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Running A Clever Dungeon Room...

At any time, you can throw six orcs running down a 10-foot-wide corridor at your players’ characters.

That may be a good fight for some parties, but it’s hardly clever. If the orcs suffer ranged weapon fire, not all of them will be able to reach the PCs’ front line, and none of them will be able to reach the PCs’ back line.

A clever encounter takes advantage of the monsters’ or NPCs’ capabilities and tactics. Clever creatures should spend a lot of time thinking about how they might survive an encounter with well-armed PCs.

Six orcs parked behind cover with heavy crossbows, and a gaping pit in front of them— now that might be a challenge.

Four orcs in that situation, plus two on a ledge behind the PCs might be even better. Four orcs running from a rampaging hill giant … well, you get the idea…

Here are six general strategies for maximizing effectiveness of the monsters and NPCs you throw at your PCs.

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◠ the raindrop stop // nsfw ◡

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✎ a/n: brb i’m throwing myself into the ocean and burning all my belongings. also anon i changed it to motel instead of hotel bc it fit the scenario better. hope u don’t mind<3 @dimplecoups have fun suffering!!

»word count: 1,658

» includes: motel smut + abandoned road trip + my death

So far, the night had not been progressing well for you and Seungcheol, at all. It began with ideas surrounding a road trip. Nothing more than a simple drive along the beach side, the windows scrolled down and the fresh scents of sea salt breezing by your face. Gulls usually warbled from the foamy shoreline, picking at the light pink shells spotting abstractly up the bank. You thought it was an idea as good as any other, so you wrapped a few sandwiches up in parchment and set them inside your bag.

The drive did not commence cheerfully. Raindrops, large and cold and unyielding were beating against the car’s glass by the end of your first Indila CD. Not even the persistent swing of wipers across the windshield made the road easier to see. There was nothing apart from a silver sheet swathing the glass, forcing Seungcheol to pull over into a parking lot. At least one fortunate thing transpired, the parking lot belonged to a motel.

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There’s a beautiful man reading a book in the field behind Zhenya’s backyard. The field is technically Zhenya’s property, but he never bothered to do anything with it. At first he thinks he’s dreaming. Then, after studying the guy’s clothing, looking as if he stole from the set of Little House on the Prairie, he thinks he’s seeing ghosts.

“Are you ghost?” Zhenya asks, reeling Jeffrey in, who is suddenly very interested in bounding over to the man and—sniffing him or mauling him, Zhenya isn’t too sure. “Please say no.”

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With the excitement of a new expansion release, RP is flourishing again and so are promises of new storylines, character building, and even more hopeful interactions. That being said, here’s to hoping I can interact with more of you! People have often said Aelorelle is too immersed in her business, so here’s her attempt at getting out there!

𝓐𝓮𝓵𝓸𝓻𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓮 𝓔. 𝓥𝓪𝓵𝓵𝓪𝓷𝓬𝓸𝓾𝓻𝓽

A woman remarked as uneasily frayed, several have either admired her unerring calm–or were unnerved by it. Possessed of a wit readily drawn, the “Lady of the Crown” presents a mannerly nature to each she meets, regardless of her (unspoken) opinions of them.

Though well-spoken, the half-elezen is mindful not to come across “patronizing” and it is a rare thing that she speaks with contempt. She describes herself as a simple woman who loves her tavern, its patrons, and certain indulgences some would dissuade. She is noted as being vocally appreciative of beauty in all things.

But the Crown proprietress is not without fault. Equipped with an addictive personality, she has earned a quiet reputation as a voluptuary to the right listening ears. She works to replace her impulsive “habits” with meaningful relationships, even if she won’t admit she has a problem.

Aelorelle is purposely written as a character that is easily engaged. Wandering Eorzea has created friendships, questionable exchanges, and lucrative business partnerships. Below are several ways she might interact with your character.

► Aelorelle has housed many a weary traveler in the Crown, even if there was no gil to compensate. This is especially true of those trying to get away from a dangerous living situation, offering them work until they could get on their feet and make their own way. She is quietly storied amongst adventurers for this abundant hospitality.

► As mentioned above, Aelorelle has an addictive personality, and this was often exploited. Individuals who profit from peddling illicit pharmaceuticals would know her all too well. She paid through the nose for them at one point in her life, and it’s not outside the realm of possibility that these unnamed people would reach out to one of their best buyers.

► Aelorelle is looking for those intuned with the spirits. There are several loose ends she is not content with. 

► Aside from using her profits for the upkeep of Crown and providing subsistence for employees, she contributes gil to the arts and their practices. Whether a performer or creator, she is largely appreciative of either and is fond of helping individuals pursue these careers. If your character is either, I will happily write her as having seen them, knowing of them, or having a product of theirs. (Minstrels, dancers, painters, chefs, carvers, jewel-crafters, etc.)

