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Little things I love in Mass Effect Andromeda so far

  • Everyone on the Tempest besides Suvi and Kallo roam the ship and rarely stay in their designated quarters, I keep finding Drack and Vetra in the dorm chatting with each other
  • My tiny pet pyjak who I would undoubtedly die without
  • Hella tall turian and salarians boy are they tall
  • Sam’s voice
  • Jaal’s voice
  • Running over something and Ryder yelling SPEEDBUMP!
  • The Tempest spam filter blocking Suvi’s 1400 page dirt analysis email attachment but allowing through an excerpt of Lexi’s findings on krogan mating rituals (it KNOWS me)
  • Drack and Kesh’s relationship
  • Everything

Reyes/Ryder headcanons

Whenever Ryder is on Kadara, Reyes always watches from the distance as Ryder runs around fixing all the bullshit of the planet and sends lots of gifts of alcohol whenever groups are taken out
Addition: Ryder has run out of room in the Tempest’s storage for the amount of bottles he now has, and has had to coincidentally jettison several crates, much to Drack’s dismay

If Ryder ever gets into a sticky situation on Kadara you can best bet one of Reyes’s snipers is there to pick off the enemies to get Ryder out of trouble
Addition: Ryder always finds it fishy when kett or bandits suddenly get picked off and he starts asking his crew about it but they just shrug, so he knows it’s Reyes, but keeps it to himself to save Reyes’s pride
Addition 2: those snipers have now gotten very familiar with how Ryder is, him jumping into harm’s way several times, which makes them very disgruntled (also, they ask themselves why are his squad mates so bizarre?)

There’s lots of cheesy and cheeky emails received whenever it’s “been too long” (it’s only been two days, Reyes, is what Ryder would reply) since Reyes saw his Pathfinder, many of which promising a place better than storage rooms
Addition: Each time Ryder goes to Reyes, it may not be a storage closet, but it’s never *quite* better, either, though Ryder never really minds (anything is better than those storage closets)

Even if Ryder isn’t on Kadara, there would be a few people that pass Ryder by and greet him. Before they leave, they would always say “The Charlatan sends his regards and… uh… he wants you to know…” followed by some obscene sentence
Addition: At first Ryder would get all red and flustered. Then he would shout “STOP!” before any of them could finish. But now, after many, MANY people saying these things, Ryder just gets it over with and walks on

Whenever Ryder meets with Reyes, SAM always asks questions during inappropriate times: “why are you doing it like that, Ryder?” “Is that not an impractical position?”
Addition: one a time, Ryder shouted out “Shut up, SAM!” and Reyes just starts dying of laughter, the mood entirely lost

During the nightmares of having died twice now, and the constant fear of the Archon, Ryder would wake up screaming. Reyes would be woken up as well, immediately wrapping Ryder up into a warm embrace, rubbing soothing circles into his back. “Wanna talk about it?” Reyes would always ask, “Not tonight” Ryder would answer.


↪  Zaila (zay-lah or zi-lah) Ryder, means might or power, non-binary (they/them)

              “For the daughters of atlas, the pinpricks of light. For the ones who wonder why it is a battle to breathe;Your father left you with the weight of stars in your lungs. You inhale and exhale the heavens you were born to carry.You are infinite.“

                       - FOR YOU, SILVER THREADS, GOLDEN | P.D”

You’re a liar! You’re a filthy, fucking, no-good liar. You don’t have the guts to tell me the truth. Just say it!
—  Andie, “Pretty in Pink” (‘86)

im crying I just set up that news receiver on Voeld and I spent 10 minutes fighting a giant fucking beasty thing by running away in panic while my pals shot at it from afar (a la Arishok battle) and I FINALLY beat it… and set up the tower… and I got back in the nomad and then I fucking. ran over the satellite dish next to the tower trying to turn around because I am, a very very bad driver, I keep getting banter on how Vetra is terrified of my driving. and the satellite is one of the games just like placed objects and it… fell over. and of course in game there’s no way to stand it up and it doesn’t actually matter for the plot/quest but it’s so fucking funny im just. this is who Ryder is apparently. she goes to honestly excessive lengths to help people and then fucks it up right at the end and just drives away instead. ok. ok.

what i really want while our ryder runs round on the tempest is to see our squaddies interacting and forming proper friendships or rivalries without ryder’s intervention. let my buddies play skyllian five together or argue over which gun is better against a particular enemy or just being generally alive