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RinHaru Week - Day Two - WATER.

well, it’s not exactly water but… i tried?

having a dog named water wouldnt be so bad if their cat wasn’t named mackerel. rin should probably never let haru buy their pets by himself. also, tiny shoutout to @animewolf112 for bringing mizu into this world !! 

When I talk about Matsuoka Rin with someone else, the first thing that springs to my mind is his smiling face.
His dazzling smile from when he said “I’ll show you a sight you’ve never seen before.” Even now I still think about it at times. If only at that time… If I hadn’t run into Rin at that railroad crossing during that that first year of middle school winter break. If only I had hurried and crossed when the crossing signal at the light before was flashing. Or stopped at a convenience store and read a magazine. No, or better yet, if I hadn’t thought to go out at all that day. I should have stayed in my room and read a book. Then I wouldn’t have run into Rin, so then I wouldn’t have won and hurt him, and then I wouldn’t have parted from my new middle school friends, and I probably wouldn’t have made the choice to stop swimming either.
Or maybe…
It’s possible that, that day, it was an unavoidable fate that I run into Rin.
It might have been fated that no matter what stops I made, or what detours I took, or even if I never left my house, that we would have been pulled by some invisible force, and in the end we would have met somewhere else besides that railroad crossing…

That Matsuoka Rin has returned.
Holding the trophy we buried 4 years ago, that Makoto, Nagisa, and I had snuck into Iwatobi SC in order to dig up. Matsuoka Rin was there. I believed we would meet again ever since I saw the phrases written on the wall under the sakura tree yesterday at Iwatobi Elementary, but I never imagined it would happen so fast.
If our meeting during the first year of middle school was fate, then our second meeting in the run down Iwatobi SC was also fate. The same Iwatobi SC as his breakdown. Iwatobi SC that is now rundown in the middle of the night. We’re slaves to our fate, bound and shackled to it.
The Matsuoka Rin that returned from Australia wasn’t the Rin from Elementary school who I swam in a medley relay with, nor the Rin who I raced against during the winter break middle school. His whole body was shrouded in a ferocious aura, he seemed like a completely different person from back then.
It would be a lie to say I didn’t have a hunch this would happen. It’s because I felt something that I wore my swimsuit under my clothes. Even though there was no reason for the rundown SC’s pool to be filled with water, and a race against him would have to wait.
But Rin definitely said “Let’s race, Haru.”
It wasn’t the Rin who lost to me and said “I’ll quit swimming” while crying. Nor the one who smiled and said “Let’s swim in a medley relay together!” It wasn’t either of those Rins, and yet all I felt was a little relieved.

Translation: “Ao no Exorcist” Chapter 94 Summary (SPOILERS!!)

Here is the summary for this month’s chapter of “Ao no Exorcist”.  As usual, I wrote this as I read it, so please forgive any translation or spelling errors.  Major spoilers ahead.

Ao no Exorcist Chapter 94

“The End of Snow Part 3″

Lightning is tell Osceola’s group how hospitable they are and praising them for using a magic canceller to detain him.  Osceola replies that it’s an obvious measure against someone who was struggling violently.  He then says that the conference is tomorrow, and that Lightning should just settle down until then.  Lightning asks him if he’s going, and Osceola replies that he’s taking command because a dullahan has appeared in Rome and caused a panic.  Other monsters have appeared in other places, as well, and that even the Paladin has gone into action.  Osceola remarks that these kinds of incidents of high level monsters showing up in highly populated places haven’t happened before, and Lightning agrees, saying that the demons’ movements have become more and more active.  He mentions that Mephisto’s barrier is only effective for two months, and that it’s dangerous for Angel to be in front of the artificial Gehenna Gate.  Lightning says “I hope nothing unpredictable happens”.

