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Some days I am absolutely convinced that the Legends of Tomorrow writers room just consists of a bunch of people playing a weird tabletop RPG and writing down whatever happens:

DM: the countdown is nearly up, and NASA is about to discover the time travellers on the moon

Stein’s player: I start singing the ‘Banana Boat Song’

DM: *sighs* roll

56th Street - Peter Parker

request -  Hey, could you do a story where the reader (who doesn’t really know Peter but maybe they go to the same school?) finds one of Peter’s backpacks that he left behind and tries to find him to give it back to him? And maybe that happens more than one time and reader tries to solve this backpack mystery? Hope you can work with this messy idea, your blog’s name somehow gave me the idea.

a/n - this idea made me so happy!!!! (for obvious reasons LMAO) i tried to show his more dorky side in this fic and i’m sorry if it failed, but don’t forget to request a peter parker/spider-man fic if you’d like and follow!

I was walking down 53rd street, headphones in and heading home straight from work. I decided to take the short way home through a small alleyway, but was stopped when I almost tripped over something.

What the hell-” I thought to myself, looking down to see a small backpack. It seemed as if it was left here since the sun was going down and everyone was starting to head home for the day. My eyes then caught onto the zipper was broken from the side down.

Parker.” I huffed in my mind, recognizing the faulty zipper. This had marked the third time that I’ve found his backpack within the last month. Peter and I had never spoken to one another outside of Chemistry, and I never understood why he would be rushing out of school so quickly. Every time I found his backpack it would also be in the same place too, which I found odd.

I zipped his backpack up and looked at the tag on one of its straps.

20 Ingram Street.” I typed into my phone, slinging the backpack around my shoulder and following the directions that radiated off of the screen, luckily not being longer than a 10 minute walk.

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Dating Richie Tozier (hc)

“Can you do a dating Richie Tozier head canon?” 

Requested by randisnotonfire

  • YEEE okay so Richie would be totally obsessed with you
  • He would literally spend every amount of his energy talking about you, which makes the rest of the losers roll their eyes
  • The losers also think it’s super cute seeing him so invested in and passionate about somebody
  • While you’re with them as a group, he’d try to play it off cool, making his dumb jokes about Eddie’s mom and whatnot
  • He’d also poke fun at you a lot, making jokes about how much you love him
  • Beverly would be like “uhhh… you literally never shut up about her”
  • Richie stuttering like crazy when he’s flustered about you
  • You occasionally steal his glasses
  • He would compliment you and you’d be flattered even though he can barely fckn see you
  • Also prepare for a lot of wrestling
  • And sitting on the ground in front of him (with ur back to him), with his arms wrapped around your neck and his chin on ur head
  • “hey whats that on ur shirt”
  • you would look down and he’d kiss the top of your head or something, and then he’d run off in the other direction promising to see you tomorrow
Leave Right Now - Harry Styles Imagine

Being back in Holmes Chapel was nice, lovely really. Even after all these years, touring the world and living in LA, Harry felt at home here. He’s smiling while driving through the back streets. He sees his old school and the bakery, then he makes it to his parents house where his family is awaiting his arrival.

“I can’t believe you’re home,” Anne grins while welcoming her son. Harry’s face squishes up against the side of her head as she hugs him tightly.

“Missed ya too mum,” he mumbles before the hug ends. “It’s nice to be here, no where to run off to tomorrow,” Harry states as he looks at his step dad and sister Gemma waiting for an embrace too.

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Legends of Tomorrow | 2.13

Doctor Palmer, it’s very nice to see you again.

“If we Q, I’ll be happy.” -me

@alyssamedina1 Bts reaction to you leaning in for the first kiss


You and Jin had been dating for a few months now and had yet to kiss. So when you closed your eyes and leaned in to give him a good luck kiss before his big concert, he was super nervous. He closed his eyes and pressed his lips to yours. To his horror, when you both pulled back, he spotted the boys in the doorway of the dressing room as they began to cheer.

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Your legs over his lap, you leaned against the porch swing looking at him lovingly while he talked. You never understood how you could get blessed with someone so sweet in your life. Sadly, you were only really close friends. Having the urge to tell him how you feel, you sat up and scooted next to him. Winging it, you hurriedly said, “Namjoon, I like you!” And quickly leaned in for a kiss. Namjoon kissed you back and afterward blushed madly. “I like you too Y/N” he said after he got himself together.

