run luke run

When you are coming home to your girlfriend because you haven’t seen her face in ages and you feel you’re close as strangers



Me: Let’s forget the past, I swear we’ll make this last

Me: *deep breath*


Me: *gasps for air* *screams* I WANT YOU TO WANT ME THIS WAY!!!! AND I NEED YOU TO NEED ME TO STAY!!!!


Luke and his Super! Bouncy! hair tries so very hard to run away from his many many problems.

But since in this particular instance one of his ‘many many problems’ is definitely those hideous trousers I’m not sure that running away *while wearing them* is really going going to help anything, poor Luke.

I mean, especially since we know he runs just as well when he’s not wearing any trousers at all…

shoutout to mark hamill for validating the idea of luke as a trans dude & helping me to put on my binder this morning & think “hey i look just like luke!” instead of getting upset abt having to bind in the first place

fratboy!luke (part 3)


a/n: hi I’m sorry I’m really bad at writing smut but I tried. anyways enjoy part three this is the second time i’ve written it bc my first try turned out like shit so sorry for the delay. 

requested: yes
word count: 3,905
warnings: smut, swearing, mention of alcohol

Fog was settling over the campus as you and Mae practically ran across campus to get to the AKΨ house. Tonight was Halloween, which meant everybody and everybody’s friend was partying. Luke’s frat was hosting a huge party, as per usual. They required everybody to dress up in some sort of costume. If not, you weren’t allowed in.

You’d spent all week trying to pick out a costume to wear. Mae suggested you go as a cat, to which you’d responded with an eye roll. Not that there was anything wrong with going as a cat, you just didn’t want to be dressed the same as every other freshman girl on campus. Instead, you’d opted to go as a soccer player. While it wasn’t any more original than a sexy cat, it was easy. You were borrowing one of Calum’s old practice jersey’s, which meant you could wear it on its own because it was certainly long enough.  White high top converse and black face paint finished off the basic look. Mae was going as a belly dancer, and you had to admit she rocked the look.

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