There is a meeting at the Prime Minister’s residence back in Japan discussing the events that transpired.  The Prime Minister, Hajime Matoudo, looks upset as they talk about the various problems arising from the situation.  He then asks where Johann Faust is.  Mephisto walks in late and apologizes for making them wait, saying that the Order is also preoccupied right now.  The Prime Minister angrily states that this stuff was the Order’s territory from the start, and wants to know why this is happening since they were supposed to take care of this kind of thing before it became a big problem.  Mephisto explains that the reason it didn’t become a big problem before was because less than one percent of the world’s population could see demons clearly since demons avoided human gaze by nature.  “It will be different from now on…a world where the entire human race can see demons is coming,” he states.  Mephisto then asks them if they’ve seen the Order’s “anti-magic plan”,  saying that the crisis situation should have been run through the committee several times when the Prime Minister angrily says “T-that’s absurd…there’s no way we can trust you…!”  He goes on to say that they need to maintain the status quo of denying the existence of demons in order to maintain public order, because bringing everything to light will cause society to regress back to the dark ages.  Mephisto says there is no going back anymore, and that it’s better to focus on strengthening their magic countermeasures instead of escapism.  Mephisto asks for the Prime Minister’s decision, saying that the Order will support him with all of their power.

Izumo is on her way to meet everyone at the dorm when she sees that Lord Feris is going to speak just after noon and realizes that they are going to make public the presence of demons.  As she walks in the door, she sees Rin protesting to Suguro that Yukio could never do such a thing.  Sugaro states that it’s not a lie, Yukio pointed a gun at him and wanted to know what Suguro knew about his and Rin’s birth.  Rin remembers what Yukio said in their room, asking Rin if he wanted to know about the circumstances of their birth, and that Yukio wanted to know.  Sugaro says that Yukio wasn’t himself at all, and Shiemi says “Yuki-chan said ‘I”m all alone, I don’t have friends or family”.  She starts crying, thinking that she screwed up.  As Suguro tells her that it’s no use worrying about it, Rin rushes out in anger.  He screams “That bastard!!!!” as he runs.

At the Prime Minister’s residence, Shura is whining about being Mephisto’s SP and asking why she has to wear what she’s wearing, and he tells her that she’s known as the “Incredibly Beautifully Breasted Exorcist” on the internet (to her shock).  He says that optics will be important for the Order from now on, and that she will be a good advertisement for the organization.  The conference is about to start, and the prime minister goes up to speak, blaming the recent incident on ‘anti-social creatures’.  The press starts asking questions, including “does this mean you are confirming the existence of ‘demons’?”  Back at the dorm, Suguro mentions that it’s taking ambiguity to the extreme.  Behind the stage, Mephisto says “Humans truly are sweet” as he answers his phone.

Shima is on the line and tells him that Yukio is becoming more and more dangerous.  We see a flashback of Yukio taking Shima down and holding his arm behind his back when Shima attempted to talk to him.  Shima says “He’s very strong…is that Satan’s power?” but Mephisto explains that Yukio has been training his body since childhood while Shima has not.  Shima says he lost sight of him, and that he’ll look for him but for Mephisto to be careful in the meantime.

Just as he gets off the phone with Shima, Mephisto sees Yukio in the shadows behind him.  Mephisto asks him how he managed to get there, and Yukio says “You know, don’t you?  About everything.”  Mephisto asks him what he’s talking about, and Yukio screams “About this eye!!  Look!!!!”  Mephisto says “Wow, how beautiful.  Your father’s color.”  Yukio asks him if he has inherited the same power as his brother and demands an answer, to which Mephisto says “I refuse”.  Off stage, Mephisto is called to talk, and Mephisto tells Yukio “I don’t have time to go on a journey of self-discovery with a child” and walks onstage.

He starts giving his speech when Yukio gets angry and points his gun at Mephisto.  Shura sees Yukio in the wings and wonders what he’s doing just as Mephisto is shot in the middle of the forehead.  The crowd panics and starts running, and people see that Yukio is pointing a gun at Mephisto and grab him (even though it clearly was not Yukio who shot Mephisto from the angle of the bullet).  Shura asks Mephisto if he’s okay, and he starts to laugh it off as a ‘trifling wound’ but then starts falling back.  The group is watching what happened on the tv and there’s confusion as to what has happened and who was shot.  Rin is running through the streets as people around him start talking about the shooting.  Rin takes notice when they say that the “Clownish-looking director of True Cross Academy” was shot, and looks up at the tv to see Yukio tackled on the ground.  Rin goes crazy, jumping over tables and screaming “YUKIO!!” to get to the tv.

