run like a boss

The types as meme songs
  • ISTJ: Never Gonna Give You Up
  • INTJ: We are Number One
  • ISFJ: Hotline Bling
  • ESTJ: Like a Boss
  • ENTP: Trololo
  • ISTP: Running in the 90's
  • INTP: Spooky Scary Skeletons
  • ENTJ: How bad can I be?
  • ESTP: All Star
  • INFP: All around me are familiar faces( Mad World)
  • ENFJ: A cruel angel's thesis ( Evangelion op)
  • ISFP: Nyan cat
  • ESFP: Careless Whisper
  • ESFJ: Seinfeld theme
  • INFJ: Roundabout ( Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)
I think that this the true nature of Taylor Swift, what we’re seeing on the stand today. Like, there’s a precision to her language, she’s not backing down [….] I would venture to say that this is the closest to the true essence of who Taylor Swift is than we’ve seen before. I’m beginning to think that when we see her […] in entertainment interviews, that sort of seems like a facade. This seems like the real boss-ass b—- that’s running her business and not taking any shit from anyone.
—  E News, on Taylor’s testimony today (x). The true irony of this quote, to me, is that this version Taylor has been here all along, and she’s never minced words or pretended it wasn’t and they’ve created this caricature of her to differ from that, but it’s a good compliment nonetheless so we’ll roll with it. 

the boss, in her soothing voice: jack, you gotta listen to mumford and the sons. they’re folk music
snake: (does some stupid shit, like runs at her)
the boss: (just obliterates him non-violently and disassembles all of his mechanical equipment into the primal parts) Jack, I love you. Stop doing that. listen to mumford
snake: (screaming dramatically into the sky while downed)
the boss: please snake, they’re a good band

The most striking thing about Papyrus (aside from his limitless positivity) is the fact that it is literally impossible to die in a fight against him. Even Toriel, who starts purposefully missing you once your health gets low enough, can accidentally kill you, but Papyrus? It is literally impossible. Papyrus has incredible control over his power! Wow, what a great and impressive skeleton. And, even though he could probably deal some legit damage to you on the murder run, his only action is to spare you, because he’s heckin worried about this little emotionless murder child.

A lot of people like swap aus where Sans is the one that dies and Papyrus is forced to shed his naivete and face you going all-out, which makes sense, but also, Papyrus is just so. Papyrus. I feel like if Papyrus had to be the final murder-run boss, it’d be more like, “After losing Sans, the world seems like a different place. I can’t imagine what you must’ve gone through for you to see the world the way you do.”

He only has one attack, but it’s a really long one and powerful one (kind of like Sans’ before his ‘special attack’), plus he talks during it, which would be pretty distracting. whenever he gets your hp down to 1, combat automatically stops and you’re ejected back into the judgement room. if you try to talk to him without healing, he’ll just say you’re too hurt - a gust of wind could knock you over! after you heal at the conveniently placed save point and go back to fight him, he has stuff to say about how you don’t have to be alone, you don’t have to do this, you might think there isn’t any good in you and it’s too late to change, but there is and it isn’t! After a few of those, he’ll talk about Undyne and Sans, and they always tried to help him, even when they thought he wouldn’t notice. He’s got a ton of stories about that. After he says his piece there’s an option to either fight or don’t fight, and every time you pick fight he looks disappointed, but he goes all out. He’s always able to be spared.

if you survive his attack, he goes down in one hit. his last words would probably be an apology, even though he tried really hard he still couldn’t show you a better path


It’s been so brutal out that I decided to run indoors this morning. I’m actually quite pleased with my treadmill time, that’s better than I’ve done in a while. 

My plan has been to stop weights for a while, focus on running, and finish out the last three 5Ks I have set for this season, then once the Race of the Dead is done in November, start focusing on weights, with running as a side to that. Today I just did weights because, well, I was in the gym, and I thought I’d set a baseline. I stopped when my shoulder started twinging again. :D

I have also rented a car and booked a parking spot for a race that’s not in train distance in October. FEELIN’ PRETTY ADULTY RIGHT NOW. 

“Cops use chainsaws, yeah?”

