run jamie run

when you think about all of the burned episodes of Doctor Who that may never get recovered and all of the wonderful acting that’s probably lost forever

My biggest fear is

If i ever meet a celebrity i really really like and they’ll take my phone to take a picture and they’ll accidentally go to my photos and see the files with their pictures and be like
“Why are there 1000 of me here?!?I haven’t even seen half of them!”
And at the said moment i’ll just run,move to Mexico and change my name to Pepito

What if one day in the slytherin common room, Pansy gets tired of Draco’s yammering on and on about “bloody potter and his scar and his fame and his snarky comebacks and his everything” so she says, loudly, “So how’s that make-up sex?” instead of going “Pansy don’t be ridiculous” or “How immature,” Draco goes bright, Gryffindor-red and immediately starts denying it like “What?! What are you talking about?! Me and Potter?! We never! I never—!” while everyone in the common room has just gone quiet and is now staring at the usually composed and pompous Malfoy who is now sputtering and waving his arms around frantically as if he’d choked on something


Yes, Malcolm definitely NEVER had a sexed up a dossier with that man.

Which – despite the evidence of our own eyes of him totally doing that exact thing – we know must be true because Malcolm’s dossier is in a BLUE folder and obviously that makes all the information contained in it completely not a war crime accurate.

And because I can’t miss any opportunity to use this gif,

I should say the red faced shouty man on the right SWEARS Chilcot 100% exonerates him re: the Real Life sexed up dossier, but if it’s a choice between AIastair’s version of reality and Armando’s, I’ll choose Armando’s every time.