run n gun


“Duff got me inspired to start running. He ran a marathon! This is a guy I used to see in the hallways of hotels and wouldn`t recognise him, because he was so f**ked up from alcohol - vodka, specifically. Here`s a guy who almost died from having something blow up inside him - I forget what it was, but it was something important! So he inspired me to take up running, and that`s a great escape for me.”

- Izzy talking about Duff.

exo’s comeback is stressing me out i swear to g od i mean like i’ve been listening to them talk about wolves for the last year what the fcuk is next and what kind of obscure hair color will sehun have this time and is run n gun going to be on the album i am not ready i can t brea the


SUNSET RIDERS (Konami, 1991)
“Cheerio, ol’ chap!” ~ Sir Richard Rose

Four bounty hunters saddle up in the Wild West to bring down some varmints and scumbags with their own brand of gun-slingin’ justice. Train chases, bull stampedes, saloon showdowns, and river runs are only few of the battles coming their way. Have your guns ready for the drawin’ against the notorious three henchmen and the greedy Baron Richard Rose himself. Yee-haw!