then said something about my hair too and omg i was floating on a damn cloud. then she signed my picture. and held my hand again before i walked away and guys. i know we all love tatiana maslany we all love her so much,and when you love someone that much you hope to god that if you were to ever meet them, they would be kind to you and it will be an amazing experience and tatiana maslany was above and beyond anything i could have possibly imagined. she just kept looking at me with tears in her eyes and holding my hand and it was a complete dream come true. like that is all i can say. it was an actual dream come true. the definition of a dream come true. so finally when i had to leave her i walked over to jordan and omg. he already recognized me from the panel and he looked at me and started telling me how they were all so moved by how genuine i was and my authenticity and to make sure i always keep that with me and to never change and i was stunned. it was so sincere and i was blown away that he was saying this to me. blown away i couldn’t even speak back to him i was like stuttering and i think i said something about this cast and how i am amazed everyday iDK i don’t remember tbh i was just like jordan gavaris is calling me genuine and authentic and telling me to never change. AND he takes out his picture and told me he already SIGNED IT IN ADVANCE he had it waiting for me WHAT?!??! and on it he wrote “thank you so much, please never change” holy shit i couldn’t believe it. so finally i leave the area and i just needed to find a wall and fall over. we waited around for a little and when the signing was over tatiana ran over to a group of us that were standing there and took a group shot it was the most precious thing omg she’s so perfect it’s unfathomable how perfect she actually is like. holy shit. so after that i left and i cried hysterically like probably more than i ever have in my entire life. and the more i look at pictures and videos the more surreal it all feels. it was truly the best day of my life. i got to hug my hero, i got to thank my hero, and she was the greatest human being i have ever had the honor of meeting in my 20 years of life. i am so grateful and thankful for the day i decided to watch orphan black because it brought me to tatiana maslany and tatiana maslany is the ultimate gift.

ps. that night i got a notification on my phone telling me that tatiana maslany is now following me on twitter. SHE FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER. i repeat SHE FOLLOWED ME ON FUCKING TWITTER

the most surreal, indescribable, perfect day of my ENTIRE LIFE.