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Lmfaooooooooooooo is that what you truly believe communism is?????? Lmfao!!! You seriously gotta read some books and understand history before you open your fat fuckin mouth and embarrass yourself like that again lol I know for a fact that you've never read anything by Peter Kropotkin, Karl Marx, Emma Goldman, or Rosa Luxemburg and if you did you probably couldnt understand it, got frustrated lol you do know that whole point of communism is to destroy the state and run things autonomously right?

Yet it never does work out that way, does it?




When technically you’re the chill friend but your best friend for whatever reason refuses to accept the happiness he deserves smh

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so this seems like a good time to remind people:

The powers of the president (executive branch)

  • can propose laws
  • can veto laws
  • can nominate candidates for the supreme court
  • can sign treaties

The powers of congress (legislative branch)

  • can propose laws
  • can veto laws
  • can confirm/deny candidates for the supreme court
  • can fund or de-fund laws
  • can impeach the president

The powers of the supreme court (judicial branch)

  • can veto laws
  • can determine what a law means
  • can decide if a law violates the consitution
  • can decide how laws apply to a certian case if smaller courts couldn’t

so this is me telling you things arent going to be that bad (offcially) for a long long time because of how long it takes to get laws passed or to get things funded

socially things are going to be bad of course, trump’s big mouth is going to get other countires to hate us, his supporters are going to do awful awful things, but laws will not be made overnight.

across 8 years obama tried for 7 new things and only 5 got passed. trump will not get much done at all except getting people pissed off at him

I just went off on some kid who tried to claim that Michelle Obama was too uneducated and inexperienced to run for President. Like child, I realize that your weak and sensitive white male ego is still recovering from the shock that a woman came so close to being our president and the thought of a black woman scares you even more, but what the actual fuck? To claim First Lady Obama, who graduated from two Ivy league schools, implemented multiple programs in the past 8 years, and just an all around class act, is as he said “uneducated and inexperienced” is just beyond ridiculous. Go home child you are drunk. 

  • Coran: Oh dear, it seems we've lost Pidge in this huge crowd
  • Lance: Don't worry I got this
  • Lance: *Ahem*
  • Lance: *breathes in*
  • Pidge from a distance: who the fUCK SAID THAT!!?!?
  • Lance: Found her
  • Coran: . . . Oh quiznak

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