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hi, everyone. i hope you all are doing well! take care of your health and get enough sleep~! quick thank you all for following this particular funny kpop gifs blog (OTL i feel like a ton more pop up every time i look). i understand everyone’s tastes may be different and i am biased but i still try to post a variety. please continue to enjoy <3 

Imagine your OTP aren’t together yet, and person A runs an OTP prompt blog. They’ve been coming up with all of the prompts on their blog themselves, and are running out of ideas. Person B, whom A has a crush on, finds the blog and starts submitting prompts of their own based on the cute little things they want to do with A, not knowing that A is really the person behind the blog.

Bonus: They each discover who the other is when B writes a story about themselves and A based on one of the prompts and submits it to the blog.