► Aelorelle’s aunt, Maevis Vallancourt, is a noteworthy peeress of Ishgard and her wealth only continues to swell for her success in the textile trade. Maevis is a proponent of Ishgard’s changing political landscape, thus supporting the idea of her half-elezen niece living émigré if necessary. Her adoration for her executed brother’s daughter was a point of contention for several Ishgardians.

Friendships, enemies, fragmented relationships and enablers. Aelorelle has her problems, and she’s gotten into some antics in the past that would have certainly made her enemies. It’s as likely that some kind soul took pity on her when her addictions were strongest, that another took advantage. She has her issues, and it’s going to be an angsty ride.

But if you’re not up for those themes, that’s totally okay! Aelorelle also appreciates the sweeter moments. Need a heart-to-heart over tea? Sold. Want to show her your character’s collection of stamps or some other hobby? Go for it. She’s the type of woman to remind her friends she has an interest in their interests. This can range from about anything. Does your character want to run from rampaging morbols for fun or some other activity totally dangerous and out of the blue? Again. She’ll be there.

Additionally, if your character is a performer (provided they tell her when they’re performing!) she will absolutely try to show up and be supportive.

But it doesn’t always have to be something highwire. If you’re about the softer angst, Aelorelle will sit up with an OC nursing a heavy break-up or some other tumultuous period in their life.

All in all, whatever is given, I will try to ride with and reciprocate.

I go by ‘Aelo’ or ‘Rosie’! I am an easy-going individual to write with. RP is a hobby first and foremost, and I treat it as much.

I RP on tumblr, Discord, google docs and in-game. I might sometimes take a few days to respond. As I also run an FC, I prioritize my responsibilities there. I’m fine with writing little scenes that don’t really go anywhere as much as I am scenarios that are much more engaging. I prefer roleplaying as though our characters already have some backstory together, but I’m open to suggestions as to how they would (organically) meet!

I’ve made long-lasting friendships in the few years that I’ve roleplayed and I’d love to continue the cycle. Message me on tumblr and let’s figure things out!


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Warnings: Mentions of blood, death, wanting to die, and coffins.

  • Lee Taemin was a prince in the late 1600s.
  • His parents ruled their small country and were generally well-liked by most of their people. Obviously, you can’t please everyone, but they came pretty damn close.
  • And Taemin was a favorite of the people, as well. He was gorgeous, he was quiet and polite (in public), he never caused any real trouble, he respected his family and loved them, he loved the town; he was the perfect heir to the throne.
  • Except, Taemin wasn’t exactly keen on taking the throne. He was worried about having the lives of so many people in his hands. He didn’t mind responsibilities that he took on as prince but taking over the whole kingdom? He couldn’t do it.
  • Now, Taemin’s parents were getting on in years. Taemin was their youngest child (out of many) and his sisters had all gone off and gotten married to princes from other kingdoms and his two brothers had both gone off to fight for their small kingdom and never returned.

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So how would all of them panthom thieves react if their S/O ( a perona user too) got hurt for protceting them agianst a very porwerful shadow (like jumping in front attack meant for them) ?

Takes place in the same universe as this and this (spoiler warning for the first one).

The first instinct Akira has is to drop to his knees and take his s/o in his arms, but as the leader he knows he can’t break formation in the middle of a battle. Instead, he directs for healing to be administered to them immediately and continues the battle.

He hates it though. He knows that at this time he has to choose between being his s/o’s lover and being the leader of the Phantom Thieves and he feels awful for choosing the latter even if his s/o doesn’t blame him for it.

When the battle is finished, he personally checks on them and makes sure they’re healed up properly. If he thinks they need more rest, he’ll swap them out immediately.

Ryuji immediately breaks formation, gathering up his s/o in his arms in a complete panic. He yells at them for taking that hit for him, tells them he could have taken that hit just fine, why did they do that?

This is exactly why he didn’t want them to join the Phantom Thieves in the first place, he was worried about this kind of thing happening. He calls for someone to come and heal his s/o in a choked voice and only reluctantly leaves their side to return to the battle.

After the battle, he tells his s/o to switch out with someone, even if they insist that they’re fine. He can’t watch them fight anymore. Not today at least. His mind would be filled with the image of their body collapsing the whole time if they did.

Ann looks at the scene in shock for a moment, eyes wide behind her mask, not moving at all, before screaming out her s/o’s name, not their code name but their real name. She immediately summons Carmen to heal them and cries, begging them to stay conscious.

She knew that her s/o always had her back. She depended on them a good deal for support during battle, but she never expected for them to take an attack for her like that.

She stays by her s/o’s side for the rest of the battle, tagging out with someone else so she can take care of them and give them any additional healing they may need.

As Yusuke moves forward to catch his s/o before they could fall to the ground, the transparent impression of Goemon reaching out for Houdini was also imprinted in the minds of everyone watching. Yusuke shakes his s/o desperately and tells them to stay with him.

