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Those two never do anything in halves, do they?

Inspired by @card-gaystext post! 

Excellent expression and perspective practice… why did I make this complicated for myself…

so I had a dream that I was walking by a pop culture store (like a Hot Topic, but less edgy) and I read a sign on the door that said “Yugioh cards, 70% off. All must go!” so I was staring confused, like “why are they desperate to get rid of a popular card game? Did they accidentally order a huge shipment?”

So I’m still thinking about it, but then Kaiba runs to the door, pushing me to the ground yelling “Move it dweeb! I need to get some cards!”

Mokuba is walking behind him, stops seeing me on the ground, pulls out a wallet with “Seto apology money; please do not sue” and hands me $100. Running after his brother in the store, he yells “Seto! You did it again!”



1) Kaiba is running an Apple computer!! This episode first aired in Japan on the 5th of March 2002, so this is right after what’s called Apple’s “comeback” where Steve Jobs returned and brought unto the world those colourful aerodynamic iMacs and shortly thereafter, the first iPhone. Apple was up-and-coming, cool and techy but mainstream enough for your uncle to know what it was. The only surprising thing about Kaiba using it is that he doesn’t have his own KaibaCorp software to use instead.

2) The fact that (a) Apple exists in the world of YGO and (b) Kaiba uses it means that ALMOST CERTAINLY Kaiba is TRYING TO OUTDO STEVE JOBS as “cool young genius CEO in a black poloneck launches new technological product with ~showmanship~”. Like Seto Kaiba quite likely said, in canon, “fuck Steve Jobs, he thinks he’s cool? how about announcing a product while HANGING OUT OF A HELICOPTER, loser”.

3) Kaiba has shortcuts on his toolbar including several for Apple/Mac related things and one for MSN!! I used to chat with my friends via MSN in like, 2004-2006 OFTEN ABOUT YGO and wow is this bringing back a weird confluence of memories Do you think he chats with Mokuba via MSN???

4) It appears he is running all sorts of things in the background including something to detect imposters (presumably on the network, not on the blimp). 

5) This has nothing to do with characterisation or world-building but I’ve painstakingly figured out what most of the katakana words are so I’m going to share them with you!
ローカルマシン ゾーン = rōkara mashin zōn = local machine zone
サポート = sapōto = support
プリント = purinto = print (printer?)
ホーム = hōmu = home
メール = mēru = mail
トップページ = tōpupēji = top page
Sadly the kanji are too fuzzy to have any hope of me looking them up (although, like, some of them are underneath fairly obvious symbols to suggest their meaning…!)

ALSO seriously, “The Sun of God Dragon”, “The God of Obelisk” and “Saint Dragon - The God of Osiris”, we are ALL OVER THE SHOP on both Egyptology and the English language here. 

im finishing some MEP parts and i just stopped and cried because of how horrid i noticed seto is dressed here


and secondly YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO WEAR BLACK WITH BROWN THAT IS JUST THE BASICS OF FASHION ive had enough. like i guess i was just too focused on his big purple jacket to have noticed how BAD his pants are

I was watching episode 200 of DM and there’s this scene where Bakura kidnaps Mokuba and tells Kaiba to duel him and Kaiba is pretty annoyed

Then Bakura hangs up or whatever and Kaiba does this:

He takes off his tie and just tosses it aside. I mean, it’s his tie he can do whatever he wants with it, yeah? Then he goes to the elevator and the next scene

his face aside, he’s suddenly dressed in his regular clothes. And it’s hilarous to me because it implies that:

1) Kaiba keeps a spare set of his Edgy Cool ClothesTM in his fucking office. How- how often does he change at work to even think keeping spare clothes in his office was a necessary thing? Is it a normal sight for Kaiba Corp. workers to see their boss jumping around while he puts on his other trousers? Is there an employee whose job is specifically to tie Kaiba’s arm belts for him how is he even supposed to adjust them without dislocating his arm? I need to know

2) Apparently, changing clothes was a fundamental thing to do before running to save his brother. Like as far as I know if Mokuba was even remotely in danger Kaiba would run across all Domino City in underwear and fluffy Kuriboh slippers to ensure his brother’s safety, but now he completely changed out of his Blue Tie White Suit before going to save Mokuba from the creepy, vaguely murderous kid who somehow managed to get on the roof of a fucking skyscraper. Unless of course he changed clothes at record speed in the elevator. That’s a possibility too.

