run it ryder


Favourite 80s Movies (Part 1/?);

The Goonies, The Outsiders, License To Drive, Heathers, Stand By Me, The Evil Dead, The Empire Strikes Back, The Lost Boys, Running On Empty. 

Omg. Just imagine Liam and Sara watching Star Wars together, and she brings the the re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-remastered versions and Liam is just like ‘pffft, no way.’ and pulls out the original VCR tapes that he somehow procured before he left the Milky Way and Sara just looks at him like ‘seriously?’ before they snuggle up on his ridiculous couch under a blanket that is way too big and watch ancient futuristic technology flash before their eyes (with SAM interrupting occasionally to point out that AI doesn’t work like that) and even though they’ve both seen the movies a thousand times, Liam still reacts to the Death Star exploding like it’s the first time and makes pew pew pew noises when the x-wings shoot and gives the fighting scenes his rapt attention.

And Sara just looks over at him during one of those scenes, at the unabated joy this grown man shows for laser swords and beeping droids and how little he cares who sees it, and she realizes anew just how much she loves this nerd, her nerd, when suddenly he turns to her and says ‘this is the best bit!’ and reaches for the remote to turn the sound all the way up as she smiles and lays her head against his shoulder, and they munch on popcorn and happily watch light saber duels and space battles well into the wee hours of the morning.

Scott is an extremely powerful biotic to the point of not being fully aware just how much potential he has. One night during an especially boozy party on Kadara when totally wasted Scott was annoying everyone by making the furniture float in the bar, Gil and Reyes jokingly dared him to try and lift the Tempest. That was obviously impossible and hopefully Scott would be knocked down a peg as he saw the limits of his powers. Except… Scott did make the Tempest float. Not only that – he made it fly a few times over Kadara Port while giggling stupidly and shouting “NYOOM” every five seconds. Reyes and Gil got very, very drunk that night and never spoke of it again. Scott doesn’t seem to remember any of this.


Ryder & Lexi Moments 1 / ?

Tiran Kandros, who was so relieved to see another being from the Milky Way, he can’t help but touch them to assure himself Ryder’s real.

Tiran who handles both security and militia business, who promised to watch Ryder’s back, even if he’s unable to enter the field because of his duties.

Tiran who’s so fucking *relieved* when Ryder finds and brings back the Turian ark and their Pathfinder, maybe that’s the time he started to have a crush on them.

Tiran who wants to leave his post and go to Ryder, specially while hunting the Archon, he knows humans aren’t to be taken lightly, but damn it he still worries.

Tiran who’s a very good Turian, and won’t leave his post, regardless. He has a job to do and so does Ryder.

Tiran who has to endure Avitus’ jokes on him - at least their Pathfinder seems to be coping well? - and offers to get him and Ryder alone.

Tiran who can’t help but admire that tiny - to him - human, who interfaces with Remnant tech, who takes on the burden of the Initiative, and he ends up loving them just a little bit more.

Tiran who offers to listen to their worries, not as a favour, but because he wants to lighten Ryder’s burden.

Tiran who can only offer help at the sidelines, keeping the ground they managed to take, fighting the Kett step by step, who knows he can’t - and won’t - abandon his post but Spirits damn it he wants to.

Tiran who watches from afar as Ryder celebrates their victory, he can feel Rix’s eyes on him, but neither of them say anything.

Tiran, who’s so bloody tired of being a good Turian, but forces himself to continue.

Tiran who’s surprised each and every time Ryder stops by to talk to him, be it business or not.

Tiran who can’t help but laugh in glee at Ryder making sure he’s fine after the battle, when they should be worried with themselves and their family.

Tiran who sighs as Ryder runs back to their crew, he can just stand back and watch, that’ll have to be enough.

As much as I love Jaal being confused by human anatomy the Angara are still mammals. So the theory that he doesn’t know what boobs are seems silly to me.

We haven’t seen a lady Angara naked but who says mammary glands have to be in the chest area? Maybe females have theirs below that collar bone for days. Or since its common for Angaran to be born in multiples then maybe they have them like cats or dogs and they fall flush when they aren’t producing milk. Which would lead to another aspect of boob confusion such as why Sara’s are still so prominent. Or if you’re into it, why Scott has nips at all if they don’t function.

I also love the idea of Jaal being fascinated by toes. Angaran toes could still serve a climbing and gripping purpose like Turian and Quarian toes. Hell even the Krogan have grippy feet, but humans are so flat with these multiple tiny toes I can see Jaal teasing Ryder about how useless their toes seem. Then he finds out humans are built for running instead of climbing and Ryder shows him Olympic events on Earth. Jaal is just so thrilled by the comradery and competition it moves him; that despite differences or unrest happening around Earth everyone can unite on an even playing field and enjoy something as an entire species.

Everything devolves into deep feeling and awe with Jaal. He could be examining Ryder’s ears and be amazed by the intricacy and fragility of the bones within such a clumsy looking structure. He traces Ryder’s palm and finds out that humans way back when would read the lines on someone’s palm and supposedly read their future. Then he wants Ryder to read his palm or teach him to read theirs. Wide hips confuse him since even female Angarans have thin waists and hips and he finds out how strange and painful birth is for humans. Well then he’s a worried mess for Sara and conflicted between wanting a large family like his own and not wanting to hurt her.

I love thinking about Jaal. VwV