run it off tomorrow

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W5D7: LONG RUN JOY. longest run of my entire life (so far) today at 18.00 miles. Not gonna lie, i struggled a bit but my pace ended up being right around what I want to keep for the marathon (7:34).

Overall i’m super excited with how training is going. I’m loving the miles and how my body and legs are transforming and how powerful and determined i am becoming. After much thinking, i really think i want to try and compete on the team here next fall. I’ll start focusing more on this after May 7th but I think it’s something i want. i’m not ready to be done being a competitive collegiate runner.

Ended up at 66 miles total for this week. Tomorrow is off day!! I refuse to run 7 days a week for any extended period of time, i believe bodies need rest. Next week is also a down week so only 55 miles on the schedule 😌

Today should be my tempo run, but I put it off until tomorrow in lieu of a little recon. I’m a stranger in a strange land, so I wanted to make sure I knew how to get over to the Katy Trail from my hotel and see what I was getting myself into.

It was about 1.25 miles of typical street crossings to get over there, but once on the trail it was smooth sailing. The path was paved and elevated over the roads, which will mean no stopping tomorrow. Add in the ¼ mile markings on the ground, and it should be perfect.

On the way there and back, I ran past the Perot Museum of Industry and the American Airlines Center. A little chilly in my half-zip and shorts, but it’ll be warmer tomorrow morning.

Cloudy Night ~ Closed

It was an argument he was having a hard time to get over. It only happened minutes ago, but it felt like it’s already been hours since it started; he should be over it. He should be over it.

Hideo sharply exhaled, got the keys, and drove off. He’ll just run tomorrow’s errands tonight. At least he’ll be out of the mess for a little bit.

“I wanna wake up in a bed covered in fluffy white blankets and a whole bunch of pillows. I wanna wake up in the morning and look out a window and see nature being highlighted by the rising sun. I wanna go downstairs and make some breakfast, and then set up two plates and two sets of forks and napkins. I wanna hear the footsteps of the person I love coming down the stairs while they complain about it being “too goddamn early”. I wanna hear birds chirping, and rain falling. I wanna hear the silence of winter and the laughter of summer. I wanna see the leaves fall and a backyard filled with piles of them. I wanna watch movies on the couch at 2am eating popcorn because it’s Friday and we have off tomorrow. I wanna run to the store at 4:30am because we smoked and decided a bag of doritos would be amazing. I wanna be able to see the future and what it has to offer, even if it’s nothing like all that. That’s what I’m waiting for. That’s what’s keeping me going.“

HEY GUYS tomorrow I am running off to sea to seek my fortune like a seventeenth century London urchin

so that’s a thing

in all seriousness though I got a job on a tradition tall ship for the season (!!!) and I’m only on land/wifi on weekends, so I’m gonna be a bit slow to reply if you message me (though please by all means still do!)

I can walk to the IL/IN boarder from my house.

Like, I’ll probably go run in IL tomorrow.

I’m sure eventually the novelty will wear off, but for now I think it’s pretty cool.


Two 15 hour days in a row now, co-intern day off, senior had lectures all afternoon, so did med student. Somehow managed to d/c four people, transfer one. Wrote twelve notes on my own. Begged to have the team protected because I was alone, still took two admits.

Spent most of the day on the phone dealing with neurosurgery for not my patient but my co-interns. All the time I was going to spend on my patients went to taking care of his train wrecks. I know that this is how life works, it happens, but I’m so sick of it. And my senior just left after didactics and didn’t check in with me so in desperation I had to call the attending and run the list because OH YEAH DID I MENTION the senior is off tomorrow???

So I am actually the senior tomorrow for real.

Fuck I’m so fucking tired of this.

I hope they all lose their shit on Sunday when I’m off and can’t function. I know it’s a horrible thing to say but I’m tired. Emotionally and mentally.

I crawled into bed and my whole body hurts.