3) We don’t see what happened after Bakura ran away, but it’s very probable that Kaiba took Mokuba to do a medical check-up, a psychological check-up, and then took him home, tucked him in bed and had someone make warm soup. So I’m saying the next day someone went to work at Kaiba Corp and saw his boss’ clothes all thrown around the place. A tie in a corner of his office. A shirt that’s worth more monery than what they make in a year in the corridor. Trousers in the elevator.

4) Of course, Kaiba could have just wore his Edgy Cool ClothesTM under his suit and just took off the outer layer and put on his coat. Explains why it looked like he was sweating in the first scene

MokuBack to the Future

I hope you enjoy! I’m not too good at blending or textures, maybe I’ll practice that, and then redraw this some day. Until then, I hope you like it!!

Fake Film Synopsis:

Mokuba is your average 13 year old kid. He lives with his brother Seto and their stepfather Gozaburo Kaiba, who runs a multimillion dollar company called KaibaCorp. Life hasn’t been all too great, since Seto failed to overtake the company and make it focus on games instead of war machines.

When sifting through all of Seto’s prototype game inventions, Mokuba discovers a cool car. He secretly takes it for a test drive (despite not actually knowing how to drive) and gets caught by security! Trying to escape them, he brings the car up to 88 MPH, but before he crashes into a wall, BAM! Electricity surrounds him and he finds himself stuck in the past!

How did this happen? Will this effect the present in any way? Will Mokuba be able to get - back to the future - ?

Find out, in MokuBack to the Future! Coming never!


“Let’s start when I met him, then. He was crazy. So was I. He spent three thousand years locked in a brick and I … I was watching my world turn itself upside down and didn’t know how to control it. He tried to kill me, I tried to kill him, he sent me into what we call a complete psychotic breakdown, it was pretty terrible for both of us. When I started to recover he’d already started to change. To become human again. We faced each other in a games tournament. For him the prize was a chance to learn about his past. He won. I left for America. When I was there I realized I wanted to face him again, on the same terms as the first time. But truthfully, not as a pretense. His friend … do you know about Yuugi?”

“I do.”

“His friend invited me to the game that decided his life. I thought he meant to challenge me there. But I was mistaken, and I showed up a few minutes too late to say goodbye.”

“And thereafter?”

“I went back to Domino.”

“Atem claims you created an ushabti and fulfilled the rites that allowed him access to his full soul and a life in the Field of Reeds.”

<I>What the hell?</I>

“I don’t think–wait, is he talking about <I>the AI?</i> It’s just a computer program. A duel simulator. I don’t even know how he knows about it.”

“Through Maha'ad, who saw in part the actions of two days before he sealed the Ring away forever. You designed this … <I>ey-ah</I> to resemble my son.”

“Not so much. What he looked like when Yuugi could summon him.” And maybe the eye color is 660000 instead of 660099 now, but nobody here would have any way of knowing it. “It doesn’t even have a full neural network, I–” Akhenemkanon looks like he’s trying not to look perplexed. Kaiba runs back over what he just said and realizes he lapsed back into Japanese. Shit. “It means the only thing it can learn is game rules.”

“You restored the Puzzle and called his name. This is a great blessing. But to what purpose?”

Kaiba thinks about saying <I>because I wanted to.</I> Or <I>why do you care.</I> Maybe <I>this is bullshit, where’s Atem.</I>

None of those are going to help him.

<I>What matters more? Your pride, or your objective?</I>

“I wasn’t ready to let him go.”


Like it? Love it? Want more of it? You can read the first ten chapters of Not The End on my AO3, and if the spirit moves you, there’s a tip jar in my profile right here on Tumblr–feel free to buy me a coffee!!


Watching episode 20 of the Toei Yu-Gi-Oh anime. In that Kaiba’s butler was given the name Daimon, and he was a much more heroic character than in the manga and anime. It’s also the only appearance of Gozaburo Kaiba in the flesh in the present day. He let Kaiba run the company for a while but came back to reclaim it when he took offense at the Kaibaland project, which was three times over budget. Gozaburo’s plan doesn’t last long because Seto betrays him and he keels over in shock. (I presume he had a heart attack.)

Also, Toei Gozaburo makes the funniest expressions, and Seto makes a really funny, creepy smile as he stands over his stepfather’s crumpled body.