He rejoins the battle after handing his s/o off to a healer and puts his all into taking down the Shadow who did them harm. Then he immediately returns to his s/o to check on them and make sure they’re all right.

He’d might even carry his s/o if he felt like they needed more rest, despite their protests that they could walk on their own. He doesn’t have the highest strength stat for nothing, he could carry them bridal style with ease, much to their embarrassment.

Makoto is torn. She wants to heal her s/o immediately, but she also doesn’t want to jeopardize the battle if there is something else she needs to be doing. She makes sure to let Akira know that her s/o needs healing before he gives out their next orders.

For the rest of the fight, she’s all fists and fury, absolutely tearing into the Shadow. But really, she’s more angry at herself than at it. She should have been able to cover herself so that her s/o wouldn’t have to take that hit for her.

After the battle, Makoto is at her s/o’s side, checking them for injuries and preforming any further healing needed, all while chastising them about being so reckless even if it was for her sake.

There are some spoilers beyond this point.

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Hey! Could you do BTS reaction on coming home and finding out that you adopted a puppy without telling them? Thanks!! Xx

Sure thing!! But man its been a while since ive posted anything XD Sorry guys! i’ve had some major writers block and i’ve been really busy with work! >.< But im going to do some requests tonight :) LETS GO!!

Jin: “Babe i’m hom-…………..Why is there a puppy he-”

You:“Shhhh babe don’t ask questions just accept it.”

Jin:“…….Not again”

Jimin: “BABE!!! There is a white fluffy poof running rampage in the kitchen!!! Did you pick up another stray!?!? i thought we agreed no more after like the 10th one just last week!”

Taehyung: “PUPPYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!”

Jungkook: “I feel like i should be shocked but honestly i was expecting this at some point in the relationship.”

J-hope: “Awwwww look at this beautiful little ball of sunshine! What shall we name him?”

Suga: “Listen here little puppy…that bed right there is mine, Also the girl who brought you here is mine… when cuddle time is happening….Do.Not.Interfere.She.Is.My.Pillow”

Namjoon: “As long as it doesn’t shit and piss all over the house its fine! Oh and we must train it! We will make it the smartest puppy on this planet.”

~~ Admin Abbie

Hope you guys liked it! sorry if it isn’t that good my brain is kinda fried XD i had a long day at work! love you guys!!



 Having copycat powers and duplicating the Flash’s speed, creating chaos throughout Central City. 

••• Requested by @hellodayandhellonight •••

Mayhem had taken hold of the city in a matter of minutes. Unexplainable fires had been lit in every street and it seemed that almost everyone was taking advantage of the chaos. Suddenly stores were being broken into left and right - cars were being stolen - and even the gangs from the worst parts of the city were wondering around the streets with the highest security.

Of course, it didn’t take long for Team Flash to figure out what was going on. A rogue speedster that had come out of nowhere was running rampage through the city. Once they found where you were, The Flash was there in no time flat. 

It was a jewelry store where they found you. With one of those classic black masks over your head and a blowtorch in your hand, you were just about to set fire to the building. 

“Oh!” You exclaimed when the Flash appeared. “Hello, Barry.”

Barry’s eyes darted towards the camera in the middle of the room, glad to see it broken. Ripping his mask off of his face, he said; “How do you know my name?”

You grinned under your own mask and happily revealed your face. “I served you coffee this morning.” You told him. “I must thank you. If you hadn’t walked into CC Jitters when you did, I’d still be stuck with this stupid little power I nicked off of a gent last week. I’d far rather have the power of speed than not being able to feel anything. I kept biting my tongue and not noticing until I was spitting mouthfuls of blood.”

along for the ride

i dream us in pictures black and white -silhouetted
unfaded fragments gathered against us
flights unfettered above, unobserved

i’ve ceased to manage my dreams until
they run away freely-
rampaging among a ruin
scavenging through the waste untill dawn
me, along for the ride

ok but for real. This was not Reaper or Widowmaker or Sombra because none of them are capable of… that.

The only tank in the line-up capable of this is Reinhardt, but he would not run rampage in Numbani.

This was Doomfist.

I don’t Multi-fic  (Chapter 2)

Chris pine x reader

Rated: M?

Summary: Many years ago you and Chris were in a relationship prior to him becoming the great Chris Pine, the household name that everyone knew. Sadly, as most couples fall victim; it fell apart but recently in an interview, Chris is asked of surprising information that brings his past back to the future.

      Chapter 2: There will never be an explanation for the things we do while we are intoxicated.  


The next morning you awoke tangled in Chris’ arms and legs, his naked body clinging to yours. The soft snore–breathing if you asked him– filled the room, doing little to help your headaches. Your body felt weak, every muscle in your body was sore plus the familiar raw feelings between your legs and your thighs, stung as you tried to move. 