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The members decided to drink tonight and you being a friend of theirs, they invited you over. Now you were all sitting in a circle playing truth or dare. “Y/N,” Jimin said, smiling mischievously, “I dare you to do something you’ve always wanted to do to Yoongi hyung”. He knew all about your crush and decided to tease you. The liquor getting to you, you thought to hell with it, straddling Yoongi and leaning in for a kiss. He deepened it, leaving you breathless while the members complained about your PDA. Sobering up, he pulled himself then you up from the circle. “Come on Y/N we have a lot to talk about,”.

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You were constantly jealous of the girls that hung all over Hoseok anytime he went somewhere. Over the years of being just a friend, you had grown attached to him in another way. You confessed to him one day in his room telling him softly, “I can’t pretend anymore. I’m in love with you,”. You stood on your tip toes and leaned in to kiss him. He hesitated before closing his eyes and pulling you closer. Once you two finally came up for air, he blushed and laughing nervously, hiding his face.

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After weeks of him pursuing you in hopes of getting you to go on a date with him, Jimin finally succeeded today. He took you to an amusement park, where you had the most fun you’d had in ages. Your guard finally down, you thanked him for the date as the walked you to your door that night. He stood frozen as you reached up and kissed his lips before giving a shy “Goodnight” going in. Once you left he was a ball of excitement, blushing like burying his face in his hands.

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You were his childhood friend and never anything more. You were frustrated that no matter how close you got to him, he never saw you as a woman only as a friend. So during one sleepover when you crawled out of his bed, joining him on the floor, you were surprised at how anxious he got. Caught in the moment, you noticed how soft his lips looked and couldn’t resist leaning in to kiss them. He let you kiss him until he shyly pulled away. “I think you should stay in the bed Y/N,”.

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Jungkook had walked you home from school in the rain, sharing his umbrella with you. Once you arrived at your door, you thanked him and walked towards your door. Only to stop, walk back towards him, pulling him down slowly for a kiss. He closed his eyes and lost himself in the kiss, hesitantly exploring your mouth. Realizing what he was doing, he suddenly pulled back, flushed and nervous. “I uh, I-I’ll see you tomorrow Y/N!” he said hurriedly before running off, leaving you with the umbrella.

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Unknown Parts (Gaston)- Part Three

Pairing: Gaston x OC


A/N: Here it is, tada! I’m thinking the next part after this will be the last one but I really, really loved writing this. I know my version of Gaston isn’t the abrasive, horrid asshole he’s supposed to be but I like to think this is the Gaston that could’ve existed if he found the right girl and was given the chance. Ya know? Plus Luke Evans. Anyways, enjoy! Thanks as always for all the love and support!

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Part One  Part Two

I was painfully distracted for the rest of the day…and I had to keep reminding myself that I’d done it to myself. I’d manage to somehow tangle myself up with the most handsome, arrogant man in the entire town. Yet I was quickly learning that there was more to Gaston than what I’d heard through whispers on the street. He was charming and flirtatious, that was true. But who would’ve known he’d be sweet? And…romantic?

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aquarium dates - peter parker

Originally posted by olvrsfelicity

—– requested by @imaginesyes​ sorry for the extremely long wait!! hope you like it!! sorry that i didn’t really go in depth about it :(

some sentences are not mine: @ihavetoomanyaus

The bell rings causing everyone in class to shoot up, everyone heading towards the door to exit first. I slowly stand up picking up my books before ruffling my hair a little as I fast walk out of the classroom. Walking towards my locker I see that Peter is there, waiting for me.

“How’d you get here so quickly? Your class is on the other side of the school and mine is just down the hall?” I question as I open my locker stuffing my textbooks in there, grabbing my Biology book for studying.

“I-I guess I just walked really fast, you might have spaced out on the way here,” He stutters running a hand through his curly locks. “C-Can I ask you something?”

He looks down, his face imitating a red glow as he looks back up into my eyes.

“Do you w-want to go out with me this weekend? I mean it’s fine if you don’t want to, hell you might be studying. Or you could be busy, you could even be going out with someone else this weeken-” Before he could finish his sentence I cut him off.

“Of course I would love to go out with you this weekend Pete,” Giggling I shake my head at his wide eyes.

“W-Well, I’ll pick you up tomorrow then, wear something casual!” He says running off and out of school, most likely to go tell Ned, I shake my head at him closing my locker.

“You look gorgeous Y/N,” Peter says as he hands me a box of chocolates causing my legs to wobble from the cuteness. 

“I look like I do every day Pete,”

“I know, but you’re just so beautiful.”

I look down blushing as he holds his hand out for me to grab.

“I hope you don’t mind if we swing to where we are going.” I nod my head showing him that i was fine with it as he pulls me closer to him, tightening his grip around me as I wrap my arms around his neck, and we take off, swinging towards our location.