Can we talk about Kaiba with long hair?

Like he grows it out bc he’s way too busy to get it cut, so it creeps up on him.

Mai brings him some hair stuff (those huge clips, hair ties, sparkley barrettes that Mokuba likes to put in both Kaiba’s and his own hair), and he just kinda has it pinned back in one clump at the back of his head all the time.

Anzu offering to braid his hair and he’s like “um no” but then he goes to a sleepover with the Dweeb Patrol because they’re friends (although Kaiba will never admit it out loud) and Anzu braids it while he’s asleep. 

Just like 19-year old Kaiba running a business meeting in a suit and tie and his hair all tied up 

Just think about it

  • Kaiba: *appears from a cloud of smoke* duel. me. you. now.
  • Yami: HAHA-no.*keeps walking*
  • Kaiba: *follows Yami*
  • Kaiba:
  • Kaiba:
  • Kaiba: *silently pulls out DuelDisk*
  • Yami: *glares* Kaiba..
  • Kaiba: *slowly and silently summons Blue Eyes*
  • Yami: I'm warning you Kaiba!
  • Kaiba: *slowly puts one card face down*
  • Yami: I'm running late!
  • Kaiba:
  • Yami:
  • Kaiba:
  • Yami:
  • Kaiba: BURST STREA---
  • Yami: NOPE.NOT TODAY. *sends Kaiba to the shadow realm*


So while Malik is kidnapping himself in front of Yugi’s friends, Yami and Seto are scouring the city for those very friends. Sadly, the city is massive and although Kaiba’s satellite system picked up Jounouchi’s Duel Disk in the aquarium recently, really, they could be anywhere. Certainly they couldn’t hope to simply stumble across them.

if they just LOOKED RIGHT

Honestly, everyone’s at fault here. Cause Yami and Seto are supposed to be actively looking for the others and just don’t, you know, scan their surroundings. But Jou and Anzu are facing Yami and Seto who are LITERALLY THE MOST CONSPICUOUS PEOPLE IN THE CITY. They could not be more conspicuous if they tried.


Kaiba’s very sure of the efficacy of his duel-tracking satellite system and leads Yami to the aquarium where Yami takes off at a run to look for Jounouchi, who is, at this point, being rude to Malik somewhere behind them.

There’s no good way to screencap Yami running. Well, if you don’t want him to look like a dork. If you want him to look like a dork, there’s no BAD way to screencap Yami running!

Kaiba immediately dials the prideshipping level right up to ten where it will stay for the remainder of their Duel Date because once Yami’s run ahead, Kaiba SMILES TO HIMSELF and says…

He doesn’t understand how Yami can care so much about his friends, but he’s not annoyed or derisive of it, now that no one’s watching. He says it almost fondly.

It’s a shame, though, because they’re totally still in sight of where Malik is now kidnapping himself, so if Kaiba wasn’t so focused on the enigma of his first crush, he might have noticed the not-inconsiderable commotion that would have to be caused by several robed thugs attacking and abducting some teenagers in broad daylight on a busy city street RIGHT BE-FUCKING-HIND HIM.

Having failed to find them at the aquarium, it is only at this point that Yami remembers Anzu has a mobile phone, and calls her from a payphone while Kaiba waits outside for him.

idk that’s just the most boyfriendy thing I’ve ever seen Kaiba do also it makes me imagine him waiting outside the dressing room while Yami tries on clothes *rolls around in feelings*

The phone call, sadly, comes about a minute and a half too late…

… and I’m just saying but I think Yugi would probably have remembered to try phoning Anzu sooner so WHERE THE FUCK IS YUGI IS HE STILL NAPPING IT’S BEEN SERIOUSLY FIVE EPISODES NOW

(Incidentally, have bald!Ghoul’s cloak-fastening chains unfastened themselves from his cloak and fastened themselves to his tshirt or?) 

I’m afraid so, my attractively-handed friend.

Yami tells Seto the bad news and Seto smiles and says…

To which Yami says “Does it look like I’m panicking, asshole?” very eloquently but sadly just with his face and not actually aloud.

And then Seto totally just goes for it.



Way to keep things heterosexual there, Seto.