Your hand reached out to the direction of the alarm clock, hitting the empty dresser with a thud. You turn and following the cord with your eyes and see the clock is on the floor. face down. You groan, slowly leaning off the bed to pick up the clock. In big bright red numbers it flashes: 12:20. You sigh, letting the clock fall back down to the floor and close your eyes as you rest your head back on the pillow near Chris. Another breathe drops escapes your lungs as panic sets in. 

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Scott McCall Imagine - Hospital

A/n: I wrote this for a friend with the prompt of hospital.


When you were admitted to hospital for Appendicitis you decided not to tell anyone. It wasn’t too serious and with the Alpha pack running rampaging through Beacon Hills you didn’t need to worry the pack any more.

It wasn’t too hard. The school knew where you were obviously and it only took a couple conversations over text with Lydia to convince her and the rest of the pack that you were off with a sickness bug and there was nothing to worry about.

You spent the couple days before your surgery to get your appendix removed reading as many articles on the internet about the supernatural as possible. Joining the pack after everyone else meant you were majorly behind with all of this.


After the surgery you opened your eyes to a dark room, the clock said it was 2:53 in the morning and you lifted your head to look around. You noticed that there was someone else in the room and your heartbeat speed up as panic started to set in.

“Y/n?” Scott’s unmistakable voice rang through the room.

“Oh good It’s you, I thought someone had come after me!” You dropped your head back onto the hospital pillow in relief. You heard a chair scrape across the floor as Scott brought it next to the bed.

“That’s why I’m here. Why didn’t you tell us y/n?” Scott asked while you carefully pushed yourself upwards to rest on the headboard and flick the lamp on. He helped you move when he saw you wince.

“It’s not important. The alphas running around killing everyone is much more important. You didn’t need to be worrying about me as well.”

“It is important y/n. /You’re/ important. What if they had come here?”

“I don’t know. Wait how did you know I was here?”

“My mom saw your name on the surgery list and texted me that it had gone well. I guess she assumed you had told us.”

“Oh okay.”

“You really should have told us, me at least.”

“Why do you even care so much? I’m not dying am I?”

“Because I love you dammit!” He jumped up and began pacing the room.


“There I said it. I love you y/n and if anything happened to you I don’t know what I would have done.”

“Sit down Scott, you’re making me nervous.” As soon as he sat down again you grabbed a fistful of his t-shirt and brought his lips to yours.

When he pulled away again he smiled at you and you vowed to try and make him smile like that as much as possible.

“I’m sorry Scott. I promise I’ll tell you everything in the future. Now get in here, I want to go back to sleep.”

He slipped into the hospital bed next to you and with your head against his chest you fell asleep almost instantly.

In the morning Melissa came in on her rounds, took in the view of her son fast asleep with his arms protectively around you. She took a picture on Scott’s phone, smiled and left the room again to let you have another couple hours of peace.

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Prompt emison and haleb double date

sorry this has taken so long, only just thought of a scenario in which I would enjoy writing this.. but thank u and I hope u like it! 

It was a wet and thunderous night as Emily stepped out of her cab from JFK, finding herself in some up market stretch of restaurants and clubs. After almost a year and a half in California, she had forgotten what the cold felt like and immediately found herself regretting the choice of white denim dungarees and a black cropped top underneath. But she didn’t have too much time to fret over it as she shoved her umbrella up, her trainers splashing in a near by puddle as she did so. 

“Em?” She was interrupted from her grump by a light tap on the shoulder, and smiled instantly as she recognised the voice after almost a year of hearing it in the flesh. 

“Han!” She yelled triumphantly, forgetting all about the weather issues as she flung herself into Hanna’s waiting arms. “How did you know I’d be here?” She asked, linking Hanna’s arm as she pulled her into a nearby bar to protect themselves from the storm. 

“Bitmoji map” Hanna shrugged, waving her new iPhone around with a smirk “Mojito?” She clicked her fingers and a waitress appeared, smiling too widely as she tried to hide the stress marks that had attacked her face. 

“Uh, Vodka and Cranberry, please” She corrected her with an awkward smile. Hanna shrugged, throwing her credit card at the woman and smiling sweetly.
“I’ll still take that Mojito, thanks” The waitress nodded quickly and whisked away to fulfil the order. Emily took a moment, noticing Hanna’s black Leather jacket, red velvet Guicci heels and what looked like a bralette and mesh body suit combination, her lipstick a dark red and her winged eye-liner sharper than the acrylic nails glued onto her fingers. 

“You look good, Han” Emily noted, her voice lost in the buzz of the bar so Hanna had to strain to hear her. 

“Thanks, Em. So do you” Emily suddenly became awfully self conscious of her scrappy dungarees and retro Nike trainers on her feet. “So” Hanna said with a grin “how is it in California? How’s Paige?” A huge sigh emitted from Emily, and her eyes wavered to Hanna’s lock screen, where a photo of her and Caleb on the Brooklyn Bridge smiled up at her. 