As soon as we get there he puts me down gently, running his fingers through my hair, brushing it back into place causing my cheeks to heat up.

I look around myself to see where we are.

“The aquarium huh?”

“Y-Yeah, is this okay?”

“It’s perfect.”

“I FOUND NEMO!” I yell, pointing at the clownfish, one of many.

“Which one is Nemo? There are like, 20.” Peter says his arm subtly wrapping around my waist.

“Shut up.” I whisper as I look at the fish in amazement. He chuckles, pushing me slightly towards the walk-through tunnel.


“You’re yelling again,”

“Sorry, I’m excited.”

“It’s cute.”



“Can we please touch the fish?”

“LET’S GO!!”

I reach into the tank as I graze my hand against a starfish bringing a smile to my face. Suddenly I touch a bigger fish by accident causing it to bite my finger.

“Ow what the fuck?” I hiss as I pull my finger out of tank. Peter’s eyebrows furrow in concern as he grabs my hand inspecting my finger. My lips turn into a pout immediately. Peter walks over to the information desk asking for a bandaid before returning to me with a smile.

“For your boo boo,” He says as he places the bandaid over my finger, placing a light kiss onto it.

“Oh,” His smile turns into a frown, my eyebrows furrow in confusion.

“What is it? What’s wrong?”

“I missed.”

I stare at him in confusion, “What do yo-”

And he placed his lips onto mine.

one last try || lacrosse week

Author: @dylanobsessed
Prompt/request: aye !!!! this was written for @rememberstilinski && @sarcasticallystilinski‘s lacrosse week and i loved the whole concept of it so much. thanks for doing and i hope y’all enjoy the story !!
Warning: swearing and i’m pretty sure that is it 
Pairing: stiles x reader
Notes: shout out to @sincerelystiles for helping me with the little bump i came across in the story and being such a gem !!
Words: 6,585 ( i got really into this okay i’m not even sorry )

I stood there.

Watching him.

I had the lacrosse stick in my hands and my knuckles were turning white from the anticipation of eyes witnessing his body run forward and give his best efforts to make a goal but once again, fate got involved and it’s another miss. Each time it became more difficult to witness how defeated he looked after missing a shot, how he would stand in the background feeling envious of everyone on the team, and how he looked let down by his lack of skills. He tossed his helmet onto the ground which was followed by his stick and various angry words were thrown into the air.

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Pairing: Reader x Bucky (eventually)
Word Count: 859
Warnings: Angst(?), sexism, swearing

A/N: This new fic series is inspired by this post. I hope you guys like this one!

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

This starts off being set during the events of CA:TWS

Deep in concentration, the office around you melts away. Your eyes were boring into the police report in your hands, reading and rereading your writing to make sure that you hadn’t made a mistake that would let a drug dealer you’d arrested get off. It wasn’t your first arrest of your career, but it was your first as a detective and not a beat cop. You were determined not to let your male dominated precinct have any more reasons to undermine you.

“Y/N? Hello? Anyone home?” Dale Kline’s, your partner, voice breaks through to you,

“What? Sorry,” you mumble, looking up briefly from the report, “What’s up?”

“Chief wants that report now,” he raises his eyebrows as he cocks his heads towards the papers held in your hands,

“Sure,” you slowly nod, knowing very well that you weren’t done with it yet and the police chief was going to have to wait a little longer,

“Hey darl,” one of the many male detective’s call to you, “Can you take this with you? And grab me a coffee on the way back, will ya?”

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Imagine: Racetrack getting nervous around you

I am SO sorry this took so long to get up! Color guard and school literally hit me like a bus with it’s pants down

… that metaphor fell apart fast HAHAHA

Anywho, anon, I really really hope you enjoy this one! It was a really fun one to write! The others are on their way! 

Racetrack started the day pacing.

Back and forth, back and forth.

This was quite unlike him, as he was usually the biggest loudmouth without a filter, completely unafraid of anything, much less a girl.

Lately something had been bothering him; you.

Not in a bad way of course, he was just in love with you and was entirely unsure how to go about it.

“Race, buddy, youse gonna wear the floor out with all dat pacin’. Why youse pacin’ anyway?” Albert asked from his bed.

Racetrack took the unlit cigar from his mouth.

“Ise just thinkin.’” He said, waving his old friend off with his cigar.

Albert rolled his eyes, but jumped down from his bed, and went to talk to Romeo.

“Goddammit.” He muttered to himself, taking his hat off to run a nervous hand through his hair.

“Yeah, tomorrow.” He heard Albert saying to Romeo.

What’s tomorrow?

Race wracked his brain for an answer; was it a holiday? Or was he forgetting something important?