I mean, really, Seto is a CEO of a major company and TO for a massive city-wide tournament that’s happening right now, and he’s too invested in Yami to do anything except trail around after him, before he’s even qualified for the finals of his own tournament! He could totally have gotten Yami to promise to come and duel him as soon as he found his friends, but he doesn’t, he literally chases him and then insists on coming along and helping. While trembling with desire.

Sadly, Yami has plot to get on with.

“Because they’re probably being murdered right now jfc Kaiba keep it in your pants.”


Probably for the best, anyway, because Mokuba calls at that point. Mokuba, who had said he was going back to HQ to track Jounouchi’s Duel Disk, instead decided it would be more fun to try to track him ON A RANDOM ROOF

I mean, nice view, but WHY

Especially since he says “I can’t track him, I’m going to go to HQ to track him from there” which was what he said LAST EPISODE before he decided to waste time on this roof instead?!

And of course…


Unaware of the fact that his brother is not, in fact, utilising Kaiba Corp’s satellite system due to currently being kidnapped, Kaiba attempts to reassure Yami that he can track down his friends.

Yami’s dubious face is a thing of great beauty.

Seriously every time they show them walking around the city together they look more and more like they’re on a slightly awkward date (their first date would be SO AWKWARD) because now they’re in the upscale cafe district!


(The shop names are a constant delight. There’s a place they pass later called One Coin Lunch! Yum! Doesn’t sound like food poisoning at all! Although in fairness, the biggest yen coin is ¥500 which is currently worth … almost €4, shit the euro really isn’t doing very well at the moment. There, now you’ve learned something besides all these prideshipping details today.)

Suddenly! A short guy with glowing asymmetical eyes and a big purple dress parkours over to drop in front of him to shout “LOOK AT THAT” and point behind them…



Serious question: have Marik or any of his Ghouls ever actually kidnapped someone before? Or have they just watched some really exciting movies about kidnappings cause shit, everything in this episode is so unreasonably dramatic!

(Other question: are there no cars? Yami and Kaiba are just walking down the middle of the ROAD?)

Seto yells “MOKUBA!” and Mokuba yells something but his mouth is moving and all you can hear is helicopter, which at least is realistic. (That is, the helicopter is drowning Mokuba’s voice out, not that Mokuba opens his mouth and helicopter sounds come out instead of human speech, that would not be realistic at all.)

Things the animators cared about: realistically showing the view up Mokuba’s trousers to his ankles

Things the animators did not care about: Yami’s face, Seto’s face, Seto’s leg

So now obviously, because this is Yu-Gi-Oh!, this kidnapping can only be settled WITH A DUEL, and because this is Yu-Gi-Oh!, the specifics of the duel must be UNNECESSARILY COMPLICATED~

“Although since all four of us are starting from exactly the same place and all travelling as fast as possible, it would be more accurate to say we will go there as a group, in awkward silence.”

So I thought this might be a difficult moment for Yami; forced to choose between continuing to search for his friends, on the basis of a threat that may or may not be being carried out, or interrupting his seach to help Kaiba and Mokuba who are definitely in trouble right now. But there’s no exploration of that moral choice because Smol Ghoul immediately fills Yami in.

“We kidnapped your loved ones too, but we didn’t bother dangling them out of a low-flying helicopter to prove it because honestly you seem a lot more reasonable and we figured you’d probably just believe us, whereas the only languages Kaiba understands are Dueling and Ostentatiously Dramatic Displays.”

Kaiba is justifiably furious.

And hey, if you want to play a really slow-burn drinking game while watching Yu-Gi-Oh!, drink every time Kaiba clarifies his current “excuse” for spending time with Yami by saying “Don’t misunderstand me”

Yami: Alright, alright, you don’t have to be an annoying bastard about it.


These four lines were a defining moment of my childhood, thanks to Darren Dunstan’s voice acting and the tone of the entire scene. This isn’t funny Pegasus or silly-then-serious Pegasus. He’s cold and ruthless all the way through, intercepts Kaiba seconds before Mokuba would have been freed, and mockingly congratulates him on having gotten this far–right after scene after scene of the Kaiba brothers vowing to see each other again.

Then, after previous episodes showed Seto Kaiba was determined to not get involved in the tournament, Pegasus tosses him some Star Chips and a gauntlet, forcing him to play by his rules if he wants his brother back. Even his henchman Kemo forces Kaiba to run for Mokuba’s cell after triggering an alarm. We knew Pegasus was a serious threat before, but this whole sequence illustrated how serious.