run like the wind bullseye!!

The signs as Alfredo quotes prt 2

Aries: “Sorry, I was not listening.”

Taurus: “He runs like the wind, bullseye.”

Gemini: “I have no pity. Someday I’ll stay for good, but until that day know that you’re my little man with a small surprise.”

Cancer: “Copy- Cope- I’m coping with it.”

Leo: “Believe whatever I tell you and I’ll show you the world or…create…parties.”

Virgo: “This man knows god!”

Libra: “Fun. A four letter word for distraction.”

Scorpio: “Fuck with me, I’ll break your heart!”

Sagittarius: “Excuse me Autumn. Your voice is ruining me.”

Capricorn: “Whatever. You spatter me with a nationality.”

Aquarius: “You should have taken his life when you had the chance.”

Pisces: (reading a Pinche’s Tacos mug) “Pinch…Me? I am dreaming.”

The star signs as Alfredo Quotes.

Aries - “aaaa another day in the majesty, the world… is mine”

Taurus - “What are you editing, little man?”

Gemini - “mm my smelly man, come to take what’s his.”

Cancer - “Should we talk about life? On… other planets?”

Leo - *takes James’ gun* “Gun’s cannot defeat me”

Virgo - “He runs like the wind, bullseye”

Libra - “Autumn, your voice… is ruining me”

Scorpio - “Oh, you’re being a bad boy, Mr. Yucky Hot Dog!”

Sagittarius - “I told you once and I told you twice, it’s not nice to… sprinkle my lice!”

Capricorn - “But until that day, know that you’re my little man with the small surprise.”

Aquarius - “mm the man, I always wanted, right in front of me, has disobeyed me.”

Pisces - “You’re just wrinkling my Ben Sherman shirt!”

Okay, so on the topic of Aura:

I know that someone pointed out the lack of a proper “pain scale.” What can be considered a dangerous situation for a character or group of characters, and what isn’t.

So here’s what we know so far:

  1. Aura is a shield for characters, and can heal injuries. A character can choose to heal minor injuries or protect themselves from blows in combat.
  2. The amount of Aura a person has varies for each individual. Jaune supposedly has a lot of Aura, according to Pyrrha. Based on Weiss’s trailer, it is unknown if she either has little Aura compared to others, or if she simply chose to focus her Aura on the rest of her fight instead of healing her scar at the time.
  3. Aura diminishes over time, and can eventually run out. This is pointed out by Professor Goodwitch during another one of Jaune and Cardin’s match-ups. In tournaments, when Aura reaches critical range, a judge can call a match.
    After Jaune’s fight with the Ursa Major, his bruises and scars returned. His scroll showed that his Aura was in critical range, so he probably couldn’t heal afterwards. Fighting without Aura could probably result in unconsciousness and even death.
  4. Aura is not always active in protecting a person from injuries, and may not protect all areas. Again, this is apparent from Jaune’s screentime, when he’s being beaten up by CRDL and is getting bruises. It could be that Aura is active based on a person’s moral alignment or otherwise.
    It’s possible that receiving a shot to the head a point-blank range is enough to kill or K.O. a combatant, but this is inconsistent in portrayal. In Yang’s trailer, she has shot Junior’s men in the face at point blank range. Sun was startled to see Roman aiming for his head at point blank range with Melodic Cudgel. And of course, Mercury’s supposed One-Shot-Kill at Tukson’s head (as it was presented on screen, anyway.)
    Being able to kill a person with a point-blank headshot may also depend on the type of rounds that a character uses. Roman’s rounds are enough to level concrete, and the types of rounds Mercury uses remain to be seen. The effectiveness of Yang’s rounds are questionable.
  5. The aura of others can be monitored on scrolls and other display apparatus. A Team Leader can view their own and their teammates’ Aura and fight accordingly.
  6. It’s still unknown if Semblance and Aura are correlated. It wouldn’t be surprising if they were. Weiss looked exhausted after she aided Ruby’s charge up the cliff with her Glyphs. If they are related, it’s unknown how Yang’s Semblance would Aura affect each other, if they do at all.
  7. Aura is likely the trigger for the effects of Dust. It’s not outright stated, but lore states that all living things have Aura, and that people are the ones that utilized Dust to fight off the creatures of Grimm.

So long story short, the pain scale is this:

  • Typical blows and scratches from people = They’ll be fine
  • Fighting against the melee aspect of weapons, dust attacks, mechs, or Grimm = if they Block/Dodge, they’ll be fine. If not, they’ll probably ache and/or bruise.
  • Gunfire = RUN LIKE THE WIND, BULLSEYE (or block)
  • Point-blank Range against devastating ammo = NO, DON’T DIE

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