Back on the stage, Shura is telling Mephisto to hang on, and he says that he’s weaker than he thought.  He waves her closer, and tells her that with his body like this, his barrier will fall away and the artificial Gehenna Gate will start to grow again.  He says that he can’t discard his body yet, and that he is dropping the barrier.  She says she’ll contact the Vatican.  He starts wheezing,  saying that this is a development that hadn’t happened before now, and that man’s actions are ‘unpredictable’ (using the same term that Lightning did earlier)…therefore interesting.  Yukio is surrounded and handcuffed.

Rin sees this on tv and people start yelling at him that they are trying to eat (because he’s on top of the table).  Rin asks where there is happening, and they tell him that it’s at the Prime Minister’s Residence.  He thanks them and takes off.  He wonders “Yukio…what in the hell happened?”  Suddenly he stops in shock (he feels something has happened).

In Russia, near the artificial Gehenna Gate, the Paladin takes an emergency phone call from the Vatican.  Just then, Mephisto’s key crashes to the ground.  The Paladin yells for everyone to retreat as the demons start coming through the broken barrier.

To Be Continued in the Next Issue…

“I’ll show you a sight you’ve never seen before”
When he said that, he had a dazzling smile.

Even now I still think about it at times.
If at that time… If I hadn’t run into Rin at that railroad crossing during that that first year of middle school winter break.

But It might have been an unavoidable fate that I run into Rin that day.
It might have been fated that no matter what stops I made, or what detours I took, or even if I never left my house, that we would have been pulled by some invisible force, and in the end we would have met somewhere else besides that railroad crossing…
That Matsuoka Rin has returned.

Translation: “Ao no Exorcist” Chapter 93 Summary (Spoilers!)

Here is your translation summary for this month.  Please forgive any translation or spelling errors, I type this up as I read it.  Spoilers ahead, of course!

This Chapter is entitled “The End of the Snow 2″

The chapter starts out with Yukio wondering why his father raised them, then transitions into a flashback of Yukio questioning his father on why their presence was tolerated.  Shiro replies “It wasn’t my intent to deceive you.  But I can’t tell you ‘right now’” with emphasis on “right now”.  Yukio asks when, and Shiro says “one day you’ll understand.”

In the present, Yukio is looking at the computer screen in shock.  Someone asks him for the computer back, but Yukio is gone.  We find him smashing the computer against a tree just as the order is given for B team to switch.  Yukio goes back to shooting demons and thinking “In the end, I didn’t understand the secret of our birth”.  He is starting to go a bit crazy shooting things and thinks “The Order of the True Cross and the Illuminati were birds of the same feather, sacrificing people to protect the human world.  Getting their priorities wrong is a good thing.”  Just then it looks like he gets sprayed with something on accident, and the guy asks him if he’s okay.  Yukio picks his gun back up and reloads, shooting another demon and thinking “Also, dad was…!!!  Just what is virtue, and what is evil?  And I thought the order and my dad were my allies…”  Just then, a superior tells him to go home because he’s still a minor and apologizes for having him fight.  Yukio tries to protest but the guy tells him that “There are reports that the way you are fighting is dangerous, so go home and get some rest.”  As he walks away, he wonders how he will rest.  He also thinks “Home…where is that…?  I don’t want to go back to the dorm, the order or the monastery.”  He sits down and thinks “I even went so far as to point a gun at Suguro-kun and this is the truth I find.  I’m tired.”  He looks up and sees Shiemi’s shop.  “I don’t want to think about anything else.  Why am I here?”

He then thinks about two years before, when his father said he would understand one day.  “I heard from Shura-san.  You asked Shura-san to take care of Rin.”  His father tells him not to talk about her, and Yukio says that she told him that Rin was raised to be a weapon.  “What do you mean by weapon?  What is your goal!!”  Yukio asks and leaves.  “It was the first time I ran away from home”, and he ends up at Shiemi’s place, and wonders “Why was I there?”  Shiemi sees him and asks “What’s wrong?  The shop is closed, why don’t you go home?  You’re soaked,” and hands him her umbrella.  He apologizes, and she says “…don’t you want to go home?”  He says that’s not it, he was just getting hot and thought a walk in the rain would be a good idea.  “But, it’s a bit absurd at this time of night…” but Shiemi cuts him off and says “You do!?  So do I!!  I love when it rains!”  She says she loves the smell of rain and earth, etc, and says “Here the smell of earth enshrouds the area and my heart starts thumping.”  She tells him that her mother scolded her for not using an umbrella because it’s unseemly, and asks him “Does Fujimoto-san not scold you?”  Then she says “But you’re always so diligent, so it’s okay if you’re improper sometimes!”  He replies “I suppose so…”

In the present, he’s walking in the snow up the stairs when he sees Shiemi.  She asks “What’s going on?  You’re out so late…” and then asks him if he’s run out of equipment.  He tells her no, and she says “that’s right, this is just like the time two years ago.”  She asks if he doesn’t want to go home in a jovial way, but then she looks at him and she’s concerned when he says “I don’t want to go home.”  She says “I…I see, but it’s cold out here.  Let’s go inside.”