“Paige is-” She started “Paige” was all she could manage. “She swims. I swim, we eat together, we go to sleep. We wake up and we do it all again” Hanna frowned, her lips parting a little in concern. 

“Oh. College life not what you were expecting?” 

“No, it’s exactly what I was expecting. I think that might be the problem, actually” At her words their waitress came back over and handed them their drinks. Both greedily accepted them. 

“Sounds like we got to you at just the right time” Hanna teased “you need to have some fun, girl!” 

“We?” She said, picking up on the word. Saying nothing, Hanna just raised her eyebrows and stared at a spot behind her. Emily hesitantly turned around, finding herself face to face with Alison. The smile that broke out on her face was one of the most beautiful she had ever seen. 

“Hey, Em” She said loudly, practically skipping over to the table and taking her in her arms as she stood up to greet her.
“Alison” Emily replied, her mouth going dry and butterflies suddenly stirring in the pit of her stomach “hey. I thought I wasn’t seeing you until next week?” Ali took a seat next to Hanna, ordering herself a glass of white wine before the pair turned to face Emily again. 

“Surprise” She muttered with a grin.

“We were just catching up on college life” Hanna told her “all is not as wild as once thought” 

“Well I, for one, am very jealous” Ali admitted “how was your meet last week?” She asked, remembering how worried Emily had sounded on the phone. 

“It was good, actually. I was placed anchor and I beat my time so that was great” She said, trying to inject some passion into her tone. 

“Wait, how did you know she had a meet?” Hanna inquired, taking a gulp of her cocktail.

“Because she told me last week” Ali said, confusion on her face “you were saying, Em?” 

“Nothing” Emily said, slurping on her vodka and cranberry “I wasn’t saying anything.

“I sensed a but” Ali pushed her. Emily considered changing the subject, but realised that she was sat with two of her best friends. Why hide anything?

“Well, it’s just- it’s causing a lot of tension between me and Paige” she admitted, crossing her arms on the table “I mean, obviously I want her to get the good positions but I want myself to get the good positions too, and all she does is make the competition even worse and I just- sometimes part of me thinks swimming on the same team was the worst idea either of us have ever had” It all erupted out of her, and it was refreshing to get it off her chest. 

“That makes sense” Hanna said after a while as Ali felt herself struggling to find any words of comfort. The three of them were interrupted by a blare of Hanna’s phone, the word ‘Caleb’ with a series of sickening emojis stricken across her screen. She answered quickly, excusing herself as she went to meet him outside. There was a slight silence as she left the two of them alone. 

“You seem tired” Ali noted with concern after a little while.

“Thanks” Emily said with a distracted smile as she took another swig. The crease between her brows and her insistence at not maintaining eye contact told Ali not to push it. “but, another about me. How are you?” Ali looked down at the floor, mirroring Emily as she took a large gulp of wine before answering. 

“Not where I thought I’d be at 20, that’s for sure” She said, trying to hide the pain with sarcasm. “but- you know, I’m okay” It wouldn’t have taken a genius to figure out she was lying. 

“Jason still around?” Emily asked, her mind going to the elephant in the room but neither of them daring to bring it up. 

“Occasionally” Ali said quietly “but he travels a lot, so-” The end of her sentence trailed off, and Emily could see the sadness in her eye. She reached across the table, and took Ali’s hand in her own, stroking the back of it with her thumb and smiling reassuringly. 

“I wish I could help out more” She said confidently “if I wasn’t on the other side of the country I would” Ali shook her head, their hands still touching, as she tried to reassure Emily that she had nothing to feel guilty about. 

“Em, you know I would never expect that” Her throat closed up at the thought of Charlotte ever being close to any of the girls ever again “I’d never expect you to-to be around her” At the word drop, the air suddenly became heavier, and Emily had never been more thankful to see Hanna and Caleb in her life. 

“Hey, stranger” Caleb mumbled as he hugged Emily tightly “how ya been?” But eventually, as more drinks flowed and glasses became shots, it was impossible to avoid her any longer. 

“She is getting better” Ali swore, her fifth shot of tequila running on a rampage around her veins “I promise you. She feels bad” 

“Ali, don’t do this now” Emily implored, the room spinning as it turned from bar to night-club, coloured lights flashing around them.

“I want her to do this now” Hanna yelled “I want to help! I live the closest and I see you the least” She took another shot of vodka as she jumped up from the table and threw herself over Ali. 

“Han, come on, babe” Caleb said, pulling her back into her arms “we’re not going back to that town” He seemed to be the most sober, and he swayed gently with Hanna to the low-beat music in the background. She took his hand and the wandered to the dance floor, leaving Ali and Emily alone again. 

“I forgot how beautiful you were” Ali said as they locked eyes across the table, both of them too over taken by alcohol to remember anything except the now and then. 