FUZZ is probs one of my favourite SR2 activities… (I’m also disgustingly bad at it.)


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I was really expecting there to be a massive amount of posts in the lorna dane tag but nobody’s here so I’ll start

polaris is my precious overpowered wonder gal and magneto must be such a proud daddy, his little girl all grown up and off to destroy humies, running a mutant underground like a boss

‘just a couple of freaks like you’ is an iconic line and I love her

Eyeris Voice Acting Auditions

Hello all, and welcome to the voice acting auditions for Herbarium Podcasting Networks newest project, Eyeris!

What is Eyeris?

CHI is an establishment created by supernatural beings to help keep humans in the dark about the world around them. By keeping magical and cursed objects out of their hands, as well as taking care of any supernatural threats, they manage to be a rather effective parental figure to the whole human race.

All good things have to end, though.

Eyeris is a podcast written and edited by Ollie Carter, creator of the Herbarium Podcasting Network. It follows a CHI employee, Noah, as he struggles to solve a string of murders occurring in Fort Misery, keep his health in check, and deal with various figures entering and re-entering his life.

Between Gods, humans, demons, and obscure family units, Eyeris is sure to spike something akin to interest as it explores morals, minds, and what happens when people’s lives turn upside-down.

How does one audition?

Eyeris is a project that has no budget, so let’s get that out of the way first. Our only source of money is from our Patreon, which keeps our Podbean afloat barely. So, unfortunately, we can’t pay you. This is just for fun.

However, this also means that minors can audition with no paperwork. Actually, there’s no paperwork anywhere! We’re 100% unprofessional, and we’ll take anyone.

To audition, send in an audio file of you acting out the lines listed below with the characters. You can audition for as many characters as you like, and do as many takes as you like. Then, send us your preferred name, gender (if you’re comfortable with sharing it), tumblr username, how much you would like to do this project, and anything else you’d like to add! The first few are so we can contact you and make you feel as comfortable as possible, and the second to last question is to gauge if we think you’ll stay on board, because we’ve gotten people who have jumped ship before out of lack of interest. Which is fine, of course! But we like to make sure that all parties involved will continue having a good time throughout production.

All auditions can be sent to me, Ollie, at We’ll be closing auditions in a month or two, but a date is not set yet.


We are a VERY QUEER PODCASTING NETWORK. This means that there will be gay, bi, trans, genderfluid, lesbian, etc etc characters! If you’re straight and cis, that’s…fine…we have nothing against you. At all. You can audition for parts still! This notice is mostly so you know that if you feel uncomfortable playing a character with a different sexual and romantic orientation than you, you should let us know, because we wouldn’t want anyone being uncomfortable while voice acting for us. We also prefer, above all, that any trans characters be auditioned for by actual trans folk. If it comes to it, we’ll open auditions for those characters to everyone, but yea. Trans folks can audition for parts that are specifically trans and NOT specifically trans! And NB folk? You just go for whatever, honey.

Thank you for your time, and the characters are below the cut! Any questions can be sent here or to me over the email.


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Imagine teenage Jimin is a Prince but lost his memory after a bad accident where he was thrown over into a river. When he come too he is helped by Jungkook, a village boy, and his mother. Jimin grows up and eventually marries Jungkook. Fast forward to them visiting the castle for some reason and the Queen cries cause her son is back. Jimin and Jungkook are confused along with horrified. Jungkook gets bullied by Jimins original fiance while Jimin re learns how to run a kingdom. It’s just a big mess lol. But jikook stay in love and run the kingdom like bosses.

love it and by that i mean I DONT UNDERSTAND IT when people write johnny as some kind of smooth jon don like there’s a reason he doesn’t say a word in the gatboss romance scene. that dude has no words. he’s never said a word in his life. he just takes a baseball bat and goes to town with it. you think he can flirt?? the reason oleg is not in sr4 is bc he fucked off 2000 miles away on a well deserved holiday trip to wherever the fuck because he could feel johnny was going to make out with boss and he did not want to be there for that embarrassing scene to go down. he’s just sipping on a pina colada and suddenly feels a shiver run down his spine like oohh. there it is. ooo hh no johnny & boss are flirting and its bad. really bad