She tells him that her mom is on a business trip and offers to make tea.  While she’s putting the kettle on, she thinks “Two years ago, I got nervous and rattled on and on.”  She remembers Rin saying “I don’t understand Yukio anymore…”  She thinks “I might be useless, but I’m different than I was back then!!”  She asks him what happened, and he says nothing, and then tells her that he’s tired from the mission.  He apologizes for his gloomy mood and she says “It’s okay for you to be improper sometimes.  I feel like I’ve said that before, but I still think so now!  You’re always trying your hardest.”  He starts to lean in towards her and says “I’m weak…”  He hugs her, and she tells him that it’s okay.  He says “I’m all alone.  I worked so hard to be recognized, but…I no longer have a place where I belong.  When I realized this, I was alone, and I no longer have a decent family or friends anymore.”  Shiemi says “That’s not true…I…I’m your friend!  And Rin…he’s worried about you…”  Suddenly Yukio shoves her down violently and screams “Who asked you!!”  The two of them are shocked by Yukio’s outburst and he runs off.  She yells “Wait, Yuki-chan!!” and cries to herself “I really am useless!”  As she cries, she thinks “Rin”.  

Yukio falls to his knees, and thinks “The discord within me has hurt a kind person,” and he picks up his gun.  “I’m weak” he thinks, as he puts the gun up to his head.  Out loud, he says “I wasn’t able to become strong”, and thinks “I’m tired” as he shoots.  Suddenly his eye sets on fire as he thinks “What’s that…what’s…”  and a voice starts laugh at him and says “So weak, you piece of shit, it’s no use trying to kill yourself on your own, idiot”.  Yukio screams and thinks “Satan…”  Just then, Shima walks up and says “Sensei, your good face is finally finished”.

It then cuts to a news report being show on TV, talking about the ‘fire and blockade’ at Ikebukuro station.  They talk to Mephisto, saying that there isn’t an official explanation yet, and while they know about exorcists and the order of the true cross, that they don’t really know what it is or who these people are.  Mephisto says “Then shall I myself explain!!”  

Rin and Konekomaru are watching from the dorm.  Rin says “Wow, Mephisto is on tv” and Konekomaru says “He’s very lively…”  Suguro finishes up, saying “That brute master of mine…” and thinks “hurry up and send!!”  Rin says “Suguro, if you’re finished, do you want some breakfast?”  Sugaro says “Okumura, do you have a minute?” and Rin says “Sure”.  Out in the hall, Sugaro says that he’s not sure what he should tell him…”What Okumura-sensei said”.  Rin is surprised, and says “What happened!?”  But before Sugaro can continue, Shiemi bursts in and shouts “RIN!!”  Rin is surprised, and Shiemi says “Yuki-cha…Yuki-chan is..!!” with tears running down her face.  Rin looks shocked.

Ao no Exorcist is on hiatus next month.  

*cries* OH MY GOD

This is the first run cycle I’ve done in six years (and my third ever attempt at one). I’ll try and find my first one at some point, but for now your can burn your eyeballs out watching this instead.

(Notes to self: Front legs should come more before head movement, there should be more spacing between all legs, and there should be more up/down movement between the two body circles. Tail should curl in more when butt lifts up. Also timing between front and back should be slightly more staggered. Improvements for next time! ((ALSO ANATOMY, DEAR GOD)))

(I’m so sorry for making you watch this abomination, please forgive me orz)


Hot Pants at Anime Detour 2017 Part 2: Pink Ladies & Others


Trish Una

Rin Kagamine 

Len Kagamine

Rohan Kishibe

Koichi Hirose 

(Please send me credits for any of the other cosplayers you recognize as well!)