“I wish I could say the same” Emily mumbled “but I could never forget that” Ali blushed profusely, breaking eye contact and looking down at the floor. “Sorry” she whispered, shaking her head as if to clear the mind “I didn’t wanna make you uncomfortable” 

“You never have” Ali said, standing up a little straighter but wobbling lightly as she did so, but still managing to hold her hand out. Emily shook her head, not drunk enough to fall for that. 

“Ali-” She muttered.

“No, Em” Ali demanded “I haven’t seen you for 6 months. Take my stupid hand”  Emily knew it was a bad move, and for a second her mind flashed back to California where Paige waited for her at home, annoyed because she wasn’t invited on the trip. But it all left her mind as their hands fell into each others, and she was pulled across the room to where the speakers blared. 

“I miss you” Ali mumbled “I’m sorry I got everyone into the mess” 

“Ali, please, let’s not talk about it” Emily closed her eyes, letting herself hold Ali close despite the fact that an upbeat song was playing behind them “just be with me” 

“I am with you” She muttered drowsily “I’m always with you, Em”

I just watched 10x04 and since I’m taking a billion years to get into the season 10 rewatch and at this point it is clearly my hiatus project, I’m just making an adjacent post about one thing :P

The last line of the episode after much back and forth about if they should be resting up from hunting, taking a break because they’re woefully off their game after ~going dark~ and running rampage for months, etc etc, is Dean saying:

But I am just trying to do the right thing, man, ‘cause I’m so sick and tired of doing the wrong one.

I think with hindsight of not just that season but season 11 and 12 too, the last line of the episode basically shows where Dean is for the rest of the show from this point. With his self-reflection on being a demon underway, and that it gave him clarity (as he said in 10x03) to see a lot of their messed up stuff, and after that he doesn’t want to fall pray to the darkness (lower case at that point :P) again.

He decides to try the better way here, but he’s just completely messed up by the Mark, which was why he couldn’t give Kate a fair chance for most of the episode, always being ready to kill her and not giving her the benefit of the doubt - she walks out the episode alive but only because she escaped them, and she’s not a friendly monster they could ever count as an ally without an other episode to repair all this damage Dean did.

I think it’s showing he’s had the learning experience from being a demon, and he’s going to try and put it in action as much as possible, but he still can’t actually *do* anything about it until he doesn’t have the Mark any more. He’s so messed up by it that even when he wants to do the right thing and is tired of getting it wrong, in an episode where he should have been all compassion and understanding if he’d actually learned and was able to put it in action…

Side note - not like in 8x04 where he HAD changed because of Purgatory and Benny, and was the one to suggest they let her go… Looks redundant to do this characterisation but the point THERE was just letting a monster go good/bad? but here it’s a lot more about the inner darkness - what she did to her sister, that people died as a result of this direct Dean actions with Gadreel parallel thingy she had going on, etc. It was less that she was a monster because I think they would still have let a truly innocent monster live especially if Dean was allowed to see them as innocent, but he was having trouble processing the nuances of that darkness, and because it was so on the nose to what he did and he was embarassed and self-loathing about his actions, he couldn’t see her innocence, or her actions as sympathetic, because doing messed up stuff to save your sibling? The kind of crap that turns bad and causes all the darkness he just dealt with.

And I think it might be worth paralleling to Max, in 12x20, how he stopped him in the moment but afterwards was helpless to stop his free will to go do it anyway once they left him behind, and I guess grimly accepting this is what people do when they have access to a magical way to fix dead and dying family…

Anyway. I really like this line because I think it does set up Dean’s arc for the next few seasons. In season 10 he’s at a serious disadvantage to do anything about it, but the season is full of Dean’s coping mechanisms and at least for the first ¾ going along with anything he thinks might help, and working hard to dig himself out. At the end when he loses hope, he knows the “wrong thing” is sinking back into being demon!Dean, and so before it can happen, he goes to talk to Death and make arrangements to save himself from going back; this line goes right to the end of the season in that way, and I think from the perspective of Dean’s characterisation, season 10 is pretty good at keeping on a track; there’s STUFF I’d have liked to be explored and think was maybe dropped or not given the attention it needed but what they actually ended up writing, events aside, specifically about how Dean reacted and changed, is pretty clear and well-written.

In season 11 without the Mark, and even with Amara’s external threat, he does start trying to change and do better and he’s immediately more balanced without it, and trying to make amends. He starts communicating properly after the midseason, and his determination to do the right thing shows with him prioritising Cas in trouble, and eventually the big stadium event talk with Chuck and Amara, he seeks a way that feels RIGHT: the old way of sacrifice might have FIXED things at least in the urgent world is ending need to do something right now way, but in the moment he took the initiative to keep on trying to talk it out and find a way that FELT right. I don’t think Dean would EVER talk his way out of sacrificing himself when he believed it was right to do it; that that wasn’t selfish motivation to live, but that it felt WRONG to him to end it this way, and that there was a better way to do this, which he found.