“What’s tomorrow?” Race asked Albert and Rome, finally giving up.

“(Y/N)’s birthday. Did youse forget?” Albert asked, amused.

Racetrack’s eyes widened just as you walked through the door.

“Woah, why’d you guys get so quiet when I walked in?” You ask, looking around at the boys.

No one answered you, but the whispered conversations begun again.

You shake your head and make your way over to Race.

“Hey, why so quiet? Were you talking about me?” You wink, and nudge his elbow.

Race grins nervously.

“Uh, no! Why would we do that? Nah. No way. Nope.” He trips over his words in an attempt to convince you otherwise.

You give him a weird look, and he almost trips trying to push past you.

“Race, what’s up with you this morning?” You ask, clearly concerned.

“NOTHIN!” He yells, running out the door.

You look at Albert, and he shrugs, going back to playing cards with Romeo.

Sighing, you push your hair out of your face and climb up on your bunk.


Race ran out the door and lit up a fresh cigar, continuing his pacing outside.

It was a day off for the newsies and so far, Race spent it pacing and thinking.

Well, now smoking, pacing, and thinking.

His cigars usually seemed to calm his nerves, especially around you, but this time it just wasn’t working.

What did he know about getting stuff for birthdays?

Absolutely nothing.

Especially when he had been in love with them for 3 and a half years.

He smoked for a little bit longer, clearing his thoughts.

Back inside…

You had grown bored quite fast, and Racetrack was nowhere to be found.

He was the one you usually went to when you were bored, he always had something fun to do.

Whether it was between climbing on roofs, or getting bread from nearby bakeries, you always had a really nice time when you were with him.

“Hey, Albert?” You leaned over and hung upside down like a bat, your hair falling all around you.

“Yeah?” He doesn’t look up from his cards.

“Where’s Race?”

“Last ise saw ‘im was when he went runnin’ out da door.” Albert replied, not breaking concentration.

Deciding the conversation was going nowhere, you went out to look for him yourself.

You came across a nearby jewelry store, and got distracted from your mission by some shiny necklaces in the window.

The one to the left caught your attention; it was a medium length silver chain, with a dainty dark blue sapphire sitting in the center.

Smiling at the piece, you turned at the sound of the store’s door opening.

Racetrack walked out, putting something small in his pocket, unaware you were watching him.

Once satisfied with the security of the small object, he started on his way and jumped when he saw you standing there.

“Racetrack, there you are! I was looking for you!” You say, running and giving him a high five.

“Ise just went out is alls.” Race said, a nervous edge to his voice.

“Yeah I know. I got bored, so I came to find you so you could entertain me.” You say, leaning against the wall to the side.

Racetrack grinned.

“Entertain youse? Ise don’t recalls bein’ your monkey!” He laughed.

It was around 3 in the afternoon when you two had left the jewelry store.

You were on Racetrack’s shoulders, getting a bird’s eye view of the racetrack for him.

“Remind me, what happened to your betting money?” You asked.

He always had money for betting.

There was a secret stash underneath his bed, where he kept his cigars and money.

“Ise needed it for somethin.” He said, distantly.

“Well, horse #6 is in the lead.”

He let you down, and offered his arm.

You gave him a funny look, confused as to why he offered it to you.

“Ise see ladies takin’ a man’s arm all da time!” He replied, shrugging.

You smile, and blush a little.

Taking up his offer, you take his arm, and strut through the streets of Manhattan.

It’s now nearing 7 o’clock, and the sun is beginning to set.

“We’se should be gettin’ back.” Race said, glancing at the clock behind him.

You both started running back and made it to the lodge, narrowly avoiding the bulls.

The next day….

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Y/N)!” Racetrack yells in your face, already dressed, with an unlit cigar between his middle and index fingers.

You groan and roll over, wanting a few more minutes sleep.

“Come on, it’s your birthday!” He whined, poking you.

“Happy birthday!” Albert yelled from across the lodge.

There was a chorus of happy birthday’s from around the room.

There was no way you were going to be able to sleep a little longer, so you sat up and rubbed your eyes; stretching and prepping for the day.

“Alright, (Y/N), we has a surprise for youse!” Crutchie said, grinning softly.

You narrow your eyes and look around.

Every boy has a huge grin on their faces.

Albert rustles under his bed for a solid minute, then pulls out a little cake that read;

“Happy birthday to our favorite girlsie!”

Tears came to your eyes as you squeezed the hell out of Albert in a hug.

“All the boy pitched in!” Racetrack said from behind you.

You hugged every boy, thanking them profusely.

For the first time since you left home, you enjoyed a huge mouthful of cake, and the company of your best friends.