And now in season 12 Dean’s in a weird place where he’s the one who achieved all that doing things right-ness finally and concluded his own personal arc and gained massive experience points, levelling up all sorts of personality traits in the process. And I kind of think that his season has been about trying to do the right thing, especially about the interpersonal relationships, when it comes to everyone and everything around him. Mittens has been keeping a closer eye on this than me, but Dean carries on being right about his gut feeling about many things and is a sort of beacon of what is right, even more than usual (after all, God appointed him to look after the Earth and said he was the best guy for the job). I’m hoping this bears out through the end of the season but at least his feeling about the BMoL is completely true and now firmly proven to others, though we knew longer than HE even did :P

He’s also been communicating well, for example the brilliant conversation at the end of 12x10 where he really lays out the truth to Cas about why he’s been angry with him, or, well, many times he reaches out to Cas either about their relationship or other stuff… And with Mary, he tried to be open and honest with her as much as he could to start with, especially that conversation about being a hunter at the end of 12x01 - and even when she bolted before he could get to opening up about the really hard stuff. He needed his illusions shattered, which happened at the end of 12x02, and ideally if she’d stayed, after 12x03 they might have had a better talk once he was less stunned by her presence and treating her like the saint!mary he imagined, but she left. He still in contact with her, being shown to be the one who texted her, and was playing Words With Friends, attempting to keep a line open on their relationship even if it now had to be handled at great length and like it was fragile glass with how much she could deal with from them. He was TRYING to rebuild from the ground up, and by constantly being the one reaching out, he’s put in the position of being the one holding his arms open on the relationship, again, the one trying to do the right thing, with all the emotional resources available to him. And I think in general has shown a much greater awareness of how other people are doing.

He also starts his frantic Cas panic at the point in several seasons past he was only in the occasionally praying to him or being grumpy that he hadn’t called point, moving that whole panic forward to before he gets any hint that something is *actually* wrong, because stuff like Casifer threw him for such a loop and again, 11x23 in the car he makes a point of telling Cas he’s understood he doesn’t always put him first and can get too head up his arse about his and Sam’s problems, so in this season we see him closely attuned to Cas, noticing he sounds weird on the phone and immediately going into the sort of nervous state he was in in season 11 only AFTER he found out Cas was possessed. In 12x19 in the mixtape scene he’s started angry as a knee-jerk response, but he doesn’t let Cas leave before he’s had an extremely open emotional conversation with him, explaining how he feels, which I still frankly can’t believe actually happened. (Sadly also showing the different places they’re at, with Cas taking this conversation as a sign he HAS to kill Kelly on Dean’s behalf to protect him from doing something awful)

TBH even something like the conversation in 12x15 where he casually talks about Lucifer being locked in the cage in front of Crowley counts for him inadvertantly telling Crowley what the RIGHT thing to do was and putting Crowley in a position to sweat about what Dean would think if he knew… (Which has of course not worked out for Crowley, so he’s probably glad Dean never KNEW to give him the speech that would now give Dean a free “told you so” even if of course he knows full well he deserves one and he was RIGHT THERE being inadvertently scolded by Dean without him knowing - see what I mean about him being a beacon? :P)

I think it’s still trial and error (he gets over-confident about both the Colt and the security of their home despite some really obvious home invasions, starting with Toni getting into the Bunker and shooting Sam at the beginning of the year) but being the emotional POV of the show more than Sam, whose characteristic of being reserved has really shot him in the foot for representing himself the same way, this is his arc - becoming a reliable line through the season of what is the right thing to do, or at least trying to find better ways to do things.

And he’s not successful at changing minds but he also has been using emotional maturity in making middle ground (… eventually, in the cases of arguing with Cas and then Mary, needing to have a moment of realisation when he thought she was going to get killed in 12x14) and especially with Sam in 12x15, not fighting openly when it was something that could have caused a massive brother rift, as we’ve dealt with in many seasons where they disagree and fight. Dean still voiced his issues with everything and made it clear he was going along with it for Sam’s sake but he didn’t try to stop or argue Sam out of it, just pointed out everything he didn’t like about the situation whenever it came up so that Sam knew where he stood about it.

I’ve seen a few complaints Dean hasn’t had much to do all season - Sam either, tbh but that’s a separate issue and I’m still at “just let him go scream in the woods for chrissakes” rather than a clear meta picture :P - and I think at least for Dean his arc has been pretty clearly laid out and in almost every episode he’s been dealing with it. For example the most Dean-centric episode, 12x11, dealt with his nature that at the end of the day when you take everything else away, Dean saves the day with an innate knowledge of when to act, and that hunting evil is in his blood, but so is a well of kindness and understanding that is behind his sense of right and wrong. Being down in season 10 and having just watched season 9, I remember how *broken* Dean was very clearly, and how his sense of right and wrong was genuinely damaged because, well, there was darkness in him. His sense of justice was damaged, but season 11 showed him conquering it and finding a better way… I think season 12 is showing this in action, which is possibly why he’s had this seat in the middle of everything, watching everyone else’s actions and moving through the events as the season really just as its emotional narrator as it falls to pieces around him and even Sam goes and takes strong actions like going with Mary to the BMoL in 12x14 and telling Dean he’s working with them in 12x16. Anyway I think this season has done an awful lot to sell the weight of Dean’s opinion and to build him up like this, and I think it’s a really important and validating character arc for him… Although he was technically free of the Mark since season 11, this IS the first season without some dark pull on him since season 9 and though his goodness was made obvious again very quickly in season 11 because we needed to know we could root for him again, I really think this season is building back up his sense of self, and posing it in opposition to the other characters.

(I feel like when the season’s over I might revisit this with a detailed look at him vs ALL the other main characters on this thread but for now have a “this is where I’m at anyway” post)

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Fatphobia, by jkr: fat cowardly traitor wormtail who's a sleeze since childhood. Dudley the baby orca bully. Vernon and his sister, two more cruel whales. Fat neville, who's got "memory problems", always falls, always fails. Fat mrs weasley who's always jolly & feeds everyone and lets her sons run rampage. The fat lady, portrait hanging on gryffindor wall, who's silly and joke by existing. the fat pug-face millicent bulstrode, squashed nose and bulging eyes, but it's not a 'pig' so it's "funny".

This is exactly what I felt all the time while watching those things.

- Mod Guillermo

A Lloyd Excuse Only Exclusive
  • - Lloyd has parent issues
  • His excuse: Morro made it happen
  • - Lloyd washed Zane's uniform pink
  • His excuse: Morro convinced Uncle Wu to make me do this
  • - Lloyd's childhood was stolen
  • His excuse: Morro took it
  • - Lloyd wasn't able to defeat the Overlord so Zane had to do it
  • His excuse: Morro helped Pythor kidnap me and steal my powers
  • - Kai turns evil because he couldn't control Chen's magic staff
  • Lloyd's excuse: Morro possessed it
  • - Ghosts run rampage, Lloyd gets possessed and PTSD, and Cole gets turned into a ghost because of it
  • Lloyd's excuse: Morro did it
  • - A genie is unleashed and is causing havoc for the ninja
  • Lloyd's excuse: Morro did it
  • - Master Wu gets lost in time with two insane power-hungry brothers
  • Lloyd's excuse: Morro did it
  • - Lloyd gets a new hair cut and contacts
  • His excuse: Morro made me do it
  • BONUS:
  • - Lloyd has problems making friends
  • The ninjas excuse: Morro did it
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‘Want some Coffee? It’s black’ - HR Wells

Note: I do not own the gif. 

Someone was going to die, that was a definite. She didn’t know who but one of the two men stood before her was getting the closest throw-able object in their face. Repeatedly. Half an hour, that’s all the sleep she had had in two days. Her mind was running rampage and she was freeing stood in the breach room with nothing but her thin vest and skinny jeans.

They looked giddy as they spoke to each other. Neither of them acknowledging her. Cisco happy to call you down to the cold room and have you stood there for an hour when you could have been sleeping.

“I’m cold, I’m tired, and if nobody tells me what the hell is going on in two minutes. I’ll be a murderer too.” She yelled. Both men freezing, cautious gazes thrown her way as the frustration radiated off her. Neither were sure who was going to speak first, or whether they wanted to.

“Want a coffee? It’s black” HR spoke first his hand going for the take-out cup. She was sure whatever was in that cup was in fact cold by now. She hadn’t seen him leave the room for the past hour and a half. Or ever take a sip from it.

“Much like your eyes will be if you don’t spill” She spat back folding her arms. She was sure that if Harry was there he would have been proud of his cynical protégé. The man had always told her to be less forgiving and patient with people. She was too trusting, too friendly. Now she was prepared to kill someone because she needed rest.

“Ok, someone needs to have a couple of those chilling pills.” HR commented a smirk forming on his face as he stepped backwards his dangling drumstick pointing towards her. She saw Cisco shaking his head as his eyes widened. Fear had sunken into his face. “Francisco and I had an idea to stop out Ecto-ghost. Gas, so we can see them. If we place them in a gas filled room then we’ll have them trapped.”

She blinked a few times. She even glanced at Cisco who pointed with a smile. Obviously they both needed rest, well Cisco needed rest. HR needed a straightjacket and some strong medication, also probably a padded cell.

“I give up. I’m going to bed. Anyone disturbs me I’ll gut them” She shouted storming from the room.

“What I thought that was a solid plan, maybe she needs some caffeine. Speaking of which. I’m going to get another. You want one. Ah I’ll just get you one anyway” HR rambled heading out of the room whilst twirling his drumstick