You all sat back and enjoyed the cake, the most luxorious item any of you had in months.

Or so you thought.

You got dressed and finished tucking your hair away when Race appeared at your side.

“Youse ready?” He asked, cigar in his mouth.

You nodded and he followed behind you, heading out to your favorite selling spot; by the racetrack.

It was mid afternoon, and business was slow.

The perfect opportunity.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Race said, breaking the comfortable quiet of the afternoon. “Ise got youse somethin’.” He said, hiding something behind his back.

You blush a little, but smile.

He hands you the box, and watches your reaction as you open it.

It was a silver necklace with a medium sized dark blue sapphire pendant in the center.

The exact one you were admiring in the shop today.

“Racetrack… It’s beautiful…. Did you spend your life savings to get this?” You asked, worried.

You never would want him to lose anything for you.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s worth it for youse.” He says, taking it from you gently and going behind you, putting it on for you.

Once it’s secured, you turn, and smash your lips onto his, without a moment’s hesitation.

You deepen it by pressing your body against his, smiling into the kiss.

The cigar he had smoked hours ago was still on his breath, in between the mintiness of his toothpaste and the cake from this morning.

You slowly pull away to breathe, feeling your face growing hot.

“I-i’m sorry, I-i-” Before you can finish, Race shakes his head, and pulls you in for another kiss, this one even sweeter than the first.

“Can I request the V3 boys' reactions to their crush confessing their feelings please ?”

I finally got this done bless.

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anonymous asked:

How about Viktor nursing a sick yuuri for the domestic prompt thingi? ^_^

Sorry this took a while, darling! It’s a little long, so it’s under a cut. I hope you like ♡


“Viktor, really…you don’t need to worry so much…”

It was disquieting, hearing Yuuri’s normally soft, easygoing voice rough and weak with sickness. It felt…wrong, somehow.

“I’ll be the judge of what I need to worry about, love.”

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Period AU - TimeCanary

Sara Lance, a princess known for her bold attitude, is growing sick and tired of the boring lavish lifestyle. The front everyone puts up to please her is too much, and she knows the respect she gets is only because of her title. So she finds stops living up to the expectations society expects out of her. 

Half the land hears rumors of Princess Sara leaving balls, or not attending at all. Some suspect she’s meeting a lover, some assume she’s expression rebellion, others think she’s simply trying to find some time to herself. Although, no one really knows where she runs off to.

Except Rip, that is. Rip, who grew up on a lowly farm. A total of two cows, some chickens… just the essentials to support himself. His mother had been widowed four years prior, and died of a broken heart a few months later. Leaving Rip on his lonesome. 

He’s embroiled in adventure and Sara insists on tagging along. 

Somehow, Rip makes friends with the Princess. As close to friends as they can manage despite their different social statures. And along the way, he realizes they might be falling in an inaccessible love.

Worth The Risk {Part 04}

Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky knew that all Steve wanted was for him to get along with her, but was it really worth the risks?

Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Part 05 / Part 06 / Part 07 / Part 08 / Part 09 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 13 / Part 14 

Word Count: 1345
Warnings: swearing, mild violence, angst (?), probably gonna be sad

(gif originally by @xllxni aka me which is why it’s so shitty lmao)

A few weeks in to Bucky’s treatment and you had made yourself comfortable at T’challa’s hide out. Maria Hill had sent out some work for you to get through during your stay and you’d also managed to find space in one of the labs to help around in order to keep yourself busy. You’d finished all the books you’d brought along long ago.

Bucky and Steve spent almost all of their days working through Bucky’s treatment plan and while it meant that they were progressing quickly, you found yourself alone and bored out of your mind.

It was Saturday and most of the lab technicians you worked with were spending the weekend with their families so instead you sat curled up at the small table by the living room window. You were almost finished one of the files Maria had sent your way when the front door opened, pulling your thoughts away from the work in front of you. You craned your neck around to face the two men who greeted you as they entered.

“You’re home early.” You remarked, watching as Bucky took a seat on the couch behind you and Steve made his way over to stand by your side.

Steve grinned, placing a hand on your shoulder and peering down at the papers in front of you curiously before speaking.

“They think we’ve finished all the procedures.” He explained, your eyebrows shooting upwards in surprise as you looked over to Bucky.

Bucky threw you an exhausted smile and shrugged. “They’re giving us the evening off before they start running the tests tomorrow.”

“That’s great!” you exclaimed, sitting up straighter in your chair and turning your entire body around to face your friends. “How do you feel?”

You asked him the same question nearly every evening but the answer he gave you that afternoon was the best yet.

“The best I’ve felt in years.”

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